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Review #1, by Amahlia Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

24th December 2013:
Hi again, LUL! :3

I have heard that you're aren't continuing with this story ... If that's true then I'm completely and utterly heartbroken!! :( I never thought, ever, that a book would only half meet it's description. It does quite meet it's description ... It did when it came to Voldemort ... But just not ... *Sigh* I'll explain in a minute. XO

I loved Megan and Ryan, great characters ... And in the bit when their house was attacked!!! :O I just ... Died ... Like, what's going to happen?!?!?! My heart just stopped at all those parts, especially when Percy sent Harry to Peru ... I just froze stiff while reading it! It had such an effect on me, just like when the McFaggen's house was attacked! I couldn't help holding my breath when Harry wanted to just rip Percy limb from limb - And when he chases Kreacher, too!! XD You have a great writing style, especially for Harry Potter, and I love it!! :3 They had to be my most favourite chapters. ;) But what I really want to know, about the description ... What is Harry's cool new power? XD I WANT TO KNOW! XD Thanks to this AWESOME story, I kinda have a brief idea ... AND I MEAN BRIEF - But I really want to know specifically what it is! :/

Anyway, the story is really magnificent!! XD Apart from a few little grammar mistakes, it doesn't really go completely off the real Harry Potter plot, which I like, and is quite common with some fanfictions. :/ I really hate fanfictions that go off J.K. Rowling's plot too much ... Like sending Harry to a far away school for the rest of his life ... *Shudder* I just refuse to read stories that do that ... :/ But yay! He's going back to Hogwarts!! See what I mean??? If he's still going back to Hogwarts then it's still going with the plot, and I will always love this story. ;)

I'll give this story a 7 1/2/10 ... I was kinda being a bit generous when I hit 8/10 while writing this review .. Don't get me wrong, I love this story to pieces!! But ... I would give you ... 50/10!!! ... If you consented to finish this story ... Sorry,

Thanks for writing this regardless!! It is an awesome story and it really made my day!! ;)

~ Love Amahlia x

Author's Response: Lol wow, I haven't logged into this site for...well, years really! It just crossed my mind to check that it was still up and running and then I see such a nice review (it still feels great to receive them, even all these years later so thank you).

I would have loved to finish this though, as i really did have a great plot planned (what I can remember of it anyway) alas, it just never worked out.

Thank you so much for the review, it definitely bought a smile to my face

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Review #2, by Amahlia Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

24th December 2013:
Please update!!! X) It hasn't even really got to the point of the story yet. XD I can't waittt for the next chapter!!! ;)

Author's Response: Thanks Amahlia, for some random reason i decided to see whether this site was still up or not today :) sorry for the late reply.

I'm officially done with this story but I did have some great ideas at the time. As much as I'd still like to write it I simply don't have the time or the enthusiasm anymore.

Thanks very much for the review though! Very much appreciated :)

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Review #3, by purplefire Diagon Alley

8th November 2007:
let's see...u left me a review wondering where i've been...hmm...i've been here. where've u been? and of course i'll return the favor and beta your story. i don't think i'll be as good, but i'll try. lol. my e-mail is lisa420188@aol.com. your story is still as good as ever. and go ahead and send me the new chapter. i'm curious to see what it's about...talk to you later.~as ever, purplefire 12/10

Author's Response: Oh man, haven't logged on in ages. Though this was a new review. Thanks anyway i guess lol

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Review #4, by purplefire Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

26th June 2007:
hey. sorry i haven't been in-touch, but my computer is messed up, because my hard-drive won't take a mouse, so i have problems. you can still e-mail me, though i can't e-mail you. if i'm at my friend's house anytime i'll e-mail you from there. i'm trying my hardest to write the sixth chapter. i'm sitting here just so suprised at u! i can't believe your not continue-ing you fanfic. you could at least write what you wanted the sixth book to be, or how you could change it. i think everything will change after the seventh book. i heard there's going to be an afterwards in the book. can't wait. please write soon. i am so bored. i hope u r having a great summer. i might just have a keyboard, but hey, i can make it work. lol. hope to talk to you soon. ~your friend, purplefire.
P.S. good work on the fanfic, by the way! 10/10

Author's Response: Hey, i know thi reply must be a bit late now but hey. Just though i should respond lol.

