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Review #1, by buttonlady A Muggle Summer

29th August 2005:
good so far

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Review #2, by psychofreak A Muggle Summer

23rd November 2004:
Hey, e-mail me...because this is good, and you have the talent and ideas to write a great story. I wouldn't mind collaborating with you on a FF, but can it be after I finish off this semester which is in like 3 weeks from today! lol. Well I hope you continue writing...Peace Out!!

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Review #3, by psychofreak A Muggle Summer

19th November 2004:
Hi, well I'm here waiting for you to write more! I thought your other story was going to show up any time soon, but I guess not! Well, please don't give up! Peace Out!!

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Review #4, by missourigurl A Muggle Summer

1st November 2004:
hey! i'm a friend of psychofreaks. this story is cool! i liked it alot! oh, and it's 'Sirius' not 'Sirus.' lol! read my stories if you want! keep up the great work!

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Review #5, by psychofreak A Muggle Summer

1st November 2004:
Interesting...what's the story line behind this. Is it where Harry spends time with Sirius, not Sirus, lol...sorry just a minor mistake you've made. But I like the rollercoaster, very interesting, and the girl that was all ...boring! lol...well, what was the deal with the green or blue flashes of light and balls? Well I hope nothing bad happens. This is sort of good, but what's the story line behind this? I hope you continue to write more!! Peace Out!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for responding so quickly. So you actually thought this was interesting? I'm currently writting another story... I'm kinda putting this one on the side...Thanks.

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