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Reading Reviews for Knight in Shining Armor
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Review #1, by Jessie C. Knight in Shining Armor

17th January 2010:
omygosh! great story! totally sweet and innocent!!
PS i agreee with you on the creaming thing! that would rock!!!

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Review #2, by JustSuper Knight in Shining Armor

9th May 2007:
Love it so sweet, so fluffy! Some Day My Prince Will Come is a good one but she could have sang once upon dream... maybe that could be the sequal!!!

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Review #3, by mrskimberleyweasley Knight in Shining Armor

23rd November 2006:
yes thank you! snow white is the ultimate classic!! these idiots that think its cinderella, they know nothing! snow white was the original! and yes i did recognise the song, so thank you very much for writing it in there lol
well that was a good fic indeed!
and actually there is a better feeling that beating your crushs ex at badminton... that would be proving wrong the silly little girl who thinks shes all that , and is basicaly just a thinner, nicer, prettier version of yourself, and your ex-crush really fancies her and she stole your name and spelt it wrong, proving her wrong in class infront of said ex-crush and then accidentally tripping her up.
i havent experienced it first hadn but its on my to do list for tomorrow
10 out of 10 for you, purely because your a/n rant amused me, and so did the story

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Review #4, by Liss_rox Knight in Shining Armor

17th January 2006:
i luv snow white! itwa the first disney i eva watched! luved it! well done!

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Review #5, by blu_canine Knight in Shining Armor

29th October 2005:
It was lovely! I shall be off to read some more of your Ron/Hermione stories, but I think I've nearly read them all *Starts sobbing* Keep up writing!

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Review #6, by thebelltolls4thee Knight in Shining Armor

4th July 2005:
Really really good..... so cute..... I LOVED IT!!!

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Review #7, by splodge Knight in Shining Armor

24th May 2005:
It's pretty good but has a decided lack of hugs

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Review #8, by TomFeltonIsDeadSexy Knight in Shining Armor

24th April 2005:
great story i loved it. I mean we all need our knight in shinning armor don't we? good job and keep writing!

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Review #9, by Jacqui Knight in Shining Armor

30th January 2005:
AWWWWWWWWWW!!!! thats sooooooo cute!!!!

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Review #10, by reviewer101 Knight in Shining Armor

22nd December 2004:
gr8 job. my only advice: WRITE A SEQUEL!!!!! or at least another Ron/Hermione story! *sigh* they are SOOOO perfect together, if they would admit it!!!!

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Review #11, by Gredandforgerock01 Knight in Shining Armor

8th October 2004:
Ok this story was a little corny but I am the biggest ROn/Hermine shipper on this site so I iloved it ! two thumbs up!

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Review #12, by faz Knight in Shining Armor

4th October 2004:
one word.. awwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!! that was really cute ..wish i had a knight in shining armour lol! Good writing! Keep It Up!!!!!!!

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