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Review #1, by Kaye M Rennolds_KMR CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

8th September 2007:
I like it... gona be a great one!!!

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Review #2, by Chknnugget CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

28th December 2006:
wow, hahaha, this is really interesting. a love square, ive read a book where it was like a love octagon (it was kinda confusing but really funny lol) but anyways x_x this is funny i love it hopefully you'll update soon

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Review #3, by oH CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

4th May 2005:
not that you copied it reminded mem of Hermione in a different color by ilovemalfoy i love thata fic.

Author's Response: Ohhhh I see - awesome... maybe I"ll check it out to see the resembelance! (Don't even know how to spell that word)

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Review #4, by oH CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

4th May 2005:
i love it it reminds me of a draco hermione fic though

Author's Response: Thanks!! does it? I assure you, our story is COMPLETELY original!

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Review #5, by Sailapluto CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

24th April 2005:
Oooh real cool. I like Jessica, cause I'm like her. A total angel. 0:) Muah! The stories really good. Keep it up and I can't wait to read the next chappie.

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Yeah, I love it when you can relate to a character :) I just realised you've replied to every chapter!

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Review #6, by COOL CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

16th March 2005:
PLease add more it is awesome. It is beyond is the definition. My friend ilovemalfoy recomended this and i'm glad she did. If you like Draco fcs she has a great one with him. Its confusing and Hermioen changes too much for it to be real. She has a harry/hermione and a OC/Oliver one she just started andn I ;ove both. I hope you at least look at one. COOL

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the reply! I'm glad you like it. I'll take a look at ilovemalfoy's fics right now. Thanks for telling me about them.

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Review #7, by GoodeveningLove CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

23rd October 2004:
Omg that is an awesome story! Ah i love it! It seems so real, most of these kind of stories r real korny, but urs is GREAT!

Author's Response: I'm glad you don't think it's corny - because somehow I believe it is. Thanks for your lovely review!

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Review #8, by happygothgurl CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

23rd October 2004:
very fluffy -- i like it. good for before bed. i think my clocks messed up, it says its 4:30. huh, whatever. luv it.

Author's Response: lol yeah, it has the word fluffy written all over it!! Thanks for your review! p.s.. I hate it when your clock's wrong =)

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Review #9, by Vinky CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

11th October 2004:
A good start... I hope you'll ceep writing.... but I don't think Harry could like a girl that was so devil-like (if you know what I mean).. and Malfoy couldn't like a muggle-girl! But I do want to see how this goes so pleas ceep writing!

Author's Response: Thanks for the reply, Vinky. As for Draco and Harry... I actually can't answer why we did that - but they're sort of going by looks too - I don't think Draco knows Jessica is muggle-born - and Harry doesn't know enough about Karina, either. Thanks for pointing that out! I"ll post chapter 3 asap.

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Review #10, by Blue Moon CHAPTER ONE Best Friends and Acquaintances

10th October 2004:
Omg! I love it! I've never read a fanfic storie like this one before! Please please please please please please upd8 soon!10 stars!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks Blue Moon! I wasn't really expecting a reply ! I''m glad you like it. I'll be posting the next chapter right now - look out for it soon.

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