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Review #1, by ? Visiting Hermione

28th March 2006:
That's really good =) I can't wait to find out what happens next!! Update soon please!!

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Review #2, by Angel_lily Visiting Hermione

24th March 2006:
Great story!! Hurry with the next chapters

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Review #3, by DiamondinaDream Visiting Hermione

10th October 2005:
I love this story! PLease update soon. You are very talented.

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Review #4, by QuickieChick Visiting Hermione

23rd July 2005:
Wow! I really really, really, really really like this story!!!!!!! I'm SO adding you to my favorites!!!

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Review #5, by firebolt15892 Visiting Hermione

22nd May 2005:
oooh can't wait to read the rest! keep writin!!!!!

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Review #6, by anon Visiting Hermione

11th April 2005:
Ron is moving pretty fast there... beginning was a good set up..

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Review #7, by diana Visiting Hermione

8th April 2005:
the story is pretty cool. keep writing

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Review #8, by tanya Visiting Hermione

31st March 2005:
o plz finish the story! youve left me in suspense >:( dont change the chapter i fink it is fine :D y not add harry 2 da story?

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Review #9, by molly Visiting Hermione

16th March 2005:
ur never gonna write again, are you? you just wanna torture me until i die.

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Review #10, by molly Visiting Hermione

2nd March 2005:
why in the world aren't you writing??? any of your stories??? please, please, please write!!! *sobs hysterically*

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Review #11, by molly Visiting Hermione

18th February 2005:
hiya! what was so weird about that chapter? Believe me, I've read fanfics that were A LOT weirder than that. So don't worry about it. And KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. :D

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Review #12, by stron R/H believer Visiting Hermione

13th February 2005:
Ok I have kept this story on my favories. But now Im deleting it. I guess you are like never going to write or something. Its getting really annoying, and you stopped it at the most interesting part.

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Review #13, by fanfic fanatic Visiting Hermione

12th February 2005:
REally good. Ive been here for a long time but havent reviewed. I woul like to say I like your story very much. But will you ever update?

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Review #14, by Kally Visiting Hermione

2nd February 2005:
It is pretty weird but i liked it. It was very entertaining. Dont write it over becuz im interseted to wut will happen next after this. I really want to know.

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Review #15, by Rae Visiting Hermione

30th January 2005:
Well it was a little weird but good. I really want to know what happens next. Please write soon.

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Review #16, by anonymous Visiting Hermione

6th January 2005:
ecellent! pure brilliance! just make the chapters a little bit longer, and update soon!

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Review #17, by Hermy G Visiting Hermione

31st December 2004:
DONT REWRITE IT!!! hah its a great chapter! I mean please dont waste time rewriting just write the next chpt I cant wait!

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Review #18, by staey Visiting Hermione

23rd December 2004:
plz continue it was just getting interesting!!!!

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Review #19, by smart chick Visiting Hermione

20th December 2004:
finish the story u left me hanging,but so far it is good

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Review #20, by Avrielle Granger Visiting Hermione

20th December 2004:
awww....thats bad......what they are doing I mean! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I know! I was surprised too! (Really!) :D

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Review #21, by Avrielle Granger Remembering

20th December 2004:
cute, thats really cute!

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Review #22, by Avrielle Granger After Hogwarts

20th December 2004:
I thought it was good, especially since my name is Kayla...:) I just don't like the pre-martial sex thing. I'm for having sex after you are married. Good work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, Kayla! heehee :D Well, everyone has their own views, I suppose, so... yeah. I totaly respect that. :D I'm just glad you like my story! :D

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Review #23, by Nicole Visiting Hermione

20th December 2004:
Ron has a kid?!? Whose is it? And wut happened to harry? You really need to update soon! Great story so far!

Author's Response: Ron and his girlfriend (Kayla) have a little girl. :D I don't really know what happened to Harry, I'm not sure if he's gonna turn up or not, I'll just have to see. Phew, I'm glad you like this chapter!! I don't know what was wrong with me last night (I only had 1 glass of wine... :P ), I usually don't write stuff like this. But people like it, so lucky me! :D

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Review #24, by Emily Visiting Hermione

19th December 2004:
I like it so maybe u could right more and when u do will u e-mail me my e-mail is

Author's Response: Okie dokie, will do! :D Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by AvidReader Visiting Hermione

19th December 2004:
OOOOOhhhhh update update update!!!!!

Author's Response: Ok ok ok! :D

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