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Review #1, by Tomb Boy Chapter I

30th May 2007:
why did you abanden it? it's really good! i wanted to know what you ment by "is professor snape a perv"

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Review #2, by hermione Chapter I

14th May 2007:
WHy you abondone it its a good story

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Review #3, by Alex Chapter I

11th August 2005:
Nice chappy! ;) Update as soon a possible!

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Review #4, by AJ Chapter I

27th May 2005:
holy <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored!!! lol i like tghis story sry yes im a girl im aloud to like these things lol!!! up plz i gotta no wht hjappens!!!!!

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Review #5, by Amy Greenwood Chapter I

8th May 2005:
Cool story!

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Review #6, by gymmnky16 Chapter I

2nd October 2004:
what in the hell?!?!?!? lol.. thats all i can think or say about that!! is there gunna be more chapters?? cuz like yea buddy..

Author's Response: Heck yeah there are more.

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Review #7, by Amber Chapter I

24th September 2004:
That was really good... Congrats to you... This was one of the best ones I've ever read.... Go you!!!

Author's Response: Awww thanks!

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Review #8, by val Chapter I

22nd September 2004:
its definately ineresting

Author's Response: hehe thanks.

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Review #9, by Viva La Zam Chapter I

21st September 2004:
Geez, come on... One day! After only ONE DAY! That is a stupid way to end a chapter.

Author's Response: *raises eyebrow* :P

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Review #10, by dollparts Chapter I

20th September 2004:
stupid way to end a chapter, no offense, but seriously.

Author's Response: oh thanks.

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