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Review #1, by m.lawson The Plan

30th December 2005:
o this story is way cool. plz update soon coz i wont 2 no if harry will b able 2 tell mione or not

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Review #2, by hermoines lover The Plan

18th November 2005:
update a brill story HARRY ADMIT IT TO HERMOINE MAN YOU .LOVE.HER bye the way updat soon and you are an amazing writer ya know

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Review #3, by Stargazer The Call

22nd August 2005:
Eve, why havent you updated? Its been like 2 or 3 months, you must have some more ideas.

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Review #4, by danfan4ever The Plan

31st May 2005:
Great story so far! Can't wait for more, so please update soon!

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Review #5, by may The Plan

28th May 2005:
update soon plz...

Author's Response: I'll try. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #6, by Miss Darling The Plan

20th May 2005:
Thank you, I have been getting online almost every day yet I didn't know you updated, this is the first time I've checked in so long. I have to read it now though, I had to get a review in to thank you so thanks. Please update, and I'll check frequently now. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad to know you wanted to read my story this much. Thank you for reviewing. I appreciate it.

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Review #7, by Stargazer The Plan

19th May 2005:
I LOVE THE WORD MINGLE!!! Thjey better not cook....they'll make everyone puke! Post quickly please! oh yeah awesome chapers.

Author's Response: Thanks, and you'll see what will happen...

Author's Response: Thanks, and you'll see what will happen...

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Review #8, by Sta The Plan

16th May 2005:
Whats up with you and hormones ??

Author's Response: Lol. I dunno. Thanks for the review though.

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Review #9, by Stargazer New Beginnings

16th May 2005:
It never said that Harry had asked Hermione to sleep on him bed. Classes on a Saturday? Vampire puss? Gross. Monte? Only you Eve.

Author's Response: It should of. And yes, vampire puss. And what does Monte mean? Thanks for reviewing though.

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Review #10, by Stargazer Rough Return

16th May 2005:
Oooo Harry getting out of a bath with Hermione right there, You expect Hermione not to look? Any girl in their right mind would look. Hermione not look? Yeah right! Thats what you want us to think , but I know what Hermione and you were thinking...hehehe

Author's Response: Evill.... Thanks for the review though, Johanna.

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Review #11, by CBP8807 The Plan

14th May 2005:
this is a really good story!! please update soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks, and I'll try.

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Review #12, by hpfan The Plan

13th May 2005:
wow after all this waiting i was really suprised when i saw the updates! these chapters are amazing. plz post the next chapter soon! i wanna find out wat happens at the party!

Author's Response: Don't worry, I'll be sure to update ASAP! Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #13, by chichi626 New Beginnings

12th May 2005:
what happened to chapter four?? great story so far!!

Author's Response: I'm not sure--I'll check. Thanks for the review.

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Review #14, by kaden Love's Disarray

5th May 2005:

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Review #15, by Stargazer The Call

2nd May 2005:
Eve, Erick says that hes gonna kill you, dont listen to him cuz its all bull

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Review #16, by stargazer The Call

28th April 2005:
hi eve . im in ms. almara's computer class. shes not here . Yay! either way im bored ..........when are you going to update?

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Review #17, by Priscilla Love's Disarray

14th April 2005:
Next chapter please. Youre really good at writing.

Author's Response: I'm trying very hard to get them posted. Perhaps there will be a surprise in store with my next update--though I shan't spoil it. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by hey Love's Disarray

20th March 2005:
omg omg omg omg omg omg omg you got to keep on writting more, i luv this story soooooooooooo much, ur an awesome writer!!!!!

Author's Response: :) Thanks, lol. Thanks for the review. I'm hoping to get the next chapter in soon. ~Hpfan_15

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Review #19, by Stargazer The Call

19th March 2005:
do you really like my story? tell me how to post it

Author's Response: I'll tell you by contacting you, not through a review.

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Review #20, by Stargazer The Call

14th March 2005:
I quote: Hubby? Hubby rhymes with cubby. I like cubies. end quote. eve thats one of the most retarded things you have said

Author's Response: I like hubby, okay. Shut up and stop leaving stupid reviews, or else.

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Review #21, by Lady Autumn The Call

12th March 2005:
This was a good story , keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate your feedback. ~Hpfan

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Review #22, by Stargazer The Call

6th March 2005:
Youre mean(I know , I know you never said you were the nicest person)

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Review #23, by Stargazer The Call

4th March 2005:
Oh yeah , Im not telling u

Author's Response: shut up

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Review #24, by Stargazer The Call

4th March 2005:
One I am NOT i repeat NOt joe . Even, hahaha how do u like ur nickname??(Its Even)

Author's Response: shut up

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Review #25, by Stargazer The Call

4th March 2005:
Hey Evey , I know something about harry potter that u dont hahaha.... Im so evil, no wait thats you , Evil

Author's Response: yeah, whatever. then what is it Joe? MUAHAHAHA.P.S. stop sending stupid reviews, stupid!

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