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Review #1, by WitnesstoitAll The Man With Two Souls

14th July 2013:
Yet another fabulous one-shot by you! I love Alternate ending sort of stories, but this one was particularly fantastic. I thought the use of a memory charm was really quite clever! To imagine that Voldemort never really existed after that fateful Halloween night, but only his memories did is mind boggling. Poor Harry. This ending is more grim than the one Rowling wrote -- the loss of Hermione and Ron, ouch! I do love that his eyes now look like James' and his scar had faded. The idea of him obliviating himself and becoming a muggle is so suiting. It's almost like Frodo and the elves sailing off into the west.

Great one shot!
Ravenclaw, HC 2013

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Review #2, by adahpfan The Man With Two Souls

16th January 2011:
That was a beautiful and moving story. I feel that it really empathised with Harry and relates to what he really would do in that situation.

I only have one problem which isn't really important I suppose, but just bugs me, you say that the Leaky Cauldren is just around the corner from King's Cross, however it is really in Charing Cross which is in a completely different part of London to KC! But, as I said it doesn't really matter as your writing style and the story is brilliant!

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Review #3, by spencefa The Man With Two Souls

28th June 2010:
that was a very good story...

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Review #4, by Sabya Sachi The Man With Two Souls

23rd June 2010:
What a tragedy!!!
Excellent portrayal.

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Review #5, by beating_faster The Man With Two Souls

2nd January 2008:
*blinks a few times in wonderment* Somehow, even though this is horribly sad, this feels more real than the acutal ending to the story in DH. It feels like the way it should have ended; there wasn't anything left hanging, and the despair we knew would come, had come. I gave a sad laugh at the line 'and he pictured Ron sitting there with his corn beef sandwiches.' I'm actually accepting this in my mind as how the series, how Harry Potter ended (because with fanfiction, there are many endings, aren't there?). phwoar. Nice work.

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Review #6, by Ariana_Gryffindor The Man With Two Souls

6th December 2007:
HI, i've read a lot of your stories before i joined the site and i find that you are a extremely good writer (and no i am just not saying that).

I am writing this review with the purpose of a question. Could you possibly please review some of my stories and tell me The Good, The Bad and Anything Else that you think i need to know to make them better in future chapters. it would really help me and i would really appreciate it.

Well, Give it some thought, Thanks


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Review #7, by micking The Man With Two Souls

4th September 2007:
very sad!! very depressing. I cried when I heard of all the people who died in the war. I hope the last of Harry potter does not end this way, and surely it has not since we know the ending now.

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Review #8, by CuteKrazyKay The Man With Two Souls

17th August 2007:
Awww that is so sad! Brilliantly written though, a fantastic piece of work!

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Review #9, by flye_hermione The Man With Two Souls

25th July 2007:
That's so sad. really good, completely different to J.K.Rowling's - hers is sort of lighter - yours is deeper and heavy. It's really sad... but really good, 10/10, definately.

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Review #10, by potterspal1818 The Man With Two Souls

20th June 2007:
this is so sad!!!

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Review #11, by BatSEnecal The Man With Two Souls

16th June 2007:
Oh my God, Logical. That was so sad. Down right depressing, actually. I thought it was good, though. Poor Harry. God, that was so depressingly good.

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Review #12, by Rebel_Dream The Man With Two Souls

17th April 2007:
wow. that was the best one shot that I have ever read.

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Review #13, by Warrior Within The Man With Two Souls

12th April 2007:

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Review #14, by Purple Rain The Man With Two Souls

15th March 2007:
Wow. tears are falling from my eyes.
I've said this many times and now I wish I hadent. This is the Best Story I've ever read. It's written so great, that their arn't enough words in my vocabulary to describe it.
with every word, and sentence you wrote I felt it in my heart. I never had a story like that made me feel that way.
I'm sorry if im creeping you out.
But your story was that great, and I honestly felt like I was reading the end of book seven.

