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Review #1, by Isa_bell Like or Love?

17th June 2009:
The story was good, but could have been better. Maybe you could have included more romance between Hermione and Draco and a bit more drama to go with it. I didn't really feel what the characters felt. For a story to be really good, the person reading the story has to feel what the characters feel. And also they story was a bit rushed, especially towards the end. Just a little advise. Over it all though it was good!

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Review #2, by sparkle15 Like or Love?

21st January 2008:
Aww! I'm so glad he chose Hermione! It would've been heart breaking otherwise.

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you liked it!

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Review #3, by Your Favorite Spainish Buddy Like or Love?

22nd December 2006:
oh this is crap it wont let me review while signed on. oh well just dropping by to say that now that your done with sports for awhile that you should take up writing again!! you know god forbide you write a more serious story or use some of your experiences in your work... and haha i notice that you still cheak your review so i KNOW your reading this right now and you know im right!!! mu-wahahaha and plus if my lazy injuryed butt is managing to crank out a chapter for my new story now and then im sure you could too!

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Review #4, by the_afterglow Like or Love?

7th November 2006:
like or love? I love it, sweet, fluffy, gorgeous!
but it's missing something.i'm not sure what, though

Author's Response: i know wat u mean, i'll keep that in mind on future stories. thnaks for the review!

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Review #5, by xdarkestxsecretsx Like or Love?

3rd September 2006:
I think the story over all had a steady pace..I liked it..however right when we get to the juicy stuff the L bomb is dropped and BAM finished story. It kinda made me sad I was hoping for more. Over all tho I liked it.
kiss Tasha

Author's Response: yeah, i had to do the big bad L bomb. i had to finish the story b/c even i was getting bored wit it lol. i pry should have got to the meat of the story sooner and actually had a peak insted of a big climax then the end like u said. thanks for the great review!!*big hug* lveos

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Review #6, by poetrygirl2121 Like or Love?

31st October 2005:
I liked it, the end was very. . .intense.

Author's Response: = ), thanks, that's a good word for it, if there is any lol.

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Review #7, by Isabel Like or Love?

30th October 2005:
I really enjoyed your story!! Very original compared to others i have read. I hope o read more of your FFs in the furure. You have a wonderful talent at writing and should continue. Good luck in future stories!

Author's Response: thank you! i've been dying for a review like this. it makes me feel special(and not just special ed) lol, sry, i'm in a sarcasticly funny type mood. thanx for R/R!!

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Review #8, by stars182 Like or Love?

28th October 2005:
uhhh... its a nice story, but I think you rushed everything.

Author's Response: yeah, i guess i kinda did. i really wanted to end that story so i could start on another one. i hate have two stories going at the same time(i usually end up deleting one) thanx for the review!

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Review #9, by dakota Like or Love?

15th October 2005:
it was a pretty good story ,short but sweet i liked it but thought that harry and Fiona should have been together because it would have been cute.

Author's Response: thanx for the feedback. i love these kind of reviews(though any review is great!) i didn't really think of harry and fiona though, thanks for the idea!

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Review #10, by jessica Like or Love?

5th August 2005:
I liked the story but the ending seemed too abrupt, like it happened out of nowhere

Author's Response: yeah, i guess ur right. i get tired of stories too easily, and don't know how in the world i could continue them. i try to think of a good way to end it without being too abrupt, but i obviously didn't do so well here. thanx for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #11, by _alechia_ Questions

24th July 2005:
i like the plot but you really need a beta to read and correct your work before you submit it because the spelling and grammar mistakes are annoying.

Author's Response: ok, thanx for the tip! appreciate it

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Review #12, by a_broken_puzzle_piece Like or Love?

18th July 2005:
omg, i loved this story soooooo much! and it took me forever to find it b/c i read it, then never got to finish it, so i was sooo siked when i found it and it was finished! i think that you should totally do a sequal to this story! that would be so hott you have no idea! we keep up the good work! great story!

Author's Response: thank you soo much!! this tells me that i didn't completely waste my time writing this. i don't know if i could make it work for a sequel........maybe if i just tried, huh? lol, thanx for reviewing!!!

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Review #13, by Mina Like or Love?

4th July 2005:
Awsome, I wish there was more! Seven books really isn't enough is it?

Author's Response: lol, nope! thanx for reviewing

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Review #14, by ginny_lover Like or Love?

13th June 2005:
Well, thanks for your review, and I'm sorry you're not going to read any more of my story. I understand, however, that it's a bit hard to follow. Good luck with other stories you write and thanks again for your review.

Author's Response: thanx for ur review too. i hope my suggestions helped and good luck to u also!

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Review #15, by ginny_lover Like or Love?

10th June 2005:
Take as much time as you need.

Author's Response: thanx

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Review #16, by ginny_lover Like or Love?

8th June 2005:
Alright, thanks.

Author's Response: ok

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Review #17, by ginny_lover Like or Love?

5th June 2005:
You based the new characters around you and your friends? I done something of the sort with my main character-I based him around me, with a few key differences.

Author's Response: lol, yeah, i didn't know who else to base them on besides the peoploe around me. they're who i know best.

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Review #18, by ginny_lover Like or Love?

5th June 2005:
The final chapter was great! That was emotional, and I really got into it. I loved it, I really did! Now, you have to review my story, still under construction-all chapters of it-or just one big review, I don't mind.

Author's Response: thank you! this has been great, and i'm still working on finishing reading ur story, idk if it'll be one big review or wat, but it will come!

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Review #19, by ginny_lover Questions

5th June 2005:
Wow. This is it; this is the end, lol. That line was from "Matrix Revolutions". Great chapter, of course.

Author's Response: lol, it's pretty close!

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Review #20, by ginny_lover The Party

5th June 2005:
The chapter was good, if a little confusing. How did the names change so quick (John to Lance)? Does he have two names or something? Just wanted to let you know.

Author's Response: o crap,thanx for telling me. i was kinda working with both names and guess never made a final decsion on which one to use. just pretend that it's the same person wit a nick name or something, lol

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Review #21, by ginny_lover More Intros

5th June 2005:
Ok, I'll be honest with you. Great chapter, again. I've always wanted to see Hermione in some kind of swimwear, lol.

Author's Response: omg! ur a perv! jk, lol. thanx for reveiwing!

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Review #22, by ginny_lover Introductions

5th June 2005:
Like, a dream sequence at the end, you mean? Anyway, great chapter, especially the characters, again. Draco and Harry do hate each other, I'm surprised you didn't have them get in a fistfight or something like that.

Author's Response: haha! idk if i had thought of that at the time that i wrote it, but's it a good thought! i was trying to be clever or something at the end, did u understand it ok?i hope u did. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #23, by ginny_lover Unexpected

5th June 2005:
I just wanted to say a line out of "The Matrix Reloaded". Sorry.

Author's Response: oic, and i am still reading that along wit all the other stories i like to read,so just think i've forgotten or something. my review will pry show up on later ch. i think i had to leave at ch. 4.

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Review #24, by ginny_lover Unexpected

5th June 2005:
That went as expected. It's happening just like before...well, not exactly. Great story, nonetheless.

Author's Response: wat do u mean it's happening just like before? thanx for doing this again!

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Review #25, by ginny_lover First Day of Work

5th June 2005:
I shall review this chapter if no one else will. Great chapter, but I thought Harry would be glad to see Draco working for Hermione, not upset.

Author's Response: well, i was kinda going for harry being mad to see draco period. being as they hate each other so much, harry would never be happy to see draco. plus he doesn't know that draco's there to work for hermione. thanx!

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