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Review #5, by hedwidgeon Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

18th June 2007:
I almost died when I saw that you haven't updated since like 2 years ago. Seriously. This a really great story - I started reading this afternoon when I got home from school (only 2 more days till summer :D) and haven't stopped since. Your style is amazing - really great description. I noticed some grammar issues mainly in the first chapter, but they weren't that big. I think you could improve on characterization a bit - Dumbledore seems a bit OOC, unless he was supposed to be that way. Other than that though I was really amazed. This is a really incredible story - you have a great plot going on here and I'd absolutely have loved to read the rest. But I guess that's not going to happen now. Let me tell you though - this is the best fic I've read in a while. I was in my sister's room reading this and I swear she thought I was going crazy - one second I was dying of fear that Harry was gonna die in Peru and the next I'm crying because Megan looks so much like his mother. Then I'm yelling "NO!!!" at the computer because I'm an obsessive H/G and R/Hr shipper and things aren't going my way... Again, I'm going to obsess over your style :D You wrote this fic so well. My favorite parts were when Voldemort and the Death Eaters were attacking. You wrote those scenes so well it was just... gah. I felt like I was really there. It was so incredibly realistic and totally well done. Then I also loved that part where Harry's laying in bed and can't sleep (in chapter 7). The way you wrote that scene, honestly... I totally freaked when Hedwig showed up. I thought Voldemort was going to attack or something. And then the part about Kreacher. Incredible. Seriously. I don't think I've been so into a fic in a long, long time. I want to say so much more, basically resulting in my convincing you to post the rest and keep writing, but I guess the chances for that are pretty slim, aren't they? Well, as you can obviously tell, I enjoyed this story a lot. Thanks for writing it - what a nice way to spend a Monday afternoon, going absolutely insane over this amazing story xD But seriously, I have to tell you - when I went down to eat dinner just now, my mom was seriously worried about what had been causing me to scream, laugh, cry, and yell all afternoon. Great job. ...Well, I guess that's it. I'm going to add this to my favorites and reread it a couple hundred billion times. And maybe leave a few more reviews. And about your long chapters - I have always wondered how some people can do that. I always struggle to get my chapters to be 2,000 words - how can you just end up with a 10,000 word chapter? It's incredible! Okay, I'm really going to stop now. I never know how to conclude a review xD Umm... great job. Yeah. That sounds about right. Okay, I'll shut up. :D *sighs* Wish you'd continue... *hint hint* -love, heddy

Author's Response: Hahahahaha! This was truly the best review i've EVER seen...ANYWHERE lol! No seriously, it's soooo appreciated and i'm truly flattered. For a moment there i even felt as though i should continue with it just to say thankyou! But hey. I can't even remember how i was going to end this now to be honest. (i've still got my notes lying around somewhere though) I just remember that DD was going to die, and i had a massive war at Hogwarts planned around christmas time. I actually started writing my version of book 7 a couple months ago (bad timing i know) But trust me if you liked this one you would have loved it! I had sooo many ideas it was unbelievable! Anyway thats that plan out of the window. I'm plannning to write a follow up of the final book though. It's only gonna be short but hey maybe you'll be interested? I won't put a date on it though. I plan to re-read the whole series before i start. Anyway thank you sooo much for the great review! i'm still grinning now. You've definitely put me back in he writing mood! Oh yeah and yes Dumbledore was supposed to be OOC...for now anyway. Thanks again

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Review #6, by purplefire New Residents In Little Whinging

