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Review #1, by Dollmage Hair of the Dog

17th December 2007:
I love Lupin. He has the saddest story in the world and this just accentuated him. Him being drunk, hungover, self-conscious about his body and about being British was all pretty fun to read. When I hit the part about Padfoot, tears just came to my eyes. It was so simple and so sweet and so incredibly sad. Generally I don't read slash or intended slash but there was something that drew me to your story and I am so very glad that I did, as sad as it made me, it was wonderfully written.

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Review #2, by SAM Hair of the Dog

21st April 2007:
crazy, twisted and gross. but well written and u captured it all!

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Review #3, by Cowboy Hair of the Dog

4th December 2006:
I always had a feeling those New Mexico boys were weird ducks if you catch my meaning.

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Review #4, by and_then_there_was Hair of the Dog

15th September 2006:
interseting story, i'm not really big on slash, but i liked this one.. funny in a way.. lol

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Review #5, by silver phoenix Hair of the Dog

27th April 2006:
I read this story when we couldn't leave reviews (of course). I loved this story. It was powerful, expressive, provocative, and just...brillant. Wonderful story! ^___^

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Review #6, by TonksFan101 Hair of the Dog

29th January 2006:
Great story, though I still hate the song

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #7, by Cass Hair of the Dog

26th October 2005:
I just wanted to say say great job w/ the sect of the serpent! p.s remus isn't gay, tonkz likes him!

Author's Response: A girl liking a boy has nothing to do with the boy's sexual preference. But thanks for the nice comments.

Author's Response: A girl liking a boy has nothing to do with the boy's sexual preference. But thanks for the nice comments.

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Review #8, by Disapointed Reader Hair of the Dog

27th July 2005:
Completly Stupid. You should delete it.

Author's Response: But, if I deleted it, I wouldn't get any more stellar reviews like yours...

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Review #9, by allie Hair of the Dog

12th July 2005:
good story =D

Author's Response: thank you

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Review #10, by mary Hair of the Dog

15th April 2005:
yes well...they let random people vote and just tell them to pick ones with good grammar and whatnot and instead people pick the ones with a plot they like. stupid people who dont know what a good story is. i like to read some of them though. i just read one that made me cry...i think it was called the shattered mirror or something.

Author's Response: Well that's good. I hope good stories really do win.

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Review #11, by MaryPotter Hair of the Dog

12th April 2005:
just wondering if you wrote a story for the writers duel lacy...

Author's Response: I wrote a story for the very first writer's duel. It's called "The Truth" and it's linked on my livejournal if you want to read it. But I didn't really like the way the contest was run. They said the stories would be judged on things like grammar and spelling, but the story that won had a lot of very obvious errors... Anyway, I decided it wasn't worth it to enter any more after that.

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Review #12, by emenem10 Hair of the Dog

30th March 2005:
Wow, you've lost me there... Does that mean Remus is Gay or just that guy... Is he a wizard? Ack, too confusing for my vacation befuddled mind...

Author's Response: Wow... Maybe you need to re-read at another time. I didn't think it was *that* subtle... In the fic, yes, Remus is gay. He had a relationship with Sirius. And no, Jack is not a wizard, as evidenced by the line where he asks Remus why the pictures in his books move. Sorry to have befuddled you I guess...

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Review #13, by Anon Hair of the Dog

9th February 2005:
This story is much more well written than your other story - I read in a review that this was more your own style than trying to emulate JKRs and, suffice it to say, your personal style looks a lot better on the page.

Author's Response: I have to say I agree...

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Review #14, by elizabeth Hair of the Dog

31st January 2005:
who are you?! i loved this story, and the sect of the serpent is going great. i had never thought about remus's love life, but i think homosexuality makes sense. and the dandelion boy was completely loveable, which is good, bc you know fan are going to be quite picky about precious remus's boyfriends. great job :)

Author's Response: Haha! I'm just a regular girl writing fan fiction to avoid doing her regular job. =D I'm surprised that more people on this site don't do Remus/Sirius slash -- it's HUGE on other sites. =) Check out my livejournal if you like this -- I've got a TON of other R/S reccommendations. =)

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Review #15, by Joe Hair of the Dog

25th January 2005:
I read this story simply because it had the word hangover in the description, along with Lupin. I love reading stories like this because there isn't much about Lupin in any of the stories, and you did a great job of making up a plot for him....although I still don't think that he is gay, you did an awesome job with the plot . Write more on your other story now! go!! -Joe ...... What are you doing still reading this? go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: =) Thanks. Actually, I'm compiling a list of stories that take place during Remus' "Lost Years." Unfortunately for you, I guess, most of the ones I've found so far have him either gay as a tree full of monkeys, or at least bi. =)

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Review #16, by Masha Hair of the Dog

25th January 2005:
Did you know that canis lupus is the scientific name for a wolf? Anyway, I just read this story because you haven't posted chapter 30 yet on your other story. This is very well written but I dont think Remus is gay. At least that is my opinion. But the story is still very good. I enjoyed it. Granted, the other is much better, but you dont have enough reviews for this one so...

Author's Response: I did know that, actually. Sorry that you didn't like this one as well as the other. It's more my own style rather than emulating JKR's. Thanks for reading.

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Review #17, by Jack Furrow Hair of the Dog

23rd January 2005:
Why Thank You, Jack! You're Welcome!! Not you, we name the Monkey Jaaack!!! ---Barbosa and Jack JACK!!

Author's Response: Erm... I think you're in the wrong fandom, but OK!

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Review #18, by GoddessMoonstone Hair of the Dog

8th January 2005:
That was... weird. Not a flame, not a complement, I'm just saying.... That was weird. O_O

Author's Response: Well, er... Thanks, I guess! What was so weird about it? (Other than the fact that Remus was in America, gay, and playing drinking games with redneck cowboys?) =)

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Review #19, by masami Hair of the Dog

8th January 2005:
Wow, this was really good. Great writing and an orginal plot. I saw your other story on the "recomended story" section, but i didn't have the time to read your other story. Nice work.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, I know the epic is, well, epic... =) But thanks for taking the time to read this and leave me a review. I appreciate it!

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Review #20, by forsakenphoenix Hair of the Dog

17th October 2004:
Wow, I am extremely surprised you don't have more reviews for this. I really enjoyed reading this. Although it was set in America-you made it seem realistic and reasonable. Remus is perfect. Jack is great. Remus getting drunk-that was priceless. Your story is very unique but extremely well-written. You obviously know a lot about New Mexico. It was so sad though, when reading about how Remus thought Jack was Padfoot. But yeah...nice job :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I do know quite a lot about New Mexico. I went to school in Santa Fe (and continue to harbor a secret belief that it is a wizard community) for four years. The cool thing is, The Owl actually exists, and I almost burned my tongue off on their green chile burgers. =) Glad you enjoyed the fic. Thanks for the great review.

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Review #21, by Violet Gryfindor Hair of the Dog

17th October 2004:
Poor Remus! He seems to be having a really hard time of it, doesn't he? Your writing is really good, you get the reading into the story easily. The descriptions of the people and the places are very realistic and I could picture it all pretty well. The only thing is that the story is a little wierd, but there's far wierder ones on here I guess. Can't wait to read the rest!!!

Author's Response: w00t! First review! Well Violet, I hate to break it to you, but this is a one shot. There is no rest to read. =( Ah well. And yes, I'll agree with you, it is a little weird, but that's part of its charm, wouldn't you say? Anywho, thanks for reading!!

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