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Review #1, by spaghettiemandolino Muggle Introductions

29th January 2008:
What? And you stopped right here? It's a pity cuz it's coming the fun part I suppose...
Well, I'd tell you once again well done and great idea!
Music and fan fiction are my two obessions and that's a way to combine them...

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Review #2, by spaghettiemandolino Old Friends, New Acquaintances

29th January 2008:
Right, so this took a turn completly different form my story...
I really like the dialogues and the Potters reaction.
Sirius is soo cool!

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Review #3, by spaghettiemandolino Flight from Grimmauld Place

29th January 2008:
When I read the title i gasped, cuz that's exactly the type of story i was looking for, and if you get a chance to look up my own story you'd get what i mean.
This is only the first chap and i read you abandoned the story, maybe you're not on the site anymore, but i wanted to tell you it's/was a great idea and i'm sad you didn't go on more than 3 chap. (I'm going to read them now by the way).
I find pretty hilarous that i had a very similar idea, and you posted this on 2004... Well, I love punk, I love the scene that was created in those years, I don't know how you'll develop this yet, but how you talked about the changements in the Muggle world in the first pharagaphs was great!
Well done!
ps. sorry for mistakes, it's late and i'm traslating form italian.. ;)

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Review #4, by Hippi cymraes Old Friends, New Acquaintances

2nd December 2004:
Brilliant, the best one I've read! Please hurry with the next one.

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Review #5, by Laiqalasse Muggle Introductions

11th October 2004:
i like this. you're definitely a quality writer and i look forward to more of this one. cheers! ~~Laiqalassë~~

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Review #6, by -------------- Flight from Grimmauld Place

9th October 2004:
I really like your story so far so u should keep writing

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