1st February 2007:
wow. that was good. seriously. i loved it. you reviewed my story the other day and i wanted to do the same. my story was 'Harry Potter and the Death Hollows' , remember? you had some very creative critisism, but thats just a fancy term to me that means advice. anyways, if you would like to beta my story, my e-mail is lisa420188@aol.com. i would love any help. your story was really good. i like the lily thing. its awesome. 1,000/10

Author's Response: Hey. Thanks for the review i only just signed in to see if you had responded to mine! lol. I stopped writing this ages ago though. i'm surprised i even got a review i really appreciate it. I've just finished the first chapter of my new story last night. It's about Harrys 7th year. Once i get the second chapter finished i might post it on here so you could always check it out if you're interested. Thanks again for the review

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Review #7, by fangedphoenix Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

15th June 2006:
cool story, will there be a sequel?, oh and the legal driving age in england for muggles is 17 not 16 like you put in earlier chapters, just thought id point that out.

Author's Response: driving age?? Don't remember writing anything about that...thanx for letting me know anyways, i'll keep it in mind for the future. Glad you liked the story tho i must admit i'm surprised some people are still reading it. i stopped writing this ages ago. hmmm...sequels. well to be honest i've been planning to write another story for a long time now actually. i've got a plot and i couple of ideas swimming around in my head an i wrote half the first chapter about 4months ago. just havent really bothered with it since...(just being lazy i guess) thanks for reminding me though i think i mite just start writing some now...hopefully the first chpter'll be up in about a month or so so keep an eye out for it. It should be clled "Harry Potter and the Consequence of Destiny"

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Review #8, by oh..... Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

24th December 2005:

Author's Response: Wow!! i got another review for this!! I'm flattered. Don't worry i still plan to write another fic, (even though i've been saying this for about five months!) but i've just been alil busy at uni...them places hand out Waaayyy too much work for a 19year old! Thanx for the review! It's pleasing to know that my work is still appreciated after all this time. see ya!

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Review #9, by padfoot-and-prongs New Residents In Little Whinging

15th October 2005:
sorri i cant be bothered signing in but anyway gr8 story so far & do u by any chance like brian mcfadden cos hes irish and his last names mcfadden and all so yea anyways gr8 story g'bye

Author's Response: hehe! To tell you the truth i was thinking about Irish names for the McFadden family and he was the first person that popped into my head. (I'm not very good with names!) But no, i don't "like" him in any sense of the word. Thanks alot for the review. I'm glad you've enjoyed the story, though i'm sure you must know by now that i am not continuing it. All explanations are on the review pages somewhere. Thanks again

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Review #10, by Bubblechimes Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

24th August 2005:
I'm really sorry . . . I would love to keep reading this story, but I really don't trust Mature-rated stories. I really loved most of it, though, and I am sure it is still wonderful, even though it's probably growing more intense. I am very sorry, and I hope you aren't angry with me. :o(

Author's Response: Don't worry about it thats fine. Incase you didn't know i've actually stopped writing this story now. Plans for a 7th year fic are more or less underway. Still haven't thought up a title yet though. Thanks alot for your support. I hope to see you in the next fic. though considering it will probably be darker than this fic was intended to be i suppose i won't. Thanks for the review

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Review #11, by SiriuslyCrack Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

23rd August 2005:
Hi Gandelf. Where have you been? I am waiting for the end of this fic. You better hurry up, so that I can complete with it and kick you out of my favourite list. Just kidding!!! Of course I would never do that. Anyway, I have started writing a HBP fic. Don't worry, you'll find lot of difference in it. Please will you at least read it and tell me what you think. I would really like a review. Hugs, Tahi.

