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Reading Reviews for A Writers Comfort
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Review #1, by jellybean2109 CWW Cup

2nd January 2012:
it was so cute they shared there first kiss and got etogether when harry tried to save ginnys life

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Review #2, by blahblahblah CWW Cup

13th January 2008:
hey! great story! i'm gonna read find me for comfort right now. Good job! :)

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Review #3, by anonymous shipper CWW Cup

23rd December 2005:
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! That was such a cute story! I love fluff! *Cookies for you for writing this fantastic story*

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Review #4, by Julie Julie CWW Cup

17th December 2005:
The story was amazing, I loved all the detail. I don't know how you come withso many amazing stories. Loved the ending very romantic.!

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Review #5, by Niamh CWW Cup

3rd November 2005:
Interesting opener good angle with the writers tournament go on tell me more

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Review #6, by pigwidgeon385 CWW Cup

7th October 2005:
very cute... what year does this take place in?

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Review #7, by LizVega CWW Cup

19th August 2005:
You were kind of enough to read one of mine, so I thought I'd reciprocate! Nice premise, but you you need to watch your tense changes and punctuation.

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Review #8, by Emma CWW Cup

11th August 2005:
Okay...like WOW, that actually happend to me once...I mean really happen...I don't want to dull you with my life story, but, I wrote an essay to be in this literature group in my school that goes to France and competes with other students, but I didn't get in I was crying my eyes out, and my best friend Rick, walks in on me crying, and I tell him I didn't make it, then he askes me 'who made it' than I scream who, then I like totally ran out of breath and collaplsd (I have asthma) he gives CPR, (I thank him for that everyday) then I said softly 'you saved' and he says "I love you, I wouldn't want you to die', and I mean it I said ' I feel like I'm going to faint again can you continue'. And from that day forward we have been going out. I know your probaly saying 'why are you telling me this', but I thought it fitwith the topic, anyway great fic, going on my favourites list, when I log in, ciao!

Author's Response: Wow, that's just to weird that they match! My story was based off not making this writing thing but thats it. Anyway thanx for the nice long review and I hope you and Rick are happy together!

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Review #9, by CatLover CWW Cup

9th August 2005:
Yeah, that was great, but (hey, there's always a 'but'), maybe a little bit of realisticness might be better? Just a suggestion. Like, I don't really think Ginny would have fainted from that, because, her body must have, well, sent her a message or something that warned her? Ohh whatever, it just seems wrong. Well, it's just my opinion anyways.

Author's Response: Yeah I was wondering about that. And, to be frank, I didn't change it cuz no one said anything about it! But, I don't know, it just works

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Review #10, by h CWW Cup

7th August 2005:

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Review #11, by C.M. CWW Cup

7th August 2005:
what the heck is the CCW and ive never heard of a wizard wrighting class

Author's Response: Neither of them acctully excist. I just made them up!

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Review #12, by Andrew Duncan CWW Cup

31st July 2005:
hey sexy whats up srry i couldn't come to the fields but i really wanted to because i wanted to tell u that i reallllllly like u and srry cause i don't have and e-mail address but if u do get aim its swimmer4life656 wellll call me somtime cause we gotta hit the movies!!!! love andrew

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Review #13, by Emily CWW Cup

30th June 2005:
Very good story, I kinda know how she feels about not making something or doing something you want to achieve. Its devastating.

Author's Response: Yhea it's Horrible

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Review #14, by Master CWW Cup

22nd June 2005:
good story

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Review #15, by hogwartshoney06 CWW Cup

21st June 2005:
loved it

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Review #16, by Sparky Cobalt CWW Cup

4th June 2005:
ill go read your sequel now, then. this was great!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #17, by emenem10 CWW Cup

28th May 2005:
This is WONDERFUL! ~Emily

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Review #18, by andharrywokeup CWW Cup

18th May 2005:
aww very cute! Thanks for reviewing my story!

Author's Response: Sure no problem!

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Review #19, by Sophia Montgomery CWW Cup

14th May 2005:
Interesting story.

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Review #20, by blair CWW Cup

11th April 2005:
This was good. I am glad there is a sequel! You have some very clever story ideas. I will be watching to see what else you do!

Author's Response: Thanx thats very reassuring!!

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Review #21, by Dracolover CWW Cup

12th March 2005:
Well, if I'm honest, it was good but also lacking material. We didn't even know where Ginny and Harry stood. All I'm saying is it's too short.

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Review #22, by Amy A. CWW Cup

6th March 2005:

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Review #23, by GoldenGirl CWW Cup

3rd March 2005:
hey Grints Girl, this banner is a little too plain. want me to make you a different one? BTW; I LUV THE STORY :D

Author's Response: Sure go ahead!!

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Review #24, by Monkeyluv92 CWW Cup

16th January 2005:
*singy song voice* LOOOOVED it! Best one shorty ive read.

Author's Response: Thanx!!!

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Review #25, by jailey21 CWW Cup

14th January 2005:

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