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Review #1, by Veggyperson Chapter 1

5th November 2012:
Bwahahah. My names Libby and my brothers name happened to be matt. Funny.

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Review #2, by Sainteth Chapter 12

17th December 2005:
This is a pretty good fic...Ilike it...can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: like "A Tale in the Fuedal Era", i had lost interest, but i'll try again.

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Review #3, by Sainteth Chapter 8

17th December 2005:
Oh, I liked the ending of that chapter!!!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #4, by nomikkin Chapter 6

23rd December 2004:
nice ending, but in the middle i tended to get a little bit confused. how could they be nearly there when they had only been talking for, as i had read and as i felt, a few minutes. try to put in that they talked for a long while or that it took them a while to get the guts to talk to each other. just some suggestions. :) keep up the good work though.

Author's Response: oh, ok. it was a mistake, really. i'll change it. thanx for reviewing!

Author's Response: ok, i added a little more than i thought that i would, but i think it sounds good.

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Review #5, by nomikkin Chapter 5

23rd December 2004:
i liked it. it was simple, but i do suggest a little more detail here and there, such as what some of people look like, not all, but some, just a few features to round out the character. other than that, it's good. :)

Author's Response: ok, thanx! i'm glad you like it!

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Review #6, by Cowgirl_Kisses Chapter 1

20th November 2004:
I'm just wondering, have you ever read the book West Agenst The Wind? lol sorry i guess your story reminds me of that book.

Author's Response: it is ok. no, i have never read that book. thanx for reviewing!

Author's Response: i actually based it off of Sango and her brother from InuYasha.

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Review #7, by Lisa90Black Chapter 4

7th November 2004:
I like the story, it's interesting! :) Like the OC characters too! Post more soon, please!

Author's Response: ok, thanx! i'm glad someone else reviewed besides dwight.

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Review #8, by dwight Chapter 3

22nd October 2004:
i love this story

Author's Response: thanx, dwight!

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Review #9, by dwight Chapter 2

3rd October 2004:
omg i love this story its so detailed i love it

Author's Response: well, i'm glad someone has reviewed it, at least.

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