Author's Response: You know what? I almost forgot about this completely. I haven't done any work on it whatsoever since the last time you reviewed to be completely honest. I've decidded not to post the last chapter of this as i may use some of the material in my next fic so i'll just be posting the summary whenever i get time. I know i should really hurry, sorry about that. And don't worry about kicking me off your fav's list! Why would you keep a completed story on tere anyway? It's nopt like you'll read it again. don't worry i won't be offended by that at all. I'm lucky to be on their in the first place! cheers mate! I'll get to work on the summary as quick as i can. I promise this time! *Grins mischeivously* So your writing a HBP fic too!?? I've been wondering when you were going to start writing something! Hopefully yours'll be better than most the others on here. I haven't read a good story in ages! Not since Weasley Freckles finished "reading between the lines" (Simply Superbsable storyses! Best one i've read so far!). So...no pressure then eh Tahi! *Grins* see ya!

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Review #12, by Telly Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

10th August 2005:
Whoa! Harry's gotten rich, eh? (not that he was not before Sirius left him his fortune). I suppose we'll not be seing Megan again? What's the matter with Dumbledore? He's acting wierd...did something happen to him during the meeting with Voldemort? or so I think. So, is Kreacher going to stay and make the rest of the holidays dreadful for Harry? If I were in Harry's place, I'd've murdered him by now (Lupin or no Lupin) Are you gonna stop writing? I think you are right, after HBP it doesn't create so much excitement as it used to in the beginning when you started writing. Not that I don't like fic, but it just...you do understand what I am trying to say, don't you? *looks desperately at Gandelf, hoping he'd not take it wrongly*. So, I heard you are starting a 7th year fic....that's GREAT! Coz I'd've missed your writing if you had stopped it altogether. There would be no Megan in there, now, eh? Bcoz I wouldn't mind, I like Harry/Ginny better. But I also don't think that there will be any romance in the 7th book, do you? After the horrible death *shakes fist at the HBP* and Harry/Ginny breaking up. I think it 'll be more serious. It's just a thought though, can't guess what goes on in old JKR's head. Okay, I think this has gone too long and you, probably, have been bored to death by my rambling, so I'll just stop here. *crackes her aching fingers, gone red from the incessant typing* Hope to read the remaining story (or summary) soon. *waves and disappears to apply cream on her fingers*

Author's Response: Haha! that review made me smile! Thanks alot for the honesty Telly. Don't worry i understand exactly what you're saying. It's alright i'm not gonna eat you (Might hunt you down and beat you up though) hehe! Hmm....about the next fic. I've only got a few ideas here and there but i haven't thought up a solid plot and i have no idea what role the characters will play. I was planning on making evolve solely around Harry but i remember JK saying that characters from previous books may play a more important role in the 7th so i'm not too sure yet. I'll probably have a better idea once i re-read HBP but i'm only on CoS at the moment (I'm re-reading the whole series). Don't get too excited about Megan not being in the next book, she might make a come back...well the TRUE Megan certainly will...she's always been in the books...

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Review #13, by TakeMeAway Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

8th August 2005:
This is going to be carried on right? *gets down on knees* PLZ it's brilliant, I wanna know what happens next, you have great skill and description!!! You're just an awesome writer! Plz don't stop, or no doubt loads of people on here will probably cry, including me!!! *scowls* Not many authors make me cry when they stop. Anyway, brill, brill, brill fic, keep going and would you kindly review my fic? thanx a lot!

Author's Response: Sure i'll review your fic! But i have to say one thing...PLLLLEEEEAAAASSSEEE!!! don't persuade me to continue...i really don't want to stop writing it but i felt like i should. However, all these supportive reviews are reall making me begin to recondsider i really just don't know what to do. I know many of you are just telling me to continue out of kindness but wouldn't really be bothered if i stopped. I really don't want it to seem like i'm threatening you all but i just want to make sure that o won't be wasting my time if i continue wirting. Thank you very very much for the review though! you'll see me on your review page soon...

