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11 Reviews Found

Review #1, by anon. Turning Heads

19th July 2006:
Wow. Can I just say that if you put this story on this one fanfiction site I know, you, and your story would be consumed by flames from seriously pissed off people. Also, I think your character is a Mary-sue. If you have no idea what that is, please take a simple test at www.ponylandpress.com/ms-test.html I was upset to see Hermione ignored, and pushed around like that. Even if Ron and Harry came across a gorgeous girl, I highly doubt they would act that mean toward her. It nice that you're writing a story, and I know it's not that easy. I aslo understand that there are alot worse writers and Mary-sues out there. It's just that i'd enjoy your story more if your charater wasn't so annoying.

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Review #2, by mrs billy martin Turning Heads

5th September 2005:
Hey, I like your story! I feel bad for hermione

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Review #3, by Head Hufflepuff Turning Heads

30th August 2005:
You evil person!!!! How dare you leave a cliffy! Im just kidding. I think its good, but i wanna know what her body part is that uses magic. Keep it up!

Author's Response: It is. . . .the finger!

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Review #4, by madmidge Turning Heads

24th July 2005:
i just realised i never reviewed so i shall heehee veery gud haha cool thing i would do that to ppl if i cud id b like im ova here *disappears* n now im over here*disappears n runs away*

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Review #5, by GoldenGirl Turning Heads

11th April 2005:
hiya GG! Well i love the story and i must say i think this was my best banner so far.....lmao! Anyways, i cant wait to see the *part two* of this story im sure it will be awesome :) when are you going to post it???? love, ~GG II~

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Review #6, by Christina Turning Heads

14th March 2005:
She doesn't sound nice, she's going to hurt my Ron, isn't she, noo Ronnie Poo :(

Author's Response: No, he's my Ron!! ;)

Author's Response: j/k!! We can share him!! (LOL)

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Review #7, by whitestag Turning Heads

14th March 2005:
mmmmmmmmmmmhhmmm ron is so hot

Author's Response: Yhea he is!

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Review #8, by Ur Friend AndreA Turning Heads

31st January 2005:
WEndy u r such a great writer u speak the soul(LOL) i want u to know i'm not mad at u and guess what right now i am at the library!!! so cool!!! and i do gots a cell phone but i shair its wid my daddy its his more than mine kk ttyl!!!

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Review #9, by Juliet5368 Turning Heads

21st December 2004:
interesting....very interesting. i think i like where this is going. can;t wait to read more.

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Review #10, by xxmalfoyshoneyxx Turning Heads

26th November 2004:
GREAT STORY read mine FLASHBACK!!! u know who

Author's Response: Ok

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Review #11, by ChristinaS Turning Heads

25th November 2004:
Awwwwwwww what a cute & different kinda of story! You added some hot competition for Hermione! Oh those boys really think she's HOT! & Belle thinks those guys are Hotties !Way to go! I got a chuckle after Ron pushed Hermione off the bench to make room for Hottie Belle! Oh but wait....that was mean too! Poor Hermione! He He! Now I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next..dah "your cliff hanger" (evil laughter back at ya) He He! j/k.... so update soon okay!

Author's Response: I'm still writing the 2nd chapter. but it should be done within a few days. But I'm glad you liked to

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