Purple Rain

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Review #15, by Panda The Man With Two Souls

26th January 2007:
Wow... Sent me to tears. Amazing story, very very sad, but amazing. Thanks :)

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Review #16, by I_love_Sirius The Man With Two Souls

21st December 2006:
I managed to force the tears not to even come in my eyes :p I beat y'all! Anyways, real sad, but after JK Rowling killed off Sirius, I guess the deaths after don't matter anymore, because I got used to them. I wasn't even sad when Dumbledore died. I hope this isn't going to happen for more reasons than one. First, I'd rather Harry get killed by The Prominent V rather than have him suffer such an empty life, second, "So this is what Harry Potter’s soul was like. He was weak and full of emotion; his strength had died with Riddle." this part is so unplausible and impossible in my mind(but most probably not yours), because he chose Gryffindor, and the Sorting Hat actually let him in Gryffindor when he said not Slytherin, it saw "the other soul in him", and that was the good part he inherited from his parents, none of them were cowards. His parents died to protect him, what other proof of bravery do you need? Even Neville ended up strong. Third, "His eyes glared back at him. They were no longer green, like his mother’s, but hazel like his father’s" that is also sad to me, because he has no lasting memory of his mother, and where does it say that Voldie's eyes are green? I always thought they were red :p. This story has a spoiler after Dumbledore and the Horcruxes, but still a nice and sad story! Good one!

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Review #17, by Weasley twins rock The Man With Two Souls

16th December 2006:
That was the saddest thing that I have read on here. What gets me is that it all makes sense! I hope that the seventh book doesn't end up like this, not that it is bad but because I want them to live happily ever after once defeated Voldemort. It nearly made me cry this one shot.

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Review #18, by ariannazockets The Man With Two Souls

29th November 2006:
omg. i am crying. where did you get this idea? it's a good one. "He could almost still see Ron laying on the hearth run and Hermione scribbling on a long scroll. That is how he wanted to remember them." i love that line. beautiful. really nice.

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Review #19, by ashladon242 The Man With Two Souls

14th November 2006:
That was REALLY good!!! And REALLY sad! :( It almost made me cry! I had to hold back my tears! That was absolutly amazing!!! Very good! :D

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Review #20, by siruis_lady The Man With Two Souls

25th October 2006:
mmm, that almost set things in motion...almost.

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Review #21, by cwejr The Man With Two Souls

19th September 2006:
Enjoyed this story. Will be looking for more from LogicalRaven...

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Review #22, by K for kaleidoscope The Man With Two Souls

16th September 2006:
This is indeed beautiful. Very touching, very moving. Its brilliant how you ahve managed to weave all seven years in small packets of memories that slowly and finally wraps this legacy up. Excellent work. Though in my heart of heartsI wis the actaul end for Harry and his friends is less morose. what can I say, I am a sucker for happy endings. Who's not! Really enjoyed the secret Horcrux too...waiting for the next part anxiously, keep it coming! Cheers.

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Review #23, by TheAnomaly The Man With Two Souls

12th September 2006:
Have you ever read a story, and it jumps right off the page straight into your nervous system and sends chills throughout your entire body? You can always tell a really good tale that way. This tale is definitely one of them, guessing from the chills I get thinking about it and reading it. A great one shot fic with so many emotions stuffed into 3000 words It's amazing. You are truly a genius, Raven. (Can I call you that?) I can't help noticing that the storyline of this One Shot resembles greatly the ending from, Dark Days Pass, But Are Never Forgotten, except for the obvious fact of how everyone dies, or doesn't die, (Harry). Except for Hermione, who basically had the same role and dialogue. Pretty Sweet...
I read this to pass time as I wait for your next update on The Secret Horcrux. I loved it, obviously. Fantastic originality! And once again, more emotions than anyone could deal with at a time. If I tried, I'd probable breakdown, or explode, or something. I couldn't lose my dearest friends like that... Once again, congratulations on another amazingly successful story. You have my standing ovation. And don't take to long with The Secret Horcrux!
From a fan to a genius,
From a reader to an author,
From an admirer to an admiree,
From an "anomaly" to a true phenomenon,
From me to you,
TheAnomaly ---101

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Review #24, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu The Man With Two Souls

10th September 2006:
that was really sad. I mean every one who reviewed probably said that, but, it was so good at the same time. I love really sad things like that, i hate but love them. It's so poignant i guess. I never felt like cyring durning this story, i had a better feeling instead. I had this incredible feeling in my heart that i don't get often, i can't even begin to explain. It's just there. i guess you cna't really explain emotions, it's like trying to describe the color blue to a blind man. you just can't. really good job, that was incredibly good. And the title was so fitting and good. Right then, bye.

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Review #25, by HPismyidol The Man With Two Souls

14th August 2006:
that i so emotinal and probably the best one i read out of this chalange, it was very beautiful and moving and i wouldnt mind if it was the end of the real HP series, youre amazing vair vair amazing

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