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Review #1, by whitney23 Hold my heart...

14th September 2009:
Hey guitarchick I couldnt stop reading ur writing it is excellent, no need to make excuses for the gaps its perfect . Wonderful ideas and concepts jus one thing wen r the rest going to come because I am completely bored without u

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Review #2, by harry4ginny Hold my heart...

21st December 2007:
heyy i love ure story i kno u said u won't be updating for a while before buh are you gonna anytime soon coz u said u were gonna finish it, anyway great story 10/10

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Review #3, by Accio Wand Hold my heart...

28th May 2007:
Hey guitarchick-

I love your work and just got through this story and your prequal. They are simply stunning and amazingly written. YOu go girl! Keep up the writting and I want to find out the end. If you need a beta or anyone you know needs a beta simply buzz me- RED_UKlover_93 at three-tasks.com

thanks and good luck

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Review #4, by harry4ginny Hold my heart...

30th April 2007:
I lovveee uree story!!! i dunno if you r finishin this story but i reallly love it!!! Update soon if you can!!

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Review #5, by dont have one either Hold my heart...

26th February 2007:
i really like your story cant wait for more no critique just keep it up ihope

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Review #6, by Mystery Madam Hold my heart...

17th November 2006:
plz write more
i luv ur stories!
plz make the updates quick

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Review #7, by BexRox Hold my heart...

5th March 2006:
Wow. I REALLY love this story. I'm gonna just add this to my favourites. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the next chapter! (By the way, what's it like being American? Sorry, I'm just so curious.)

Author's Response: Im glad you like it, and Thank you sooo much for the reviews. Just to let you know updates for the sequel wont be for awhile. Im doing two years of highschool in one so its very time consuming. But this story will be completed...and thats for everyone to hear. As for being American, I guess i cant really compair it to anything else because I have only been American. Haha but i enjoy being and American but i honestly wish i had a cool accent...that would be awesome! Thanks again

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Review #8, by BexRox Big Question

5th March 2006:
Aw. You did great. And so did Harry!!! I'm not going to review on every chapter, so see you on the last one!!

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Review #9, by BexRox A night in the park

5th March 2006:
Oooooh. Wonder what he's gonna ask????????

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Review #10, by BexRox Meant to be

5th March 2006:
Awwww. How fluffy.

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Review #11, by BexRox I could care less...

5th March 2006:
Ooooohh. Harry QUIT!!!!! Ommmm.

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Review #12, by BexRox Dinner at the Burrow

5th March 2006:
This story's great!! Loving it! (P.S. Great name choice for Charlie's wife!)

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Review #13, by BexRox A Wedding

5th March 2006:
Yay! I just read Alone but never alone and I was all sad that it ended. Then I found this!!!!! YAY!!!!! Sorry, I'm a bit excited. Anyway, sounds great so far!

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Review #14, by Emerald_Phoenix Hold my heart...

17th February 2006:
plz plz plz update soon!! l love this story!! and i need to no how it ends!

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Review #15, by hptrump Hold my heart...

17th October 2005:
great story. Hope you start writing more soon. good luck.

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Review #16, by nona Hold my heart...

1st July 2005:
i really like this story (and it's prequel) keep up the good work and plz update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing. Hopefully a new chapter will be up soon, but im taking summer classes for school so I'm a little busy.

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Review #17, by Tears4Sirius Hold my heart...

12th June 2005:
Your stories lovely, but Ihope some actions coming up soon there's so many hints, (or am i being paranoid?) Pleasse keep it up.

Author's Response: : ) I'm so glad you're reading my stories. Dont worry...you're not being paranoid. haha thanks for the reviews!

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Review #18, by Tears4Sirius Forever Isn't Long Enough

12th June 2005:
Brilliant story, and a nice vision for the future, but one thing, in England a mall is called a shopping centre. Just thought you'd want to know. Well done on the rest of it though.

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I remember that for next time. Thanks Alot!

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Review #19, by Edward Ollivander Hold my heart...

8th May 2005:
Wonderful chapter. I really enjoyed it. I hope you can write more some time soon.

Author's Response: Thanks. Im really glad you liked it.

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Review #20, by midnightshadow Hold my heart...

2nd May 2005:
You did it again- great chappie!! I really cant wait until he reveals the house to Ginny now!!

Author's Response: : ) Awesome...I'm really glad you liked it. I cant wait to write the next part...i'll try to have an update soon. Thanks!!!

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Review #21, by Kat Hold my heart...

28th April 2005:

Author's Response: ......Does that mean good or bad??? : )

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Review #22, by KatieL Hold my heart...

28th April 2005:
Oh no you can't put softball infront of harry and ginny LOL just kidding. another good chapter and update soon

Author's Response: Haha I know...I'm really sorry about that but the seasons over soon and then I'll be updating sooner. Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #23, by redheadwizard Hold my heart...

27th April 2005:
awwwwwwwww so sweet!!!!!!!!! dude i swear if u do something to make them break up or w/e i will cry! so please dont!

Author's Response: Thanks...I'll try my best to not make you cry....we wouldnt want that! ; )

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Review #24, by Steph K Familiar Places

17th April 2005:
Good chapter, it was sweet. Sorry it took so long to review.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading....glad you liked it!

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Review #25, by Xfactor Coming together

11th April 2005:
Excellent story. Please update soon, I need a fix.

Author's Response: Thanks soooo much. Ill try my best to have an update by this weekend!

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