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Review #1, by ron_hearts_hermione Early Morning Daze

12th April 2006:
Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh my god!!!!!!!!! I give it a 10!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!! You should make a fic of the kiss nad post- kiss, leading up to her going outside, it would be soooooooo cute!
xX*Hannah*Xx {Mrs. Grint}

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Review #2, by Hermione Fan Early Morning Daze

10th October 2005:
Oopsies, typo in my last review. I meant to say 'It was weird but cute.'

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Review #3, by Hermione Fan Early Morning Daze

10th October 2005:
I was weird but cute. I can't really figure out what happened.

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Review #4, by danyagirl Early Morning Daze

3rd October 2005:
this has the beginnings of a great one shot, but i'm confused. Is this Ron, Hermmoine, or Harry talking? whats going on?

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Review #5, by Hermione Fan Early Morning Daze

3rd September 2005:
An excellent story. . .who's Chris?

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Review #6, by cONFUSED Early Morning Daze

1st February 2005:
Wow...That was really good...Really, realyl good. *stares dumbfounded* OOhh

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Review #7, by samantha Early Morning Daze

5th November 2004:
i love ur story.. so far... i love the way you wrote it.. in first person with lots of detail and everything. it's wonderful.. keep writing.. and posting.. so i can read and read and review... i am your fan

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Review #8, by ChristinaS Early Morning Daze

3rd November 2004:
Opps, I spelled your name wrong! Sorry Lizzie!!!

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Review #9, by ChristinaS Early Morning Daze

3rd November 2004:
Don't worry....... I'm not mad at you Lizy! ........ I just was curious to know what you thought about my review! he he! (even though you kinda thanked me in someone else's review) I like getting responses to my own reviews cauz I like the feed back from the author! I know everything is slow when you first start out but see you've got the hang of it now! ...... btw if I get a chance, I will check out your other story when you get to post it.......

Author's Response: I have written fanfiction before. ALOT of fanfiction it's just that I've never had this type of process. Thanks for your future take on my story. It's really nice4 of you. Thanks again ~Love from Lizzie

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Review #10, by ChristinaS Early Morning Daze

2nd November 2004:
Oh... I was just wondering why you didn't respond to my review? I was anxious to find out what you thought about it?

Author's Response: I'm sorry. I'm just overly stressed right now and I thought alot of what I said in the other RR pertained alot to your review as well. DOn't be mad at me. It was very sincere and every single review that I gets matters to me more than you might realize. This is my first time on HPfanfiction so I'm a little slow on how all this goes. I'm not even used to having these little Review Pesponce thingies. Please forgive me. I'm so happy you enjoyed it. I personally liked it as well. MAybe you'll like my new story coming along as well. It's called Bottled Up Emotions. I haven't posted it yet but I will. Thanks so much. And I'm sorry I didn't respond sooner. ~Love from Lizzie

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Review #11, by TomFoolery Early Morning Daze

31st October 2004:
I haven't read a story in so long, let alone left a review for one. I think you captured Hermione's point of view to a tea! Would you like a banner for this story so that more peope might be drawn to it's awesomeness? Let me know. In the meantime, get writing on another chapter! I'll check back.

Author's Response: I'm so glad you decided to read my very own little ficlet when you could have very well chosen anyone elses, and even review. I feel special in some semiunknown way. You could if you wanted to, make a banner for my fic, but, sadly, this is only a one shot. I have nothing to continue as I made this up in the dead of night when I was high from lack of sleep as Hermione was in the story. If you'd still like, you may make a banner for it but it's not nessicary. I'm still rather upset I only got two reviews for this fic though. I really liked it as well. If you could though maybe can you make a banner for my other fic Bottled Up Emotions. It's not up yet but 'd really like to post it soon. Well as soon as I can find a banner for it anyway. Thanks so much for the review. Every one of them means so much to me. Thanks again. ~Love from Lizzie

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Review #12, by ChristinaS Early Morning Daze

28th October 2004:
OMG! That was a brilliant idea! I can relate to that! Really enjoyed this especially the moring mist and being all alone spread out on the grass to think,....isn't it an odd but awesome kinda feeling? One that comes only once in a while & I think you've captured it by the way you wrote this fic!!! This is really different and very creative! Way to Go!!!

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