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Review #1, by uh6091b Almost Perfect

4th July 2013:
Ok, you have me hooked. I am now officially emotionally invested in these characters. Great line to end the chapter on. You have done a wonderful job as an author. Thanks

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Review #2, by Mrs.Potter Breaching the Threshold

1st August 2012:
This is future Mrs. Potter with a review for A Dream Unlocked. this is a wonderful story that replaces how the harry / ginny relationship started with a verry thick plot line (not thick as in stupid) keepup the great work sugarqwills23! tis is amazing!

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Review #3, by eddie Bittersweet Dreams

17th December 2011:
just curious..harry can use magic but Ron only just turned of age? I was under the impression Ron was older.

Besides that it was a very good read I plan to read the next in the series

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Review #4, by eddie The Return of Riddle

15th December 2011:
good chapter again, I found it sort of a repeating conversation personally though. Harry and Ginny while it did show the proper emotion etc it just seemed they said the same thing twice.

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Review #5, by Ceo Frustrated and Alone

28th September 2011:
Good start, I'm intrigued.

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Review #6, by Clara Out of Time

21st July 2011:
This is effed up but sooo good :)

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Review #7, by acameron488 Bittersweet Dreams

19th July 2011:
Great story. I'm going to go read "A Dream of Hope" now. Great work by the way.

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Review #8, by acameron488 Mrs. Weasley's Secret

19th July 2011:
Great story. I enjoyed it very much.

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Review #9, by Ellie Bittersweet Dreams

23rd January 2011:
WOW. Great story!!!
I love the whole Ginny - Harry relationship and I think you've portrayed it amazingly. The whole idea of the book was amazing and you have left me hungry for more.
Ican't wait to read the sequel. Thanks for bothering to write this,
Ellie ☺

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Review #10, by interested reader Bittersweet Dreams

2nd January 2011:
I was beginning to think Harry was not going to make thing right with her. But I am glad that he did. Thanks for the story. I look forward to reading the sequel.

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Review #11, by harrypottergurl10 Bittersweet Dreams

4th August 2010:
That was great. Keep up the good work.

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Review #12, by harrypottergurl10 Out of Tea

4th August 2010:
I wish Harry would see what Voldemort is doing to him. Love is the key to beating him and he's throwing it away. He needs to wake up and see the light. Keep up the good work.

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Review #13, by harrypottergurl10 The Power of the Amulet

4th August 2010:
That was great. Keep up the good work.

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Review #14, by harrypottergurl10 Out of Time

4th August 2010:
This great so far. Keep up the good work.

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Review #15, by harrypottergurl10 Time for Bed

4th August 2010:
I really liked this chapter. It shows how much Harry and Ginny love each other even though they haven't said it to each other yet. Keep up the good work.

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Review #16, by harrypottergurl10 Frustrated and Alone

3rd August 2010:
This is good so far. Keep up the good work.

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Review #17, by Megan The Power of the Amulet

7th July 2010:
You have some spelling errors, but all in all, it is a really good story, you have kept me on edge this whole entire time! Fantastic job writing this.

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Review #18, by Mandy_Bear Time for Bed

18th December 2009:
ok i know this is only the beginning and you wrote this fic a while ago...but this is seriously one of the most capivating fics i've read. no lie. its like a movie is playing in my head as i read your words. fantastic job!

Author's Response: Wow! "Captivating" Thank you for your readership and your wonderfully supportive comments. I'm thrilled you're enjoying my writing efforts and I hope you will continue to like what you see. Again, I appreciate the read and review! ~Sugar~

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Review #19, by choir_monkey Bittersweet Dreams

11th December 2009:
AAAW this was super cute! i loved this story! it was so nicely written! and its a fresh story line, i feel like a lot of the stories on here are just repeats of the same thing over and over again with little twists and turns. But not this one! Congrats on a story well written, im excited to start reading the next!
Megan Leann

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your wonderful compliments, Megan Leann! I'm glad you found my story to hold some unique twists and turns for you. Thank you for taking the time to read and post your thoughts about my writing. I really appreciate it! ~Sugar~

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Review #20, by Switchblade Love Bittersweet Dreams

24th October 2009:
Omg so i just finished this and I think I had started reading this story before but i lost this site... but anywho on to the review! Wonderful story, you are an excellent writer, very clear, very bold, when Ginny was ignoring him was just how it goes, me and my ex were like that for a time, and it is a game of wills, but excellent wonderfully excellent, im off to read the 2nd one right now!

