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Reading Reviews for Cabin Fever
15 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Gryffindor Girl 912 Chapter 1

21st February 2008:
I don't understand, another sequel please...

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Review #2, by Shamoogrl101 Chapter 1

11th November 2007:
Ooh. sexy!
This is very well written. Interesting pairing. Loved it

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Review #3, by lizzie84 Chapter 1

15th September 2007:
hi it was a really fun story i really enjoy it. congratulation and please continue with this one i´m curious ok have fun

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Review #4, by RoNwEaSlEyIsHOT! Chapter 1

12th August 2007:
I liked it actually. But didn't get why you repeated the story. Was it a flashback or something? Are you gonna update more? I love the story! 10/10

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Review #5, by BlackPheonix138 Chapter 1

12th January 2006:
good but the story reapeates

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Review #6, by Christine Chapter 1

2nd January 2006:
How come you pasted your story twice? Anyway, I want more descriptions of the SEX.

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Review #7, by RiseAKnight Chapter 1

19th December 2005:
just finished the whole series...pretty good. although this story is repeated, like you copied and pasted it...was that an accident, or was there a purpose or what? just wondering...that's my onlt complaint...ttyl...bye

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Review #8, by piper wright Chapter 1

4th December 2005:
I think I should say this, but this story goes back to the beginning and I think you should fix this . I'm sorry I had to say that but it's true.

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Review #9, by NicksGrl89 Chapter 1

24th July 2005:
please update

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Review #10, by Riley 257 Chapter 1

17th July 2005:
LOVELY, please a sequel. GOOD LUCK.

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Review #11, by KitKat Chapter 1

2nd July 2005:
um,hun.....why'd you repete the story twice?!?!?!......awsome story though.....i like fred/Hermione stories....so...did they get home alright, what happened to the portkey to make that happen.....and WHERE WERE THEY?!?!?

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Review #12, by Lily Evans Chapter 1

10th June 2005:
Aww... sweet! So incredibly sweet. Well done. I loved this. Fred/Hermione rocks my world!

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Review #13, by malynnda_malfoy Chapter 1

23rd January 2005:
that was rather good.... was the story supposed to repeat all over again?

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Review #14, by Jordanna Chapter 1

6th January 2005:
why was it on here twice?

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Review #15, by Ladybug952 Chapter 1

26th December 2004:
That was really good! :) Can you pretty please make another one? You kind of didn't finish the story. I mean what happened after the kiss? Did they ever go on the date? Did the ever get out of the cabin? So please put out another Chapter please? = ) I know it probably seems like on one is read because you don't have that many reviews, but people are reading. So please put out anther chapter or I'll just e-mail and e-mail you because the website gives your e-mail address. So please???????? : D

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