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Review #1, by Kiersten The Other World

18th June 2005:
Your really gifted with words!!

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Review #2, by ilovedracoandharry The Other World

14th May 2005:
Lol, I can definitely realte- school sucks. Anyways, good chapter- I liked the way Harry and Draco are now friends and although I didn't totally understand the rose falling I thought it was pretty cool. Please update again soon and this one is definitely going on my favourites list ;-)

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Review #3, by ilovedracoandharry Beautiful

14th May 2005:
I read your note at the bottom and I can definitely relate; almost 17,000 reads and only 489 reviews- it really annoys me. Anyways I really liked the first chapter, though I have to avmit the summary really drew me in. It wasn't just the banner (though that was wonderful) But the well written and scarce words you wrote there that I thought fitted really well. I did like the chapter, it certainly is different so far and I'm looking forward to reading the next one .^_^.

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Review #4, by Mystery Beautiful

11th May 2005:
Nice... I like the name Iris...

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Review #5, by KimMalfoy The Other World

2nd April 2005:
Beautiful! I love the way you write

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Review #6, by KimMalfoy Beautiful

2nd April 2005:
And the chapter was very good too =D

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Review #7, by KimMalfoy Beautiful

2nd April 2005:
Just wanted to say that the banner is gorgeous

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Review #8, by Lor Beautiful

11th March 2005:
There is only one thing i would call this chapter:

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #9, by Gwen The Other World

9th March 2005:
I like the fact that it's such a mysterious story and I hope you'll update soon, I'm really curious about this story, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I know ive been so lazy..Lol i thing i might update one day. Lol Thanks!

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Review #10, by Gwen Beautiful

9th March 2005:
I love the story pretty much, though this chapter is short, I really hope you'll write more soon, this story might get interesting!

Author's Response: Tis is short and im so sorry

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Review #11, by jake epstein Beautiful

11th February 2005:
Hey you, when are you putting up that damn story that you wrote for me? Waahhhhhh, you don't love me anymore! *pouts*

Author's Response: I wuv you!

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Review #12, by jake epstein The Other World

6th February 2005:
Wanna hear something funny? Go check your email! (Unless you've checked it already of course!)

Author's Response: Jake...I love you. lol

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Review #13, by jake epstein The Other World

20th January 2005:
Grrrrr! I am so mad at you! Why didnt you tell me there was another writer's duel going on? Grrraaaarrr! Urg! There is no way I am going to be able to make something up in only three days! *sobs hysterically on Meggymoo's shoulder* Poor Aberforth! Now his goat is subject to the minds of those other than mine! waahhaaaaa! Oh, by the way, how's it going? Update, damnit!

Author's Response: What!!! Jake i didnt know!! Im sorry! I dont go in this site as much as i use to! I think you can think of something soon silly! Its going good you? I will!!

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Review #14, by MyStIcStOrM The Other World

29th December 2004:
Hey i luv the story! its great so far... its different which is prolly why i like it! i cant wait for u to update! *MyStIcStOrM*

Author's Response: Thank you!! Just keep on reading! Lol I love reviews! Thanks a bunch

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Review #15, by Padfoot89 (Not signed in- well, duh!) The Other World

13th December 2004:

Has it been that long since I've reviewed! Geesh! lol. Thought I'd let you know I wasn't dead or anything. School is becoming a major pain in the 'rear end'. But, I'm back, and am planning to update my fics real soon. Another beautiful chapter! Bravo! Well, I'll be awaiting for your next chapter to be posted. Good luck! :) And take care!

x.Bianca <3

Author's Response: Thats okay! Im glad your not dead! Lol YEAH! cant wait for your storys to update! That would be awesome! Take care yourself!

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Review #16, by Endless Armageddon The Other World

13th December 2004:
Hey. I'm back under this penname again with my sister, so we will be writing together again. You can check out my xanga thing for more details. Talk to you later. ;)


Author's Response: Hey thats kool! thanks!

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Review #17, by Lalis Beautiful

10th December 2004:
Hey! First, it's not a review about your story (I dont really like adventure), it's about mine. I have a Lily/James fic and a Draco/OC fic, and I know you like these kinds. What about reading? Thanks! Lalis

Author's Response: Ok sure will check them out.

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Review #18, by Mr. Shadow The Other World

5th December 2004:
Guess who? Tommy-boy's (Tom...Endless Armageddon) back in action and under a new penname. I'm going under the penname Stephen now, but there aren't any stories on there yet. Yeah, so anyway, how are you doing? You seriously need to now or something. Laters and e-mail me sometime. ;)

Author's Response: Omg!! Hey its so nice to hear from you again!! I know i need to update sweetie! Lol But yeah i will say it again i never have time to with school and i have swim practice everyday. I will really try to get more in when ever i can! Lol But how have you been?

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Review #19, by Cheesehead The Other World

20th November 2004:
Wow.... you give really really good descriptions! And you really got me hooked! I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hehe!! Thank you Ellen!! You rule! Cant wait for more reviews

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Review #20, by dEmOn sLaYeR The Other World

16th November 2004:
Hey dude, its me! Great chapter! I love your story! Its just so damn good. So update soon or I won't leave you oh-so-cool reviews! Yes, I know, you are terrified now :) anyway, keep up the story because I gotta know what happens!

Author's Response: Hey!! Lol keep reading and you will know. When the hell are you going to email me again?

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Review #21, by allainemoore The Other World

16th November 2004:
good story, gotta love draco...=D

Author's Response: Thank you! Lol

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Review #22, by dEmOn sLaYeR Beautiful

5th November 2004:
HA HA! Its me again! Dude, are you ever gonna update your damn story?! Some of us are just a little perturbed at the lack of updateness. Anyway dude, if you don't update soon I'm gonna steal that ring from Draco and then you won't have a story! HA HA! *Points at Meghan and laughs loudly* I will be waiting in this dark corner until you update so, do it soon! *Slinks into dark corner*

Author's Response: Yes i am!! AHHH!!! No dont steal the ring!!! Lol! Im babysitting tonight for like 4 hours so i will probably be able to get alot finished!!!

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Review #23, by Camel_Lass Beautiful

25th October 2004:

Author's Response: Im lazy!! I will update sum time lol!!

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Review #24, by Unicorn Princess Beautiful

23rd October 2004:
this is very good I hope you keep going. with this. what a great way to start a story

Author's Response: Thank you very much!1 And yes you know i will keep it up!!

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Review #25, by jake epstein Beautiful

21st October 2004:
Oh, and Meg, please do me a BIIIIIIIG favour, kay? If you can find the time, go and read and review Cerise. Her story is one chapter long and it is sad, bc only two people have read it and reviewed it, and it is soooooooo well-written. I reviewed it, and her sister did also. Review her, and then email me or something and tell me what you think, kay? Muah! Thanks darlin'! You're a peach!

Author's Response: Alright i will !!!! YAH!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! GET IT RIGHT!!! IM A APPLE!!! GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!Lol i love ya!!

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