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Review #1, by Kimberly Remeniscing

14th September 2005:
good chapter

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Review #2, by HPreader120391 Remeniscing

7th April 2005:
wow this is really good!! keep up with it!!

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Review #3, by Vanessa Remeniscing

5th March 2005:
I love it! It's amazing! ^_^

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Review #4, by Sunsista Remeniscing

1st March 2005:
Really brlliant story!! love the plot line and im liking the way its going! great job! have the next 1 out soon please! gd luck!!!

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Review #5, by Voldemorts heiress89 The beginning.. or the end?

10th February 2005:
This is really cool and strange in a good way. It's really different and fascinating.

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Review #6, by Vanessa The beginning.. or the end?

28th January 2005:
Awesome! I love it! ^_^

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Review #7, by SecreteKeeper The beginning.. or the end?

10th January 2005:
Okay I absolutely loved Faded in your eyes, and this new one is pretty cool too. Its sort of odd though how she can't remember anything in between falling asleep like that. And I must say that if I was under Draco like that, theres no way in Hell I'd be falling asleep like that! He's so....

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Review #8, by Ameca The beginning.. or the end?

10th January 2005:
hey, hope u keep writing this series, it sounds really interesting so far

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Review #9, by fates_eyes The beginning.. or the end?

9th January 2005:
whoa... i like this story! especially the changing from slytherin girl to confused girl... interesting. can't wait to see where this goes!

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Review #10, by distantgaze The beginning.. or the end?

7th January 2005:
i think it was great written well,interesting ect, you really should finish it :)

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Review #11, by Salome The beginning.. or the end?

2nd January 2005:
Woah! This is off to a GREAT start!!! I hope the next chapter comes out really soon!!

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Review #12, by pipins ancestor The beginning.. or the end?

23rd December 2004:
hahahahahaha! schitzo! hahahahahaha! keep goin, this could b highly amusing!

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Review #13, by Loriency The beginning.. or the end?

22nd December 2004:
OMG!!! this is even better than faded! really close cut, but it's still soooo wicked!!! i'm sooo freaking intrigued and if you don't update soon, you'll have some really pissed off reviewers! (never disappoint the reviewers) i love this...i really don't read stories with OCs, as i've said before a thousand times, but you make it soooo awesome! your chars are fantastic and i love reading about them. so....(as iv'e been saying to everyone lately) if you value your life at all, please update soon. thank you, and have a good x-mas. ciao!

Author's Response: wow thanks lol. I'll be sure to update just for you =)

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Review #14, by nightwing The beginning.. or the end?

4th December 2004:
ha ha, split personality? i like how she keeps changing. is she truly two different people or just........? o, i dunno. can't wait for more

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Review #15, by hpfan4evr The beginning.. or the end?

30th October 2004:
I'd loved the original version of faded! It's so good! Ill contact you and then u can send it to me : ) I love your new story, update soon! ~hpfan4evr

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