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Review #1, by huckleberry_pie September

4th September 2006:
omg i love your story, how it's told through journal entries. james is so cute!!! can i have one??

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Review #2, by CourtneyFaith November

15th May 2006:
~I hate that you arent going to finish this story, i love it.~

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Review #3, by CourtneyFaith October

15th May 2006:
~WOnderful. I just love it.~

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Review #4, by CourtneyFaith September

15th May 2006:
~Really Really GReat.~

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Review #5, by fredandgeorgeweasley November

23rd March 2006:
please please please please update!! i want to find out who was screaming!! UPDATE SOON!! I BEG OF YOU! TOTALLY ON MY FAV'S!! oh, and its past christmas...

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Review #6, by Charligirl November

15th February 2006:
why no new chapter? which christmas! that was a reaaaaaaalllllly gd story, plz update on it!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by siobhan_malfoy November

7th December 2005:
hi ilove your story, is a promise ring an engament ring? just checking

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Review #8, by Leafscar November

17th November 2005:
yes, i want the next chapter before christmas. please update soon. :)

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Review #9, by hogwartsgirlhg November

18th August 2005:
ohhhh keep writing

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Review #10, by ivoryangel November

11th August 2005:
more more more, i love it and want to meet this sister!

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Review #11, by Quintescence_ala_Diesis November

15th July 2005:
HEY!!!!!!!!! update NOW!!!!!!!!!! i need the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #12, by k November

31st May 2005:
by christmas?! its freaking may, almost june!!!!!!!!! its a good story so you better post the next chapter or i will hunt you DOWN!!!!!!!

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Review #13, by sofia November

10th May 2005:
great story but dopn't waste your time reading my stupid reveiw keep writing. PS- i loved all the comments you shoved in

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Review #14, by Lalis September

6th January 2005:
Hey! I updated everything! Check those fics out baby! lol, I'm so weird

Author's Response: k

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Review #15, by Ginevra Potter November

30th December 2004: it lily?

Author's Response: yup

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Review #16, by Misty_Waters November

21st December 2004:
umm mel, james was a seeker, not a chaser, thought u ought to know. good job tho, i like it.

Author's Response: ty, ill try to keep that in mind...

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Review #17, by Lalis November

19th December 2004:
long one, huh? Liked it, lovely chapter.

Author's Response: <(*_*)< >(*_*)> <(*_*)< >(*_*)> :-) lol

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Review #18, by bLuECoW219 November

19th December 2004:
Aaaarg, what is it with you people and cliffhangers?!?!?! Gah, I'm currently catching up on all my favorite stories, and this is like the third one ending in a cliffhanger!!! Evil!!!! Though, I must say, it was an awesome chapter. A few of the senteces were kinda short and you said things like "I'm so [blah blah blah]" quite a few times, but I still think it's great! UPDATE AS SOON AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE!!!!

Author's Response: mwuahahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will never update!! y bcuz IM the writer!@ MWUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (jk i will update)

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Review #19, by Umbridge Eater November

17th December 2004:
These are so long, it takes me forever to read them! But be honoured, normally my attention span is about the size of a fruitfly, but I plucked my courage from the courage tree and finished your story striaght through. Jolly good! Talk to you soon!! ~Lizzie

Author's Response: lol

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Review #20, by Umbridge Eater October

17th December 2004:
'Miss...Turner' Pirates start mumbling, 'Bootstrap!'. Guess what movie!! Guess what movie!!

Author's Response: um.... PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!!!! (will is sooooo hot lol!)

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Review #21, by The Elementals November

17th December 2004:
OMG! YOU CAN'T LEAVE IT OFF THERE!!!! well actually you can becuase your the author but STILL!! Well, anyway as you can tell I especially liked this chapter, it's proably your best one yet! Anyway hope you update soon and I'll try and see if there's anyway I can get on the internet in Colorado (that's where I'm going for the ski trip). tootles! ,Kel (Happy Holidays!)

Author's Response: hehehe my 1st cliffhanger *wipes a tear* i'm so proud j/k LOL thnx! happy holidays to u, 2!

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Review #22, by The Elementals October

17th December 2004:
Hi HI! I love this story it's just so funny! I'm sorry I haven't updated in a while my best friend has yet to post it and then I won't be able to do anything untill the 22nd because I'm going on a ski trip (im leaving tonight) and I wont have internet access :( . But I promise I'll write during the trip and I'll get a few chapters up when I get back! Again, I love your story and I'm going to read the next chapter! ,Kel

Author's Response: thnx! it's quite all right my dear i look 4ward 2 it! have fun on ur trip! i try to make it funny; really i do i appreciate tht u love it! i feel special!

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Review #23, by dusty_pup October

16th December 2004:
hey i like ur stories:)n keep it up bibi

Author's Response: thnx! i feel special

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Review #24, by mg October

15th December 2004:
good stort so far. can't wait to see why lily wanted the map. i love smallville!!!!!!!

Author's Response: OMG ur like my new best friend! i luv Smallville! Tom Welling is hot! i have an idea 4 why Lily wanted the map, but nothing 4 sure i added chappie 3 earlier, so hopefully it will be up 2morrow! (12-16-04) thnx 4 reviewing! please feel free to review more if u want! -meluvshp-

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Review #25, by Lalis October

13th December 2004:
Whoa. So many things to say. First, you were right when you said no one should grow up without a father. Second, what does "karma'' mean? Third, awesome chapter! Loved it! Fourth and last... uh-oh, have to go, Gabriel's crying again. I think he's hungry. (that's not my area) Bye!

Author's Response: yeah i'm vry thankful i've got both my parents karma is like an action that comes back to you thnx, btw!

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