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Review #1, by BattyTwatty Only Chapter

18th February 2006:
That is sooooooooo sweet!!!!!! Awwww go Ginny and Dean!!!!! Wuv it!!!

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Review #2, by firefawn Only Chapter

7th December 2005:
Oh! I can't believe I forgot this, but your descriptions of autumn at the beginning were particularly striking, allowing the reader to almost feel and smell the fall's crisp air around them. I must admit fall is my favorite season so I am particularly partial to that! I also loved the comparison to Ginny's hair, great work!

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Review #3, by firefawn Only Chapter

7th December 2005:
Dear goodness you have a lot of stories! I was shocked and THRILLED to see you had over 10! The canvas analogy that you used throughout this piece was particularly moving, pulling the entire story, and all of the emotions together. It was detached, allowing the reader to feel as if they were truly standing back and viewing a private moment, yet emotional in that it allowed the reader to be thrilled at the end of it. I loved the bag of peppermints and Ginny's explanation of them, it's too perfect considering that her family is less than well off, and that it was a huge gesture to get him peppermints as something to 'convince him' on her behalf. Very cute, and great work. :)

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Review #4, by Urvi Only Chapter

14th August 2005:
That was so sweet! You made Dean and Ginny so cute together, something JKR could never do. Great job!

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Review #5, by Sophia Montgomery Only Chapter

21st June 2005:
I like the little poem in the beginning. Good one shot!

Author's Response: Yeah, I thought that quote was really cute, so I just had to add it. I'm glad you enjoyed my one-shot. I think those two make an adorable couple. Thank you very much for stopping and taking the time to review. I appreciate it!

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Review #6, by Katielynn Only Chapter

19th June 2005:
aww! This was cute too! Now I don't know who Ginny should be with!! Dean, or must go ponder this, great story!

Author's Response: I have the hardest time picking just one guy to pair Ginny with! That's why I love fanfiction -- I can write a million stories that put her all with a different guy. I like Dean/Ginny, Colin/Ginny, Harry/Ginny, Neville/Ginny, and I even wrote a Draco/Ginny as a challenge to myself, though I'm not too terribly fond of them as a couple. So many choices! But again, that's why I love fanfiction. Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by icy_cool_hermione Only Chapter

11th June 2005:
Aww, that was soo sweet! There aren't many Dean/Ginny fics around, and you did a great job! It was so descriptive, it's so 'visual'...and so romantic! Lovely job!

Author's Response: Dean/Ginny is such a neglected couple -- and it's competely in canon, so I can't understand why! I'm glad someone else is appreciative of this fine couple! Thank you for the kind words. I worked hard on this one-shot so it's nice to hear that it paid off. Thank you very much!

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Review #8, by Autalen Only Chapter

15th May 2005:
Awww... ^____^ I love it!! So fluffy and sweet! Your writing is beautiful ^.^ I've never seen a Ginny/Dean fic before, it's really sweet!

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Review #9, by Elf_ears13 Only Chapter

26th April 2005:
I daresay, that was one of the sweetest, fluffiest things I've ever read, and I enjoyed every word of it. And although I'm a firm H/G shipper, I still loved this. Keep it up!

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Review #10, by orliesbabe Only Chapter

13th April 2005:

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Review #11, by H P Fan Only Chapter

24th January 2005:
That was a nice piece of fluff. I liked it!

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Review #12, by Torn Between Red Only Chapter

28th December 2004:
As alwys, brilliant story. I thought it was very sweet. Good job!

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Review #13, by EmmalenaGranger Only Chapter

29th November 2004:
Brilliant work. My fic Marauder Girls is updated. Please r/r

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Review #14, by Silver_Lilacs Only Chapter

17th November 2004:
I like this usual but still I think you are an excellent writer. I enjoyed it.

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Review #15, by silver_phoenix Only Chapter

15th November 2004:
really good, keep it up!

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Review #16, by hpfan4evr Only Chapter

19th October 2004:
*hpfan4evr gives amazing writing mistress Leah Lupin a standing ovation* I'm so glad to see a Dean/Ginny, there aren't very many of those around. You did an excellent job on this one, 11/10. ~hpfan4evr

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Review #17, by NightxWish Only Chapter

10th October 2004:
This was so sweet and pretty and soft and cuddly and.....aawwwwww! That was so cuteeeee! I love it...

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