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Review #1, by hey_mara Epilogue

5th February 2007:
Ignore Alykat. I liked the alternate ending. Both stories helped give insight into why Snape is like he is. I thought it was a very creative ending and suspenseful as we all thought it was Severus who attacked Cass. I have grown to love Severus through stories from fanfic such as yours and Green Gecko's. Thanks for the stories

Author's Response: Thank you. Snape is fascinating, but then we do tend to be drawn to the bad boy or the anti-hero. Thank you for taking the time to read and review.

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Review #2, by Alykat_912 Epilogue

19th September 2006:
WHAT??? that's not an alternate ending!!! an alternate ending would have her with Remus!!!! i don't Snape! you should make an alternate-alternate ending! i don't like this one and Sirius isn't brought back to life! this makes me sad =( i hope you're happy >:(!

Author's Response: I'm sorry that you don't like that she didn't end up with Remus. I'm afraid we all have to learn to live with disappointment. I caved once and wrote this as an alternate to people who didn't like that she died in the original. I certainly am not writing another where she ends up with Remus. I think he will be perfectly happy with Tonks once she pulls the stick out of his... er... well, you get my meaning.

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Review #3, by ant122992 Epilogue

30th July 2006:
Haha. I'm sad it's over. You know, I was thinking, what if they had a kid? that'd be interesthin...

Author's Response: I actually did write a story in which Snape becomes a father. But not with Cassandra. It was part of a story called Father's Day that looked at Snape, James, Arthur and Remus's experiences becoming fathers.

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Review #4, by ant122992 Ring of Mist

30th July 2006:
Awww...sad ending. The whole thing with Snape confused me, I didn't get that it was his dad at first. i thought her time was already up? Guess not.

Author's Response: The Snape thing was supposed to be confusing until the end. Her time was up after the holidays. If you remember, Dumbledore and Remus told Harry it was just before the holidays that James requested the testing.

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Review #5, by ant122992 Betrayal

30th July 2006:
Oooh. That totally sucks, man.

Author's Response: yep.

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Review #6, by ant122992 Lessons

26th July 2006:
I knew it!

Author's Response: Glad you are enjoying yourself. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #7, by ant122992 Memories

21st July 2006:
hahahahha...being in a room with a shirtless male teacher....hahahahahaha.....

nice chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing.

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Review #8, by ant122992 Jealousy and Honor

19th July 2006:
Ohhhhh, I get it. Now they're all, if we HAD done "it" they couldn't have taken me...And was Ginny hinting she did have something with Malfoy? haha

Author's Response: No, this is not a Ginny/Draco ship in the slightest. As the next chapter shows, if anyone gets shipped with Ginny it is Harry.

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Review #9, by ant122992 The Lady Cassandra

19th July 2006:
Awww Ron! So cute. And Harry doesn't know how totally wrong he is...

Author's Response: I think Ron and Hermione are a given. Even before HBP it seemed destined.

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Review #10, by ant122992 Secrets and Rage

17th July 2006:
I KNEW Harry would image her with Malfoy for an example, lol. And he thinks it's Remus...

Author's Response: Draco is the obvious choice here. Yep, he thinks it's Remus, but then you have an advantage on him.

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Review #11, by ant122992 Homecoming

17th July 2006:
GAHHHH! lol. Want to see how Remus if the end of the other one is different what happened between Cassandra and Snape? I guess we'll see...

Author's Response: Yep, the premise of this is that Snape and Cassandra never... and the entire last chapter didn't exist.

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Review #12, by ant122992 Putting the Pieces Together

17th July 2006:
Aww. I love Mr. Weasley.

Author's Response: One can always count on Arthur for fatherly advice.

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Review #13, by ant122992 OWLs

17th July 2006:
Aw I love Ron...and Ginny lol.

Author's Response: I do enjoy writing Ron. He gets to say things everyone else wants to say, but can't.

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Review #14, by ant122992 The Leaky Cauldron

17th July 2006:
Awwww. Haha, Harry missed the whole Tonks-Remus thing.

Author's Response: Yep. Trapped at the Dursley's he missed a lot.

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Review #15, by ant122992 Attack!

17th July 2006:

Author's Response: *is not sure why this is funny* Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #16, by ant122992 One

17th July 2006:
i hope that I'm supposed to read this before Child of Dark Blood, I think it's called. I like it so far.

Author's Response: You did not have to read this before Child of the Dark Blood. That story follows the original "In the Beginning." You will find that things in CDB are very much as they ended in ITB. This was a small aside written for those who wanted a happier ending.

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Review #17, by electric_aurora not signed in Putting the Pieces Together

20th March 2006:
YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAYYAYAYAYAYAYA SEQUEL!!!! this is soooo awesome!!!!! <- I think you can tell how excited I am... =D Well, anyway... i will continue reading on... so far great job! I've always loved all avalon-related stuff... I have a fealing I will love this fic as well as the prequel.

