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Review #1, by hogwartsgirlhg Charms and Chow

27th August 2005:
that was ok

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Review #2, by Samara Charms and Chow

1st April 2005:
I like this! Plizz continue!! Pretty plizz? =D

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Review #3, by tru I Told You So

21st January 2005:
love it keep writing

Author's Response: thanx so much... as long as people review, i write!

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Review #4, by tru Charms and Chow

21st January 2005:
great story please continue

Author's Response: i will!

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Review #5, by The Madam Charms and Chow

1st January 2005:
Weeeeeeeeee! You never showed me the other half of this chapter! Luv, Your lil' sis

Author's Response: Weirdo.

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Review #6, by Marauder4eva Stupid

6th October 2004:
Totally spelling error back there ;) I don't sense reviews, I send them. And I don't send revfiews either... I was getting all jumbled...

Author's Response: Tee hee..... I do that all the time!

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Review #7, by Marauder4eva Stupid

6th October 2004:
Love the story- hope you update soon. I know everyone else is probably all "Get them together soon!" but I think the best part is when Lily keps turning him down and he gets all sad until she suddenly discovers that she actually wants him. Not that it should drag on. But it should take some time. Anyway, I'm all rambling now, so hope you update soon. Great story. (I've already said all this...) Anyway... This is the most confusing revfiew I've ever sense so you should be honoured ;) Just kidding. Marauder4eva.

Author's Response: Wow, I am honored! Thanks so much for reviewing... it means a lot to me! Don't you worry, Lily and James are gonna get together soon... once I can write, that is. I swear, the purpose of school is to take away every spare moment you MIGHT even have!!! Sorry, I'm venting.... Thanks again! ~Allyson

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Review #8, by Amanda Welcome Back

5th October 2004:
MWA HA HA HA HA! Me loves this! (Don't mind that I talk like Cookie Monster.) Love your crazy lil sis. LOL P.S. I give it an A +++++++++++++++++! (a.k.a. a 10)

Author's Response: Whatever.

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Review #9, by emo mist Stupid

4th October 2004:
Bravo. I really like your story. I updated I'd do anything by the way.Keep up the good work -Emo

Author's Response: Wow, I got a bravo! I think that's Italian! Tee hee! Thanks alot. I'll be sure to check your coolio story out soon!

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Review #10, by potterishotter Stupid

27th September 2004:
first of al li wanted to say thanks for your review on my story! hehe your story is great! you gotts make james and lily get together! hehe keep up the good work!!! cant wait till the chapter is up!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! i HEART reviews! And of COURSE Lily and James are gonna get together! Do you think I am crazy or something? Hehe! Thanx again!!! Keep reading (I'll update soon...)

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