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Review #1, by SummerWind A letter to Sirius

7th January 2010:
Oh...that's sad...but very sweet, I think that you could probably make it a bit longe, lengthen the letter or add in extra flashbacks..
but it's still quite good

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Review #2, by Rica A letter to Sirius

23rd April 2008:
Really beautiful. The emotion is conveyed extremely well. I really felt like crying, and it reminds me of events in my own life. His feelings come across very real and deep.
Sirius is my favorite character. He was always loyal and strong, and unfortunately horrendously misunderstood. His suffering was drawn out the longest. (Except for maybe Remus who had to think all his friends abandoned him.)
These lines especially really hit home, "but he felt like he didn’t belong to them" and "He couldn’t shake off the feeling that he was all alone now". Beautiful job!

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Review #3, by Sal1705 A letter to Sirius

20th December 2007:
Great Story, Write more slash with more funny random things in them!

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Review #4, by wired2damoon A letter to Sirius

9th December 2006:
wow...again pure heart-warming excellence!! Well done to you!! I really, really enjoyed this fic and your last one so basically I think the same as I wrote on your last fic so ya know well done and you probably read my other review so all things said this was excellent too!! Well done! 10! going in my faves as well!! ~wired2damoon~

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Review #5, by the one A letter to Sirius

20th February 2006:
that was really nice its just to bad it was so short

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Review #6, by EmilyBlack A letter to Sirius

3rd January 2006:
very good ! it made me cry !!! PADFOOT LIVES ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by Secret_Thinkers1_2 A letter to Sirius

6th October 2005:
wait...sirius and

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Review #8, by erinpotter A letter to Sirius

2nd August 2005:
i really cant believe you put sirius black and remus lupin its really weird and im sorry to say...slightly perverted. anyway, thats not why im posting. im posting because i think you have an excellent style of writing and i think you should write more. just no gay sirius? please!!

Author's Response: i really cant believe you put sirius black and remus lupin Hey, all the cool kids are doing it. :P Sorry if you don't like it. Thanks for reviewing, you just made my day telling me I have an exellent writing style! :D

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Review #9, by TiGZ Tar A letter to Sirius

17th July 2005:
Really good so keep at your RL/SB slashes they work for you ;-)

Author's Response: Thanks :D

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Review #10, by kiersten_potter A letter to Sirius

16th June 2005:
eww gross sirius is not gay!!!

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Review #11, by Lucid A letter to Sirius

8th June 2005:
This is a nice snippet of what Remus might have felt. I like the idea of the stolen kiss. I think it could have used more description but its a lovelty premise :D

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Review #12, by Tanya A letter to Sirius

31st March 2005:
hmmmm...ok but i dont exactly like the idea of my 2 fave characters being gay lol :S anyway, carry on writing

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Review #13, by <>MidnightStar<> A letter to Sirius

15th March 2005:
It was. . . intresting. It was a little short. But good still. lol

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Review #14, by Chelz Potter A letter to Sirius

24th November 2004:
I really like this story. Sad but good all in one.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! :D And thank you for reviewing!

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Review #15, by pheobepatil A letter to Sirius

22nd November 2004:
lat was sooo sweet!

Author's Response: Thanks :) I was really nervous about posting this, I'm glad I'm getting positive reviews.

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Review #16, by Deadly_sins_Snape A letter to Sirius

26th September 2004:
I agree, it was really cute! i loved that story!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D

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Review #17, by o0o_MoonyGirl_o0o A letter to Sirius

26th September 2004:
That was cute... and sad. Good work!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks! :)

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