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Review #1, by SadForSirius 1

7th October 2007:
Ha. That was adorable! : )

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Review #2, by i luv harry x3 1

12th June 2007:
um... nice. disgusting, a little confusing on one part, but nice

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Review #3, by Zaphira 1

26th January 2006:
No, no, it was sweet and funny! By the way (and this sounds really strange, given the meaning of the word) i think that 'wretched' is actually spelt 'retched' in this context. hehe, i thought it was funny when Lily thought 'i couldn't exactly kiss him could i?' when she was puking. =D yeh, i know i have a strange sense of humor!!!

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Review #4, by me 1

29th December 2005:

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Review #5, by Padfoots Girl 32 1

26th December 2005:
sweet funny no i don't think you're sick i just think lily is lol

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Review #6, by Lady Prongs 1

18th November 2005:
Uh, that was waaaaay too fast you make Lily like James in like a 2 day spand. From hating to in love in 2 days isn't going to happen. Sorry I must sound like a hpycrite but it is true. And trust me edit it! Mine was too fast too I got reviews telling me that just edit it make it flow more. Right now it has bumps and doesm't flow.

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Review #7, by destineez 1

5th November 2005:
good job

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Review #8, by Lilibet 1

30th October 2005:
Awh co cute! =O You should write a part 2!

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Review #9, by marisa 1

20th August 2005:
this is a sweet fic. though i do wonder where in the world you got the idea! you are a good writer. you should write more thing! ta

Author's Response: Dunno...

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Review #10, by amberg93 1

29th June 2005:
lol! very funneh and weird!

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Review #11, by Kerry 1

22nd June 2005:
Aww that was really good. I always love ti when boys stay nice and don't freak when you get sick. Loved it!

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Review #12, by potter's angel 1

6th May 2005:
it was so cute!! loved it. write more!

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Review #13, by mel 1

27th April 2005:
omg that's totally cute! if you would just like add on to it, it'd be like perfect!!

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Review #14, by lindsay 1

8th December 2004:
Great! I usually don't like personal POV but I liked that, keep writing!

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Review #15, by padfoot and prongs foreva 1

29th September 2004:
awww!!! i dont think u r sick at all...i loved it...its very sweet...pls rite more...lyl lyl

Author's Response: Again, I'm sorry, there's only one chapter, and thank you so much, I adore this story too. Loves ya for reviewing!

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Review #16, by lorien0590 1

22nd September 2004:
it's great! write more!

Author's Response: Sorry, only one chapter, but thanks! I love you for reviewing!

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