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Review #1, by Crazy_one The Sorting

8th August 2010:
just as surprised as Hagrid, and far more nervous. - i think id be rather nervous too if someone as big as Hagrid walked up to me in a creepy manner.

Bloody Hell, Mark whispered to Hailey - nice to see Ron has rubbed off on his son.

you would do well in Ravenclaw, perhaps….It would make you smarter - i thought people were put into Ravenclaw because they were already smart, not so that they could become smart...

I mean, she’d never make it in Ravenclaw - you calling her dumb? thats not very nice.

If you knew Hailey the way we do, you would know better! - what is it with you people? does she really seem stupid to you? a little insane about the dreams...that would be understandable. but calling her stupid? come on.

Professor Remus Lupin, Defense Against the Dark arts, Deputy Headmaster, and head of Gryffindor house - so not only is the werewolf back to teaching, he is in high authority. i like. i also like how Deputy Headmaster and head of Gryffindor are like a package, since they got passed on together.

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Review #2, by Crazy_one Kieran Morris

8th August 2010:
And, there was something else… - hmmm... that sounds oddly like: BUT WAIT, THERES MORE!! in more of a calmer, less shouting, and more creepy feelings sort of way.

And all I really know so far is what Ive read in my books. - of course, depending on what books he read about magic, he might just not know anything at all.

All this time, she had tried to figure out some kind of literal or figurative meaning behind the dreams - well, i think it is safe to say you have found literal meaning. unless, of course, this boy is really a figment of your imagination, in which case it wouldnt be. of course, you could just be having another dream.

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Review #3, by peggy The Dreams

15th July 2010:
read the entire story, all chapters! this was great! thanks alot, I am going to see what else you have written. please keep writing.

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Review #4, by haileythefan Epilogue

12th May 2008:
I read this story because my name happens to be Hailey then I also know a keiran, so I thought htat was funny great story!

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Review #5, by rwpsycho The Dreams

22nd March 2008:
OH, wow, that was great. The Luna/Harry relationship always interests me...lol really cool...

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Review #6, by Richard The Dreams

24th January 2008:
I like your idea of having harry and luna together. i think that this book will be interesting. after all, if hailey inherited things from luna and harry, that will be interesting

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Review #7, by MrsMarkDeRosa Hailey and Mark

27th November 2007:
i like it:) though i always feel weird reviewing a story that has already been completed. oh well. good job!

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Review #8, by Black fan Epilogue

26th November 2007:
I absolutely loved it! I can't wait to read the sequal!

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Review #9, by Stella The Dreams

10th November 2007:
Its a bit boring
but i think i will soon get engrossed in it!
i just read the 1st chapter!

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Review #10, by mrslaura See No Evil

28th September 2007:
hello there
your story is great!!!
btw I found a mistake-thought that you would like to know. You named the Potions teacher Snape in one sentence instead of Aubrey

'Hailey and Kieran decided to pack since they were going to be far too busy with Snape the next evening to have time to get their things together. '

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Review #11, by everdreams Epilogue

3rd February 2007:
Awesome. Good job!!

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Review #12, by everdreams Trick Or Treat?

30th January 2007:
Rating: 10/10. I would give it more if I could. Really! It rocks. I love it so much!! I'll review again after I finish reading it. I know you wrote a sequel, but could you please write more??? Like 5 more parts until she finishes Hogwarts??~everdreams

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Review #13, by KenTaurus Epilogue

4th November 2006:
I enjoyed your story very much. This is the first time I have read Fanfic and this story was recommended to me. It is interesting that Fanfic gives the new author established background and characters that the reader is already familiar with so the new author can concentrate on plot, pace, new characters and such.In these areas you did excellent. I liked your characters - very personable, and the plot was great. I liked the use of the astronomical names as a clue as I have an interest in Astronomy myself. The pace of story was well metered and it kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next, this I beleive is difficult to do. You were able to spring surprises on me which is not easy to do, even for JKR, and that impressed me!
If I were to pick fault with the plot it would be that I did not quite think that the logic behind the malfoys idea to lure Hailey and be sure that Keiren would follow, considering they really didn't know that they were connected in thought and feeling, rang true.

This might be nit-picking. Anyway great work and I am going to start on your next story. I can't wait to see were you are going next ;-)

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Review #14, by Bran_Stark Epilogue

26th October 2006:
This was great.

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Review #15, by la la lexi Epilogue

28th September 2006:
hey!! i love this story! it's really good and i can tell that you put a lot of thought and work into it. i loved the plot and i loved hailey. amazing story! you shine, chica!
stay cool
hey if ya want to, check out my brand new story! it's a lily/james fic. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing.I'm sorry I didn't answer you sooner. Unfortunately, I've had some computer issues and writers block, so I haven't been on here lately. I appreciate the feedback. I just posted ch 26 and it should be up soon. :)

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Review #16, by anjano1st Amateur Detectives

7th September 2006:
this sto9ry is brill im guessing at this point that haily and kerin are like twins or summit

Author's Response: Thanks for reivewing. There is a family connection between them, but its not what you might think. I hope you'll keep reading. :)

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Review #17, by Kouken the Epithet Epilogue

27th August 2006:
really great story i can't wait to read the next one

Author's Response: Thanks. I Just updated the latest one, and I'm hoping to finish it up soon. I appreciate the review and I hope you'll keep reading.

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Review #18, by loony4luna Christmas Surprises

30th June 2006:
Did Percy get anything for hailey? If so what?
anywho, I like the story!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. No, Percy didn't give Hailey anything, because he didn't have anything to gain from it. He was trying to impress his family, particularly Mark so that he could use him.

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Review #19, by sheila1990 Epilogue

20th June 2006:
its great

Author's Response: Thanks so much. :) I'm going to put the next ch out really soon, and I hope you'll keep reading.

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Review #20, by Wyrm Epilogue

11th May 2006:
very nicely done - a couple of things stand out that you did especially well
a. even though set in the future, you add a bunch whiz bang new technology issues
b. Percy was well done - I have always thought he wasn't such a horrible git after all

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you like it. I was hoping in book 6 Percy might redeem himself, but I think he makes a good villain. :) I really appreciate the review.

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Review #21, by chessscout Epilogue

6th May 2006:
This is a fantastic story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you liked it and I hope you'll keep reading. :)

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Review #22, by Princess_Potter Epilogue

12th April 2006:

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm working on the 2nd story now, and I hope you'll keep reading.

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Review #23, by Stealth Wizard The Dreams

17th March 2006:
Interesting start. I too like the pairing of Harry and Luna!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. I'm glad you like it. I decided to put Harry and Luna together, because I love Luna, and because I didn't want to put Harry with Ginny because I didn't want Hailey to be related to the Weasleys for the purpose of this story. :)

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Review #24, by Wiccan_child The Dreams

1st February 2006:
that was great. i really like the idea of harry potter and luna lovegood getting married. i have nothing bad to say about it at all.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing I appreciate it. i'm glad you like it and I hope you'll read the rest! :)

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Review #25, by pottergirl13 Epilogue

28th December 2005:
this is a great story!!! u r such a good writer!!! i cant wait for it to continue!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reading and reviewing; I really appreciate it. Hope you'll read my other story, which is the sequel. :)

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