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Review #1, by nott theodore Hunter

14th July 2013:
Normally I'm not a massive fan of song fics or Harry/Hermione pairings, but this was a lovely one-shot, even if it was pretty heart-breaking!

Somehow you managed to make me feel sorry for both Harry and Hermione at the same time when I was reading this. The letter was a very poignant method of storytelling; I felt terrible for Harry receiving the letter because he would have to be suffering heartbreak, but then when I realised that it was Hermione who had written it, I felt sorry for her as well. It's so sad to think that their relationship went so badly wrong. I also loved the fact that you didn't reveal the author of the letter until the end of the story, because it was really effective.

The part that got me the most was probably when Hermione wrote about Ron dying, and Harry not being there to help him. It's just so upsetting! I like your choice of song lyrics as well, and I think they really enhance your story. Great job!

Sian :)

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Review #2, by lisa Hunter

18th November 2009:
bra text;) tycker den var lite svr att fatta ibland men annars var den ok

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Review #3, by lily flower Hunter

22nd May 2008:


but good

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Review #4, by Gryffindors_Girl Hunter

2nd March 2008:
That Was So Sad It Made Me Cry :O:(

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Review #5, by laughhard91 Hunter

2nd June 2007:
This was so sad!!! It almost made me cry, and I don't usually cry from reading something.

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Review #6, by Haley Hunter

7th March 2005:
Normally I hate Harry/hermione fics, but this was excellent, it made me want to cry.

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Review #7, by Liz Hunter

30th August 2003:
Turtle says Hello! ;-) Anyway, I\'ve probably reviewed this already, but I love this song fic. It\'s one of my favorites. Awesome song too and it fits perfectly. Keep up the good work! ~LP

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Review #8, by LizPotter Hunter

26th August 2003:
oi that was amazing...one of the best songfics... 00LiZ00

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Review #9, by OrangeSodaSpill Hunter

20th August 2003:
wow...sniff...wow...sniff..WHERE IS THAT KLEENEX BOX??? Poor Ron....I LOVE IT!!!! What was wrong with him anyway?

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Review #10, by BrittanyPotter Hunter

18th August 2003:
oh my god. That was by far, one of the best songfics I have ever read. It is amazing! and it keeps you guessing who is writing it until the very end! though I had a pretty good Idea by the time it said Ron\'s name! ;) But I am a HUGE hermione Harry fan and this was extremely good! It was sad too! almost a tear jerker...I wrote a songfic/story about Hermione/Ron and about Hermione/Harry that I think you might enjoy! I\'ve heard it\'s good! It\'s sad, and happy, and a whole bunch of things! S if it\'s not too much trouble could you read and review it? Any way, Great story! MAybe write another chapter about Harry\'s response letter! Just a question...was she going to kill herself????? any who. I ask again, Read and Review? I\'d be really grateful. Great story! You\'re fan: ~*~BrittanyPotter~*~

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Review #11, by bluehoax Hunter

18th August 2003:
wow....this is a great, fantastic, sad, wonderful, amazing, fic. i love it, it\'s so sad.

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Review #12, by johndoe Hunter

17th August 2003:
That was good. You made me like it, and I\'m not even one much into romance. Great job!

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Review #13, by johndoe Hunter

17th August 2003:
Sorry I\'m reviewing again, but...the more reviews, the better, right? :) Anyway, could you review my stories? I don\'t care whether it\'s criticism or praise, I\'d just like one, because reviews are hard to come by for me. Yes, my username is johndoe. :)

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Review #14, by Tinaofive Hunter

17th August 2003:
Oh, that\'s so sad...but it\'s really good....poor Ron! ~Tina~ PS: it was smashing, simply smashing *not joking*

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Review #15, by Tinaofive Hunter

17th August 2003:
oh, hey...i was wondering do you think you could read my story....A Change in Life Thanks! ~Tina~

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Review #16, by evilcourtney Hunter

30th June 2003:
TERRIFIC songfic The lyrics and sound of the piece fit really well. I bestow upon you the Virtual Chocolate Award, only awarded to great ficcers. Well Done, Congratulations and write more fics that are deserving of this great honor.

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Review #17, by Ginny Hunter

6th June 2003:
Not bad. really liked it.

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Review #18, by Rose Hunter

2nd June 2003:
omg i absolutely, honest-2-god luv this!!!!!!!! i luv dido and omg wot an awesome way 2 use the hunter song!!! I hope u rite more fics like this!!! Luv Jen

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Review #19, by StitchWitch Hunter

30th May 2003:

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Review #20, by Bluestones Hunter

30th May 2003:
Great story! Your right I didn\'t regret reading it! A little mushier than I usual like but still it was a great story. CAn I offer a suggestion? Maybe continue it and show Harry\'s reaction when he gets the letter. Or somehow have him write a letter to her? I\'d really like to see it continues. Awesome story! THanks for reading unexpected darkness! ~Katy

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Review #21, by SilverMirror Hunter

23rd May 2003:
That was really good, sad, but good. Please review my story if you have some extra time on your hands? Thanks.

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Review #22, by freind of a freind Hunter

26th March 2003:
that was really great I just about cried when I read that it was really beutiful

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Review #23, by Magnolia Hunter

18th March 2003:
You\'re right, I didn\'t regret reading it. At first I thought the letter was from Ginny...........but that\'s not important! It was really great! Would you mind reading one of my stories? later! ~Magnolia

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Review #24, by erika Hunter

8th March 2003:
that was really really good! continue it!!!

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Review #25, by Liz Hunter

3rd March 2003:
I\'m reviewing for the SECOND time, I downloaded the song. WOW. That is one of the better Songfics I\'ve read.

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