Author's Response: That's wonderful to hear, Switchblade Love! :-) I'm happy to know you were able to find a personal connection to my writing and that you enjoyed my take on Harry and Ginny's journey in this one. I appreciate your readership and the post. Thanks again! ~Sugar~

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Review #21, by Potty Harry Bittersweet Dreams

7th October 2009:
That was fantastic. I love the Drama and difficulty with the relationship between Harry and Ginny. not over or underdone and not labored or rushed. Very much looking forward now to getting stuck into the sequel.

10/10 first I have given.

Author's Response: Thanks, Potty Harry! I'm really glad to hear that you felt the pace and emotion of the story was well-done. Your 10/10 is a wonderful compliment! I'm sorry it took me so long to respond here, but I appreciate your feedback! ~Sugar~

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Review #22, by Debbie O Bittersweet Dreams

26th July 2009:
This story had me hooked. I loved it. Very romantic, mysterious and sexy. Great descriptions and tension.

Author's Response: "...romantic, mysterious and sexy." Wow! That's great to hear, Debbie O! I hope you'll continue to like the story line as it develops in my sequel "A Dream of Hope". :-) Thanks for reading and taking the time to post. ~Sugar~

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Review #23, by Everlasting Faerie Light Bittersweet Dreams

21st July 2009:
One of the best stories ever on harrypotterfanfiction. Once reading, I was hooked. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Everlasting Faerie Light! I'm so glad to hear my story pulled you in and kept you reading until the end. Since you enjoyed "A Dream Unlocked" you may also enjoy my sequel to that story "A Dream of Hope". I posted the final chapter and epilogue very recently so it is complete now. If you choose to read, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my conclusion to the tale I began with "Unlocked". Thanks again for the post! Sugar

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Review #24, by bonnie_russell The Return of Riddle

2nd July 2009:
lol,nice save that harry did,keep going!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, bonnie russell. :-) I am glad you liked it and I hope you will continue to enjoy the story as it evolves for you. Thanks for the read and post. I appreciate both. ~Sugar~

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Review #25, by Doctor Lumos Out of the Darkness

13th May 2009:
This was a very nice chapter.

Thinking about this whole dream thing. Ginny was a sleep and in her dreams, Harry was in his sleep and in his dreams, but somehow he was able to travel into Ginny's dreams, as was Dumbledore. Nothing could hurt Ginny or Harry physically there. Riddle entered into Ginny's dreams through a portal, and also could not be hurt in the real worls based on what happened in the dream world.

Then Harry travels through the portal into Riddles "dreams". Since it is not where he really resides and is not substantial, it must be imaginary. But it is different in that the physical Harry suffers whatever happens to him there. Does what happens to Riddle there effect his real body? Unknown. Is Riddle asleep? Not sure, part of me feels yes, or at least in a daydream. But what then of Dumbledore? He was in Ginny's dream [but did nothing] while still awake and able to communicate to send Bill and Ron on their way. Since Riddle is also a very powerful wizard, perhaps he is entering much like Dumbledore. Ginny is permitting Dumbledore in, Riddle is using the portal to gain access.

Bill and Ron use the amulet to open a portal into Harry's dream world. We also learn that anything that happened to them there would be physically real. This indicates that the portal created by the amulet is similar to the portal between Riddle and Ginny. The destruction of the latter portal strengthens this reasoning.

Now it gets tricky. Bill and Ron, going through a portal can be hurt, Harry going through a portal can be hurt. Riddle, when he went through the portal and was in Ginny's mind should have been susceptible to being hurt. That did not seem to be the case though. If it were, trapping him on Ginny's side of the portal would have made more sense strategically.

I know the story is completed, but what I am most curious about right now is Dumbledore. He was the powerful one who was planning on being the hero until Bill and Ron got involved. But he did nothing other than signal to the boys that it was time to put their plan in action. He did not even aid Ginny that we could see in any way. So what did he do, and if it was nothing, why did he do nothing? One possibility would be that he did not want to tip his hand, since this is merely a battle in a larger war, no need to reveal everything at the same time.

Author's Response: Thanks for the summary of your thoughts.

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