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Review #14, by Tania Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

3rd August 2005:
Hello there!!! I'm back. We shifted to a new house. The move has gotten my back stiffened. Bah! Nyway, I am kind of in a hurry, so plz bear with just one compliment: The previous three chapters were great! I enjoyed reading them. I just hope you won't stop writing. BTW, read teh HBP. Very sad *sniff*

Author's Response: Wow. You liked all three of them? YOur one of very few i can tell you that! Thanks alot, you've made my day. I really need to clean up the next chapter before i post it, and then i need to write up the summary ehich may take a while. But that's it. my mind is set! It took alot of persuasion and ridiculous arguments with my inner-self tbefore i decided to just give up: "Don't waste our time!"..."You're getting too old for Harry Potter know anyway!" he used to shout at me... *Stupid inner-selves! What do they know anyway?*. Yeah i know...that book was just...intense. I don't think i'll ever be the same again. Hehe! thank alot for the review Tania

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Review #15, by Adara Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

31st July 2005:
*Adara begins to weep bitterly* how could you just end it?! That’s like JK refusing to write the last Harry Potter book! It’s damn cruel! But despite that I loved this chapter. It was really good! Really really good. You had better write me another fic mr or I’ll hunt you down! (Ok well I wont really but I will be mighty unhappy and I may even go so far as to shake my fist at the computer screen! ha! that'll teach you! lol) seriously this is a great fic and I will be sad when it ends. Oh!!! There’s only one chapter to go!!! I need a hug! *Adara wanders off to find someone to comfort her*

Author's Response: *Hands Adara a tissue, before running off to find some random person to give her a hug* I know, i know, i'm sooo sorry! i don't think anyopne's more upset about it than me though. I guess the plus point is that my main theroy about James & Lilly wasn't spoiled by HBP and hence i might be able to integrate it into my next fic somehow. However, i still need to think up and overall plot for it. I'm really glad you liked this chapter, the first part of Lupin and Harry's conversation was a little hard to get started but it flowed nicely after that. In the next chapter they'll be on there way to hogwarts and there the chapter after that will be the summary, where hopefully a number of your questions will be answered

Author's Response: Thanks alot for being such a great reviewer Adara! And don't worry i'll definately TRY to get another fic up (and this time i'll hopefully finish it withing tohe two year period until the next one) so no fist shaking please!! hehe.

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Review #16, by SiriuslyCrack Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

29th July 2005:
Hey there! Shucks, I'm not the first one to review. But never mind *turns her attention back to the author*.WOW! I always wondered how Lily and James had thrice defied Voldemort. You, as always, did an excellent job explaining it in detail.AAAAAAH !!!! Why is Ron so ignorant and childish? Honestly...Well, I will admit that I liked Hermione's new description *winks and grins* and I wonder when Ginny's will come...or maybe it won't as you're planning to end the fic. I finally got to read the HBP and I still stand by what I said before - 'you dont have to stop writing.' Don't you see? everybody likes your fic. Anyway, I won't force. I'm not in the condition, right now. I am still sad about HBP *sniff*

Author's Response: Hehe! glad you liked it Tahi! I quite enjoyed that little chapter as well, it's been planned in my mind for ages!...it's quite odd when you see it finally materialising in front of you. As for HBP...*finds that throat suddenly seems dry and obstructed*...too sad...just - too sad...I'm really glad you've enjoyed this chapter. I really don't want to stop writing this but i guess i have to listen to sense. I've already got a few ideas in line for my nxt fic tho, but i'm not sure when i'll start planning it properly. I'm going to re-read the whole series before i get to work on it. And right now i'm near the end of PS. Anyway...thanks for the review

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Review #17, by Snickers Born To Those Who Thrice Defied Him

29th July 2005:
This is 2nd to the last chapter??? Well, even though that book 6 is out doesn't mean you have to stop. Please, put Hermione and Harry together!!! Megans looks like Harrys mum, that would be nasty if Harry and her were together, plus Hermiones kewl (not really but still) Luv This Story!!!!

Author's Response: Hehe! glad to see your so enthusiatic. To be honest i think all you shippers will have been more or less satisfied with the romance in this story. Let me say this...it was going to be a rollercoaster of emotions! You'll see who he ends up with when i write the summary. Thanks for the review! (First as well!)

