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Review #1, by Parseltongue Chapter 1

23rd July 2005:
Evil Harry? That was very original. I liked it.

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Review #2, by Wred Chapter 1

17th February 2005:
That was great. I love that song.

Author's Response: Right on!!

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Review #3, by jake epstein Chapter 1

11th February 2005:
I'm waiiiiiiiiiting for my stoooooooooorrrryyyyyyyy! Get on with it, do you love me or not? LOL

Author's Response: AHH!!

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Review #4, by jake epstein Chapter 1

10th January 2005:
Damn girl, how in the world do you get so many reviews? Email me and tell me your secret, because I am in desperate need of some for Harry Potter and the Prophecy of Riahder. I feel like I need to quit it or something bc its not interesting enough, I swear Im losing my touch! Adn it would suck to have to erase it bc writng manually, I am in the eigth chapter or ninth! (Can't remember.) :( Help me Meggy Moo! *sobs on her shoulder*

Author's Response: Haha loser. I emailed you!

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Review #5, by jake epstein Chapter 1

15th December 2004:
Wow, Meggymoo! Oh my fliippin' God! That was so great, I couldn't believe it! Either you acquired genius tendencies due to your intense passion for Slipknot or you skipped 5 birthdays and went straight onto twenty... or both! Some of the viewpoints and direction were very insightful and produced theories and invoked possiblilities in my mind that I never noticed lingered on the edge of my thoughts. Very great job! 5 gazillion points to Slytherin on behalf of Meg!

Author's Response: LMAO!! That was great Jake! No im still only 15! Lol I do love Slipknot! Not as much as The Killers but i do love them!! But still that song..Its just really diff. Like Slipknot..They make thier music and lyrics so diff. They have such a great passion of writing. Lol Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by PEMDAS Chapter 1

25th November 2004:
Oh, you didn't! You didn't! You turned Harry EVIL? Why me? *breaks into uncontrollable sobbing* Just kidding! Good story!

Author's Response: Lol!! I felt like....Making him evil!! Hehe!!

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Review #7, by MioneWeasley Chapter 1

24th November 2004:
Whoa, dark and depressing! Very interesting outlook. Haven't read many Dark!Harry, very interesting :). MioneWeasley

Author's Response: Yeah thank you!! Lol happy Turkey day!

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Review #8, by night shadow Chapter 1

21st November 2004:
This is really, really good. Thanks for the review of The Forgotten Child!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Um i dont remember reading a story called that..Lol IM sorry! I read to much lol

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Review #9, by Cheesehead Chapter 1

20th November 2004:
Whoa! That was totally awesome!!!!! Like really REALLY good! I'm off to read your other story!

Author's Response: YEAH!! READ READ!! Thank you!!

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Review #10, by GothicAnn87 Chapter 1

20th November 2004:
Thanks.......peach! I got a peach! lol II had to r/r again to support you chicka! Go Meghan-chan!!!!!

Author's Response: Lol! thank you!! Ive been WAY to busy with school and swim team..IM DYING!! Lol But i really need to find time and update my storys! Thank you

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Review #11, by mel Chapter 1

7th November 2004:
very different, but good

Author's Response: Lol! Thank you!

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Review #12, by Mrs Emily Snape Chapter 1

7th November 2004:
Interesting, hmm i can see Harry as going crazy in the end, wonder how mrs J.K's gonna get herself out of that one

Author's Response: Lol. Your right. Hey thanks for the review. I love having people read my stuff and review. Thank you and hope to here from you again! -Black Duality

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Review #13, by Endless Armageddon Chapter 1

2nd November 2004:
Hey. I like this. It's very good and the song went perfectly with it. Good job.

Guess what? For the first time, I have received a very odd review on 'The Forgotten.' I don't know whether or not the person was being harsh to an extreme or what, but sheesh...

Author's Response: Hehe thanks Tom! Really? Thats odd. IM going to go check it out! I hope its not mean or anything! Thanks for the review and have a good day! -Meghan

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Review #14, by Emerald_Angel Chapter 1

30th October 2004:
I can't imagine all that happening... but nice wording. You have a certain flow with words

Author's Response: Lol!! Thanks a bunch!!!

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Review #15, by QueneArual Chapter 1

28th October 2004:
Great! Bravo! You have to write a sequel in which he kills Voldemort.

Author's Response: Lol!!! I might but.....but.....BUT!!! Im lazy!!! =)

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Review #16, by GracieAnne Chapter 1

27th October 2004:
hey black! Wow that was a different kind of story there...Never thought Harry would go Dark...blah! keep it up

Author's Response: Hey Anne!!! Me neither...GOT BORED!! Lol Thanks!!!!

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Review #17, by GothicAnn87 Chapter 1

26th October 2004:
I love this new one-shot story Meghan! It's was great,wonderful,good,and bloody brillant! *Gives her story 100 gold and silver stars with two thumbs up in full support* Good ficcie Meghan! You go girl!

Author's Response: YEAH!! *Does dance* Thank you!! *Hands her a peach* See you lata!!!!

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Review #18, by hpfan4evr Chapter 1

26th October 2004:
Hey Meghan! I love ur story chicka! Very good, the power-hungry side of Harry is really interesting! Keep up the awesome work my hp friend! Luv ya! ~hpfan4evr

Author's Response: Yeah thank you!! I love it!! thanks for the review babe!

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Review #19, by dEmOn sLaYeR Chapter 1

25th October 2004:
Holy gar! What a great story so far! Keep it up! Its so dark and dreary, I LOVE IT! WOOO and HOOOO

Author's Response: Lol!! Hello Sara!! Its a one shot fic thought silly!!!

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Review #20, by Katie l (Erisa white Chapter 1

25th October 2004:
there is only one word to describe thei, AMAZING. i just love how you cahnged the whole perspective. it's amazing how you put the description just right, it was as though, he was voldomaort, but so much stronger, wow. i can't even do it that well. congrats. bye. p.s hope to have the next one out soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! This put a big smile on my face!! Actually He was like Voldermort just another Lord..Get me? Lol Thanks for the review!!

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