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Review #1, by kwin16 Shopping

12th January 2005:
great story i really like it. shame you decided to quit writing it. it was getting good.

Author's Response: Hello, I don't know if you remember reading my discontinued story a while ago, "EMANCIPATION"... You gave me a review and as I decided to continue the story, I thought you'd enjoy reading it.

It's re-named "Accidental... Something"

and you'll find it on my author page.


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Review #2, by Astrid Shopping

9th December 2004:
Great storyline. Update soon!!!!!

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Review #3, by Fritz Shopping

1st November 2004:
This is great keep it up! =)

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Review #4, by Ginny Shopping

31st October 2004:
That was wonderful. I didn't want it to be over. I am ready to say, "More". LOL!

Author's Response: AAARGH OMG!!! Sorry, I didn't know it was set to 'finished', cos it so totally isn't!!! lol, I'm sorry I have set it right now and if you ever venture back here, I hope I have your forgiveness :)

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Review #5, by Amie Decisions

26th October 2004:
Hello!!! You know me, stop bullying me!!! You know what i'm talking about. Anyways, onto my review, very, very good story (i should prolly do this after reading both chapters but hey) Much enjoyable and I'm looking forward to reading the next parts. Keep up the good work! I may forgiva you about you know what now. Jus maybe. ;) See ya later. Byeeeeeee xxx

Author's Response: Okay, Pedro! I'm SOREEEEE! xx

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Review #6, by Hairy Potty El Nuevo Amigo

25th October 2004:
OK, I'll bite. That was an excellent story, and I loved how he flagged down the Knight Bus-- I wouldn't have thought of that (well, maybe-- it would have taken some time, tho). Very good-- 10/10.

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Review #7, by kimmypimmy El Nuevo Amigo

22nd October 2004:
like this chapter, I'd like to know what will happen in the next chapters, can't wait! My english sucks but you said that you wouldn't update anymore and...ARGH...just updat asap, i'm really bored at the moment.

Author's Response: lol thanks! i will probably update anyhoo- i get bored. now its the half term holiday, so i have a week off school- my mock GCSE's this year!!! lol see ya! Atropa x

Author's Response: your english doesn't suck, by the way! ^_^

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Review #8, by Pumpkin juice El Nuevo Amigo

19th October 2004:
Good chapter!! ;) Update again ASAP!!

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Review #9, by JaneyA Decisions

17th October 2004:
I love where this is going! Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope to post the new chapter today. It's twenty past 10 pm now, and I'm not quite finished yet- but I'm trying *lol*.

Author's Response: Thanks, I hope to post the new chapter today. It's twenty past 10 pm now, and I'm not quite finished yet- but I'm trying *lol*.

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Review #10, by Totally Ravenclaw Decisions

17th October 2004:
Please continue. PLEASE!

Author's Response: Yey! I'm glad you like it! :)

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