Author's Response: This isn't a true sequel to the other, it is more an alternative ending. Many people didn't like the way "In The Beginning" ended so I caved and wrote this. Thanks for the review. I hope you enjoy the fluff.

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Review #18, by Clamava Secrets and Rage

17th March 2006:
wonderful, i'm excited to get back to this story. I havne't been here for a while. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it. It's not one of my better pieces, but it is one of the lighter ones. Thanks for taking time to read and review.

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Review #19, by sassy19 One

6th January 2006:
Dear Alpha ,I wanted you to know that I enjoyed both versions of the saga of cassie and Severus.Avalon has it's own charm and is not without sadness,especially the chapter,"Memories"Without a doubt, "Beginng" is so very powerful and moving that it dwarfs almost anything else. I cried at the death scene which was beautifully done,The picture of their home was stunning And when he tells her of the things he's done and she isn"t revolted was truly masterful and moving.This isn't my first time reading but I haven't left a review until now.Excellent work!I truly enjoyed it much more than I will ever enoy or like HBP.

Author's Response: I must admit to being speechless. I thank you for taking the time to read both stories and for leaving a review. I am so very pleased that you found the stories enjoyable. I agree, Beginning does dwarf Avalon, which I sincerely believe to be one of the worst things I've written. In fact I submitted it to another site as part of a challenge to "show us your worst." Thank you again.

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Review #20, by Peri At The Gate One

20th October 2005:
Enjoyed the read. It was a good story, as always. I like "In the Beginning" better, even though this is a happier ending. A wrting teacher once told me, "Tell the story from the point of view of the character who hurts the most." I still think that in this set of events that's Snape, and he gets a good bit of head-time in the other one. (Yes, I know, Lupin; but still.) But this is well done on its own. The Daughters are an interesting concept.

Author's Response: This is the worst thing I've ever thrown on a page and I am fully aware of the holes. It was never going to be shown the light of day but it was the catalyst that led to the writing of "In the Beginning." Sometimes I regret bowing to the clamoring for a "happy" ending. Your writing teacher's advice is a good one. The only thing I would add (as an ELA/Reading teacher) is the caviat, "Unless you are good enough to break the rule." (Which I fully admit I'm not.) A lot of good stories have been written by those who are watching the collapse of another. Having just taught S. E. Hinton's "The Outsiders" to my 7th graders, I can tell you that is an example. The main character has conflict and hurts, but it is the two young men who surround him who "hurt the most." Thanks for taking time to review.

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Review #21, by Drunk Elves One

10th October 2005:
this is really awesome! ~Drunk Elves

Author's Response: Thanks. I hope you enjoy it, though I consider it one of my weakest pieces. No, actually I think it is my worst piece. Sorry it took me so long to respond to your review. There seems to be a glitch between getting notified of a review and the review appearing. I got a notice but when I looked, there was no review. Now there is. hmmmmm.

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Review #22, by amy The Leaky Cauldron

8th October 2005:
you spelled godric's wrong

Author's Response: Did I? Interesting. I'm sure I spelled a lot of thing's wrong. I've always said this is the story I'd like to take out behind the barn and burn. By the way... Godric's should be capitalized. ;o)

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Review #23, by sinful_potter Epilogue

9th August 2005:
i liked the original better, this ending was kinda, to much warm fuzzy feeling, it was good but the other ending fit better...smiles

Author's Response: I told you so. See next time you'll listen to the writer and ingore little bits of fluff. ;o)

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Review #24, by marta Epilogue

22nd July 2005:
It's an interesting way you worked the story of Avalon into "in the beginning" but the original was much better, even if it was sad. Sometimes its just gotta end that way. Props for the way you worked the new ending though.

Author's Response: Thanks, you are a brave soul to read it. I've always maintained this is a piece of fluff and should never be read by anyone :o) It was an interesting exercise. Thanks for reading and reviewing.

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Review #25, by NOBUSH!! Attack!

21st July 2005:
wasnt marcus flint the slytherin quidditch captain that makes sense cuz only a slytherin would randomly decide to go and try to kill harry potter and is this story gonna get angsty cuz i even i cant find anything particularly dark about this story and believe me i am a cynic and very very good at finding angst in stories i hope this isnt gonna be entirely fluff because fluff pisses me off i cant help it i like romances but i prefer romance/angst but it sounds fairly interesting though i cant really tell cuz it is still kinda boring

Author's Response: There is a small bit of angst in this, but I freely admit it is fluff. Odd coming from me. I can usually generate plenty of angst. But if you are looking for angsty romance, you should probably have tried the original story this came from. This was an alternate ending for people who didn't like the angsty romance of the previous story. Thanks for reviewing.

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