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Review #18, by Adara Diagon Alley

25th July 2005:
hmmm.. something very fishy is going on. Dumbledore is definitely not himself with all his angry eye flashes and Megan and Ryan don’t seem to be as naive as they are letting on i think. hmm.. very very intriguing... i really really really hope you update soon!! this story is soo good! Damn I am thinking there are a lot of hints to bigger things in that chapter.. like the whole Ryan being able to see the shop thing and the 2 McFaddens looking bored but I am not game enough to say my theories yet because I may get it wrong and look like a huge tool which is not something I want. Lol please please please update soon!!!! This story is coolies! :)

Author's Response: Wow!...you didn't find it boring...at all? I feel so happy!! Well think about it..if you were Dumbldore wouldn't you be a little angry that the order took Harry out into DiagonAlley so soon after Voldemorts attack? But i have to give you credit though, there definately is a reason for his change...(I'm not going to tell you what it is of course) hehe! No about the little hints... Bloody hell girl you're sharp!...though not sharp enough unfortunately...(And that's all i'm going to say on that mater.) I think you are one of the few readers who will appreciate these last two chapters. You seem to understand the importance of plot building..unlike some people...(Won't mention any names!) Though even i have to agree that these two chapters are far too long. I promise not to make them as long as this in future. In fact, it is because of this that the next update should be coming along pretty soon; the next chapter is also too long so will have to be broken up into two and thus, one half could be posted sooner (today if your lucky!). I'm just going to edit a few things now and then i'll post it later today. Thanx for not giving up!!

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Review #19, by Adara Muggles At The Headquarters

25th July 2005:
hey! nice to see some updating on this story! i have been waiting for ages to read it and then when i finally got the email saying you had updated, the bloody computer crashed!! blagh~! isn't that always the way?! lucky i had the HBP to keep me going till now, and having just read this chapter, it was fully worth the wait! hmm i wonder why the ministry did pick up on the attack? it is because muggles weren't really exposed to magic cause the McFadden’s are really wizards and witches??? no? all well i thought i would guess anyway!! hehe!! hmm i also wonder what this mysterious rash is on Ryan's hands?? hmm.. curiouser and curiouser.. oh and i just read that you are thinking of not writing this story on account of the HBP. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DONT STOP WRITING!! this story is really good and you will make me cry if you dont continue it! and you don’t want to make me cry! i will flood the earth with tears!!! and really who cares if people think you are copying?? we your faithfull reviewers know the truth and that’s all that counts right??? and isn't fan fic writing one huge copy anyway? i mean we stole JK's entire concept of HarryPottervill anyway, and anyone who claims you are copying are just dirty hypocrites, so don’t listen to them and KEEP WRITING!! Ok so I kind of panicked when you said you might stoped and went into a spiel.. lol sorry about that. Anyway this is a really great story!! I love it I love it I love it!! So please write more!

Author's Response: Yeah i know, i know i haven't updated for like ages!! So you've read HBP then eh? What did you think of it? I though it was the best in the series so far!! Though i must admit i was a lil upset that it came out before i'd finished this story...i had so much planned!!! Ah well. One question though...if you've read HBP why would you still be so willing to read this crap?Surely you won't find it interesting anymore? I was really considering giving up on this story and had already started to plan a 7th year fic. In fact, i've already started writing a summary of what would've happened in this story had i completed it, which i was going to post next week sometime. Though now you seem so enthusuastic about it i guess i might reconsider.... I guess i'll have to see if anyone else is still interested in reading it before i make a decision. Anyway, BACK TO THE STORY!! --- Those are actually pretty darn good guesses!! Maybe they're right...or maybe someone is preventing the ministry from finding out? Perhaps people in high places at the ministry are being manipulated....Now there's food for thought. Thank you sooo much for the review Adara!!

