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Review #1, by Niall Horan is AWESOME Introduction: Not. End. Zip. Blah

3rd January 2013:
wow. that was so cool, there is alot of voice, i sound like my teacher eeew.

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Review #2, by kirstenalanna Chapter Seven: Bonding

18th February 2011:
Brilliant! I want them to fall in love. And to see Faye open up and be vulnerable for once

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Review #3, by kirstenalanna Chapter Four: Pranking the Marauders

18th February 2011:
How long are the pranks going to last? Is Sirius and Faye going to get together?

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Review #4, by kirstenalanna Introduction: Not. End. Zip. Blah

18th February 2011:
Good Chapter. Is this a story dealing with characters overcoming abuse, or will Faye be really detached from her emotions?'re banner isn't working either. I'm not sure if you knew...

Good chapter! :)

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Review #5, by The Notoriu Chapter Twenty: The Calm Before the Storm

2nd November 2010:
I love this story so please update soon! I read all of the chapters in one day when I was sick and all I want to do is read some more so please update ur next chapter soon! :)

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Review #6, by The Notoriu Chapter Eleven: Complicated Apologies

2nd November 2010:
I love this story so much it just keeps getting better!!!

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Review #7, by The Notoriu Chapter Seven: Bonding

2nd November 2010:
This is such a good plot twist. I love it and it's so different and utterly hilarious. I cant wait to keep reading! :)

The Notoriu

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Review #8, by Lianna Oz Chapter Fourteen: Is It True?

1st June 2010:
hello again :D

just some things i noticed:

1. in an early chap Faye said that she hates cats and is more the dog person and that Fiona was the cat-person, but in this chap Faye says shes the cat-person

2. isn´t breaking down crying a little over the top? ^^

3. ...there was sth else i noticed that bothered me, cause it was told differently before, but of course i forgot what it was...

anyway, i love this story! keep up the good work!

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Review #9, by Lianna Oz Chapter Seven: Bonding

31st May 2010:
xD this bond thing is ridiculously great! xD i cant believe the prude profs let them sleep together in their time!
its hilarious! really brilliant *thumbs up*


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Review #10, by Lianna Oz Chapter Four: Pranking the Marauders

31st May 2010:
hullo there

soo..i hope you dont hate me by now, but I have another detail I found...

as Faye walgs into the boys dorm to get their underwear, it´s referred to as the Fifth-year-dorm.

it´s sixth-year, right?

but anyway great chap :D

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Review #11, by Lianna Oz Chapter Two: Enemies and Friends

31st May 2010:
hey again!
sooo, did Fiona change houses over night? because in chap 2 she was sorted into Hufflepuff and now she´s a Ravenclaw. Thought I should mention it to you ;)


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Review #12, by Lianna Oz Chapter One: From Old to New

31st May 2010:
hey there! great story so far, am lookin forward to the rest.

why did you make Arabella Figg a witch? and one Lilys age? (no complains here, just asking^^)

i was alittle confused with the sorting. this:

"Now, back to business…hm…. Oh my, what is this? I haven’t heard of one in centuries! I think Slytherin might be the best choice after all… No? Not Slytherin? What was that? Gryffindor? Oh all right, if you’re sure… GRYFFINDOR!”"

because, first you write down the dialogue with Faye and the hat, and here it´s just the hat...answering to sth...but nobody´s talking(or thinking..)

well, I believe that this "Oh my, what is this? I haven’t heard of one in centuries!" will be explained later, so I´m not asking what it´s about.

next chap, here I come! Who
lg from germany

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Review #13, by Lallen Chapter Seven: Bonding

10th March 2010:
I Love the bond idea, it's so awesome lol can't wait to see what happens!!! x

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Review #14, by Mica Chapter Twenty: The Calm Before the Storm

13th October 2009:
I cannot believe you did this. It was going so well, and then you ended it!! You had me hooked, and then you sucker-punched me by ending it at a cliff-hanger!!
You must continue!

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Review #15, by Liisarr Chapter Thirteen: More Problems

29th August 2009:
This is simply the funniest chapter I think I have ever read! I can just imagine them all breaking down and crying... and it's blimmin' hilarious!

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Review #16, by ravenclawstar Chapter Fourteen: Is It True?

21st June 2009:
this chapter was soo funny! i nearly died of laughter!!! great job!

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Review #17, by ravenclawstar Chapter Four: Pranking the Marauders

21st June 2009:
that was sooo funny! hilarious! i loved the verses!11

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Review #18, by alongtheway Chapter Two: Enemies and Friends

21st June 2009:
hey, you have a mistake in the beginning of this chapter. you ended the last one with fiona in hufflepuff and now you have her at the ravenclaw table. did you mean to do that?

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Review #19, by CaSurferGrl Chapter Ten: Breaking Apart at Last

17th June 2009:
Dun dun dun. Well I truely like this story. So I'm gunna keep reading

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Review #20, by CaSurferGrl Chapter Four: Pranking the Marauders

15th June 2009:
Oh dear lord! This story is so funny. The pranks are amazing! Ahhh they are so funny to read. I'm totally jealous of your skills :)

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Review #21, by Jessabelle Chapter Seven: Bonding

9th May 2009:
HA HA HA!! I love it!!
This is great~
I love random plot-twists.

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Review #22, by Jessabelle Chapter Three: Snapping

8th May 2009:
Whats up with the sunburn thing?

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Review #23, by crazy muggle Chapter Twenty: The Calm Before the Storm

21st December 2008:
what? are u in a hurry to get this story done with? coz the story ain't over as i see it.c'mon at least add a sequel.. pleezz..i'd hate to end it this way

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Review #24, by vampire girl 1944 Chapter One: From Old to New

3rd November 2008:
Well, you get my point. lol.
Very nice plot and dialogue. I love it!


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Review #25, by RainPrincess Chapter Seven: Bonding

8th April 2008:
bonding: easy way to get them to kiss LOL
also funny when he fall off the bed hehe
I feel sad for him though
how can faye resist sirius sexiness??

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