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Review #1, by Draco is sexy! Someday

19th December 2008:

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Review #2, by LordNemesis I Guess It's Luck

3rd September 2007:
Ok you have to finsh this and it better be a good finsh the only people I want to die in this is Drocos father and All the the ones hurtting eveyone in the story O and I guess Ron and Hazelle can stay togther if he gets his act stright. So far the story is will I cant rate it it goses from a 7 to a 2 so fast I cant seem to judge so far its not a 10. Sorry.

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Review #3, by PunkEmo50011489 Wisdom Always Chooses

19th June 2007:

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Review #4, by PunkEmo50011489 Don't Know Who I'm Kidding, Imagining You Care

19th June 2007:
U GET A 10

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Review #5, by purplepunkpixie I Guess It's Luck

9th May 2007:
luv the story sooo much. but where r all of the updates? i miss the updates! please updaet a new chapter soon casue i am sic of waiting.

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Review #6, by CrimsonEmeralds I Guess It's Luck

2nd May 2007:
Okie dokie ;D That was good, update soon!

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Review #7, by CrimsonEmeralds Avoiding the Spots

2nd May 2007:
Sounds cool i'll keep reading ^__^

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Review #8, by Babette She'll Never Know

27th February 2007:
Wow, this is so stupid!! They totally are so Urgh!!! Well hope Ron hasthe right feeling's for her cuse if not she is in for a crazy, Cruel ride! I like the cute scene's with Hermmone and Dragon, so they are together and happy, but Draco should really stop with the stupid name thing, if he is trying to keep his image 'specklace' then he shouldn't call her names but just not be so mean to her, like just something. I mean he and Harry were being civil so waht's the problem?? I mean that was public and well
they must've been going at it for quite awhile, so Hmm...urgh, I hate Ron for being such a jerk to Saren.

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Review #9, by Babette Anticipation

27th February 2007:
Wow, Ronald Weasely??!! Waht have u done to him?? Okay, I never liked
him but also never thought he'd goig this far for him to actually go bad!!
So Draco and Hermioone got back to normal?! Well I've got o hand it to yah, this story is agreat piece of work!! And later I'll read rest. Love the
drama, it makes this story standout.

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Review #10, by Babette Avoiding the Spots

27th February 2007:
Wow, u r really harsh, I mean what could have possibly happen forhem to act this way to each other?? I would love to read all and maybe review all too, but u've got to make them long there the best kind, well
accept for the love and passionate, u know sex-y ones.

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Review #11, by PennyH I Guess It's Luck

2nd January 2007:
UPDATE! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! i've been waiting forever for you to update! and i'm sure many others as well! PLEASE! I LOVE your story by the GREAT..i've already read both the first one and this one UPDATE ASAP! or SOONER!


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Review #12, by Tomb Boy Something Is Changing

23rd December 2006:
It's an awesome story so far. And to answer your question about Blaise's last name it's Zabini.

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Review #13, by shaq. I Guess It's Luck

13th November 2006:
Are you ever going to update, i've been waiting for forever and a day. Please hurry.10/10

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Review #14, by sam I Guess It's Luck

4th September 2006:
are you vever going to update i've read this a million times please finish the story. its really good

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Review #15, by Felton_lover I Guess It's Luck

30th July 2006:
it been ages since u updated..

where have u gone

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Review #16, by sam I Guess It's Luck

29th July 2006:
Could you please like, I dont know hurry up with the next chapter? I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to read what happens. Hurry and update pleeeeaaaaassssse!!! I love the story so far.

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Review #17, by InnoCeNT_aNGeL I Guess It's Luck

27th June 2006:
I hope you update soon.....i'm really into this story cuz you're such a great UPDATE!!!^_^

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Review #18, by beccazsue I Guess It's Luck

26th March 2006:
Please write more u r such a good writer i can't wait till ur next chapter

Author's Response: im so glad you think so, i'm having like the hardest time writing right now. im so stressed. I'M SO SORRY, but i'll finish as soon as possible

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Review #19, by miabia. I Guess It's Luck

13th March 2006:
agh. update ASAP. :DD

Author's Response: im worrrking on it lol

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Review #20, by Michelle We Don't Seem To Agree.

12th March 2006:
Okay, Just a quick question. Why the hell dont they go to Dumbledore and get Ron expelled?! Hermione is supposed to be this super strict rule follower so wouldnt it have to occured to her already?!

Author's Response: this is true, but honestly. like, if you were abused, and you had been threatened a million and seventeen times, would you honestly be in the right mind to get yourself deeper into something that you were just trying to get the fck out of? :) i hope this answers your quick question. oh and, it would ruin the story as well. ;)

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Review #21, by 1majbubba I Guess It's Luck

4th March 2006:
Please hurry!!!! I must read more!!!!!

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Review #22, by Weffles I Guess It's Luck

26th February 2006:
Please keep writing! This is good!

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Review #23, by 1majbubba I Guess It's Luck

24th February 2006:
you gotta hurry and finish!!!!! please!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: I`M TYPING IT RIIIGHT NOW. lol.

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Review #24, by 1majbubba Secrets

24th February 2006:

Author's Response: eeeeeeeeer. yeah.

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Review #25, by 1majbubba Teach Me Heartache

24th February 2006:
im sorry about your friend.

Author's Response: don`t worry about it. he didnt really get expelled. only suspended for a long time. HISFAULT. he`s stupid anyway. lol, can you tell i`m like.. not at all friends with him anymore. err i hope we`re talking about the same thing.

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