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Review #20, by ladyfish426 Diagon Alley

20th July 2005:

Author's Response: huh....

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Review #21, by ladyfish426 Diagon Alley

20th July 2005:
Okay...first of all, Harry bought Ginny the Nimbus '03 not the Alpha whatever it was, so the store clerk made a mighty expensive mistake by sending them out with the expensive broom,eh? These chapters...they were long, boring and tedious. Nothing happened and I got BORED. What happened? The other chapters were great! These two chaps had nothing in them!

Author's Response: Yeah well...you can't have breath taking excitement in every chapter can you? The aim of these chapter was basically to deviate away from the dark side of the plot for a while. It was basically just to give Harry a break and to try to make him have a little fun for a change. And besides they couldn't really talk about Voldemort and all that in fron tof the McFadden's could they? Can't say i don't agree with you though, i knew these chapters may not have been liked that much but hey! There were actually quite a few hints in this chapter. By the way, the store clerk didn't send them out with the expensive broom that was simply Harry's account balance that had all the figures on. Thanks for the review

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Review #22, by Snickers Diagon Alley

17th July 2005:
hey, megan, who looks lyk harry's mum, and harry lyking each other. thats lyk so nasty, i really lyk chapter 7 when u said hermione and harry, that was kewl. anyways i guess, i was sooo happee when i saw chapter 7 and 8. i stop lookin if u updated for a while, when i did u had 2 freakishly long chapters. kewl!!!!!

Author's Response: Who said Harry and Megan are together...yet! *Grins* don't worry there's still a chance that Harry might link up with someone else...dating a muggle when he's at school for a year at a time wouldn't be very appropriate now would it? But that's all i'm saying...my lips are sealed! Thank you very much for the review Snickers! The next update may well be two chapters again because it's exceeded the 10,000 words mark. Looks like ima have to break it into two chaps yippee for the readers!!

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Review #23, by SiriuslyCrack Muggles At The Headquarters

16th July 2005:
Please don't say that you will stop writing this story....coz I really love it! So what if HBP is here? That doesn't mean that you shouldn't carry on. PLEASE, complete it. Can't you do a lil' favor for your most faithful reviewer *grins*. I still haven't gotten the HBP book. In India everything takes time to come, the damned country! It's really a bummer coz I don't even know how much days or weeks it will be till I get to read the new book. That's why I am pleading, requesting, begging to you not to stop writing. And in return you will get excellent reviews from me (not that you don't get now) Your story (and a couple of others) helps me relax and feel at peace from the overload of homework and learning and the huge tension of exams. I feel great when at the end of the day I come home exhausted, open this site and find out that you have finally updated. I'll just say, that please think about it...

Author's Response: Hmm...well....um...er...i guess i....*Looks at Tahi's pleading eyes and sighs* ....well...i guess...i'll see ok? No promises though. I'm only half way through HBP and things that i was planning to put in this story have already happened! I was soooo upset by it. Now everyone'll think i'm copying...*tries to fight back the tears* hehe! I guess i'll just have to wait and see how i feel after i've completed the book...which should be soon by the way!! Thanks again for reviewing! *Scurries off to bedroom to continue reading HBP*

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Review #24, by Gandelf The White Diagon Alley

15th July 2005:
Hey everyone! For those of you who read this chapter first i suggest you re-read the ending. I never noticed it before, but the last paragraph got chopped off because it was too long. I've fixed it now though. Thanks alot for reading

Author's Response: "Bleh!!"

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Review #25, by Adhar Diagon Alley

15th July 2005:
great chapter! took me ages to read tho :P i think it was very generious of harry doing that! I hope we get to see megan and her bro agen!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Yeah sorry about the length i'll tryo to keep it down next time. Don't worry it won't be as boring as this all the time. Reading over the chapter again, it's quite dissapointing in comparison to the others. However that said i think you should re-read the ending of chapter 8, it got cut off last time so you may not have appreciated it fully. Thanks alot for the review

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