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Review #1, by AislinMorgan Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

5th November 2014:
This review will actually encompass the entire series (all 3 stories). I was hooked early in the story as the side story of Isabelle and her purpose in life were so well-written and well-thought out. Being able to tie all three stories together cohesively could not have been easy, but the end result is amazing. To the author, I think you're brilliant and hope that one day you'll complete the 2nd story since it is yet unfinished. Thank you for sharing this incredible journey!

Author's Response: There should be a completed version of the second book on this site. I was doing a brief re-write when I stopped and spent the next eight years obsessing, researching, and writing an original trilogy. Lately I've been writing fifty shades fan fictions for kicks on another site under the name amgomer

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Review #2, by Kirra Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

1st May 2014:
OH! MY! GOD! The whole series was AMAZING!

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed the stories. I haven't been on this site in years. I have recently been writing a spy novel revolving around Fifty Shades of Grey under penname amgomer. It doesn't contain any smut. Plus I have an original work, revolving around ancient astronaut theory called Guardians of Nam. Both are posted on fan fiction . net

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Review #3, by Finnishgiantess Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

30th April 2013:
Great story! I just noticed there were alot of spelling errors in names and curses.
Otherwise its amazing and i love it!!

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Review #4, by choir_monkey Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

30th December 2010:
awww! im sad its done! i love this story! its fantastic!

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Review #5, by Thewritingwitch Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

18th March 2010:
That was amazing I was constantly on the edge of my seat

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Review #6, by werewolfluvr11 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

22nd April 2009:
Your story made my cry... I was confused at first, but the I thought about your other story, I had read it before I knew about this one... but it makes complete sense... one question... neville's parents?? When did they get better??

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Review #7, by LoBass Parallel Lines

16th January 2009:
Such a complicated set of relationships, you must have a mind like a steel trap. Still a good story.
Note - 'laughed heartily', not 'laughed hardily'

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Review #8, by LoBass Back and Alberforth

16th January 2009:
Good story, but the word vile is really vial. Vile is something foul, vial is a small sealed tube or bottle.

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Review #9, by blondie0588 The Heart Finds A Way Home

28th November 2008:
I doubt I'll get an answer to this since this was posted so long ago.. but how can Sirius step on the property and Cassie can't???

Author's Response: My thought process was that it was Lily's love, a mothers love, that saved her son. If Harry bonded with Cassie and looked at her almost as a second mother, the bond would be broken.

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Review #10, by FirePhoenix86 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

16th May 2008:
Yo! Love your story, once again, wish it were longer! Maybe turn the thing into a trilogy with a super long Prequel?? Eh? Last story is the future where Isa and Sirius have 8 kids and Isa learns she needs to go into the past...and have the story cover Sirius's point of view. Well, it's just an idea. Love this whole story! Now i'm going to go work on mine. lol

(PS. my finals went great i got a 95/100 on my novels final, and let me tell you, Whew! weight off my mind, now more time for fan fiction! lol)

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Review #11, by CrazyForYou Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

24th October 2007:
wow!! i really loved reading your trilogy =)
you are an outstanding writer! keep it coming =)

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Review #12, by sinwillys822 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

2nd September 2007:
cute stories

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Review #13, by Valarie7505 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

27th May 2007:
didn't dumbeldore die though o wait let me guess you never really said that well w.e i luv this story aliong with prequel now im rreading the sequal to this! 10*10

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Review #14, by Zafira_Lupin Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

25th March 2007:
great story, it was incredibly wierd at first and i stopped reading it the first time but as u get further in it gets awesomer...is that a word...i dont think it is.
anyway, Jay is awesome i love him, and bella and isa swiching places was absolutely brilliant i was starting to wonder at first because there were so many clues but im sick so i come up with wierd things when i have a fever...
isa and sirius got back together! yeah!! the end battle was amazing and i loved it!! ron was a perfect charater and i liked u chose him instead of harry, everyone always choses harry...ginny going back in time was a cool idea cos she got 2 see tom when he was younger, u make the evil people seem not so wicked...
rOcK oN!!
P.S. finally download so 12 stones...they're pretty awesome...i also found out that paul mccoy was featured in Bring Me To Life by evanessance we've been trying to figure out who that was for a very long time!!

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Review #15, by Haunted_Lyra22 Parallel Lines

22nd March 2007:
wow...its not as weird now...great though, i can see the similarties in the writing style of this fic and the mischeif makers!
i hope tom choses the right side i really like how you make the evil (reg, tom) inot more civil and human like unlike some people who make them wicked to teh core!!
looking forward t2 more...should be sleeping...got work tomorrow..oh well
rOcK oN!!

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Review #16, by MarieRavenclaw Alchemy Revealed

3rd January 2007:
Does the fact that the philosophers' stone is Harry have any deeper meaning? You are a great author and i love your stories, but the entire idea of Harry and the philosopher's/sorcerers' stone are one and the same just confuses me.

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Review #17, by dracoharry_will_soon_be_mine Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

24th December 2006:
Ahh i think you should write more stories.this one was amazing.along with all its sequals

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Review #18, by marvellous_magic Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

15th December 2006:
In the words of Ronald Weasley "Bloody brilliant!".

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Review #19, by SiriuslylvnGrednFeorge17 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

9th December 2006:
OMG! that was such a good story. Now i have FINALLY finished the series. You are a great author and i love all of the Isa stories. 10/10

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Review #20, by sandy_m2k2 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

6th December 2006:
some mismatch in the info between the two buks..in the first it says elliot was the name of harry's grandpa..in the sec i think it is different..just sruck me to let u know

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Review #21, by dracoharry_will_soon_be_mine Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

17th September 2006:
I would just like to say that this is the greatest story/ sequals ever

i really enjoyed reading about it.....hope you contiune to post new stories!!

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Review #22, by Saffron Taeu Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

4th September 2006:
That was wonderful! This is the 3rd time ive read this fanfic and i have to say i just LOVE your fanfics! Pleases keep writing cuz i know a lot of other people out there love your stories too! Im sorry for any typos i made or will make and i want to wish you good luck! Personally, the prequel was my favorite but this fanfic is really good too. Keep up the good work and long chapters! In a scale 1-10, 10 being fantastic, i give you a ten!

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Review #23, by 0 Things That Go Pop In the Night

14th August 2006:
McGonigal who is dis

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Review #24, by SiriuslylvnSirius25 Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

12th August 2006:
I LOVED IT!! I KNEW IT WAS KINGSLEY!! HAHAHA. Anyway...it made me sad. Dev was only mentioned once and he was my fav. from Mischief Makers and the Quest for Self. but oh well. Ur a great writer!!!

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Review #25, by dark_beginnings Mischief Managed (rev 10-13-05)

28th June 2006:
WOOT!!! Great story =D yayyy


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