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Review #1, by gk,jgfl.............. Incomplete

25th April 2012:
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Review #2, by Dalek194 Incomplete

25th April 2011:
Nice fic ;-) It was really enjoyable to read, and despite it's shortness you got the message across well. I feel very sorry for poor Harry, but wonder why he didn't tell her he loved her in the first place...

I like you're writing style, it engages the reader (e.g. He tried, and tried, and tried, and…you guessed it…tried) with humour, while the story is still about heartbreak and pulls it off. The grammar is mostly good, though I spotted one small mistake;

- "he decided to write Ginny " (should be "he decided to write to Ginny")

Also at the beginning it says that he already writes to Ginny but later on it gives the impression that she is angry with him so he doesn't usually write to her.

Aside from that, this was a very good fic about heartbreak and possible redemption... any chance of a sequel? Nice work.

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Review #3, by sea_turtle Incomplete

30th April 2010:
Wow! This is a really good start. You should write some more,

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Review #4, by Ginnyishot555 Incomplete

16th March 2010:
its okay. kinda weird

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Review #5, by elly264 Incomplete

24th April 2009:
i liked it but like the title it was incomplete
i think you should write a sequal or something cuz it just leaves you hanging awkwardly

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Review #6, by Amy Glover Incomplete

3rd February 2009:
i love your story i bet if you had carried it father you would have had an exellant story. i myself dont relley like having the song or watever it is in the middle of the paragraphs but your story went with the song so it kinda fits. good luck with any future storys.

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Review #7, by Ginnylover100 Incomplete

12th October 2007:
OK. I'll make you happy. I loved it, althogh - I know I'm not the author- I would put only one or two poems chapter. Other than that ABSOLUTLY NO changes. I'm so hooked I need to know how he gets her back and if he gets her back. :-D

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Review #8, by megwinsor Incomplete

19th September 2007:
uh.. wheres the rest?

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Review #9, by Nymphie Lupin Incomplete

2nd June 2007:
This was good!

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Review #10, by MagnumMysterium Incomplete

24th April 2007:
Its a good song fic. If this is how you do when suffering from writers' block, I'll have to read some of your other fics. Good job! =^.^=

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Review #11, by browneyedcuttie Incomplete

4th February 2007:
uhhh.that is where it ends.hmmm...i think there is something seems to end very needs more

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Review #12, by Trina216 Incomplete

26th December 2006:
i really liked it! it was really well written and even though i've never heard the song i think it fit in very well with the your story...i think you should make a sequel!please!

lol Happy Writing!


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Review #13, by evans Incomplete

18th November 2006:
it was ok- so n so

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Review #14, by Loza Incomplete

18th June 2006:
Yeah, it's good. Very good, I think. I love ur fic. Can I translate it? Pleaase! It is so... fantastic and... beautiful! My e-mail is Write me!

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Review #15, by PotterLogic Incomplete

3rd June 2006:
Maybe you can tell the process of getting together. Though, some people prefer uninterrupted process while others prefer a process with lots of breaking ups, tears and adventures. Just find something that suits you.

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Review #16, by prongsie_potter_rulez Incomplete

11th March 2006:
Hmm..... SEQUEL????? PLZ????

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Review #17, by Nitwit_T Incomplete

6th January 2006:
Hey i've just check into the reviews to look at mine and I saw no response from you to the other reviews on page one! Hmm..we already reviewed and you should response back too you know! Anyway, read my story please! Harry/Ginny Nitwit_T(penname)!

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Review #18, by Nitwit_T Incomplete

6th January 2006:
Ding dong! You've got 1 new review! LOL! Okay,okay, I really like your story! You get a 9/10! Hey is there a next chapter? I don't think so..but I want there to be!! That 'maybe..just maybe....' seems like a cliffie. Well if it is really 'fin' then oh well. You're the author,but hope you change your mind! =D There! Nice long review for you!

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Review #19, by qwertygurl Incomplete

14th November 2005:
That was stupid!

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Review #20, by ??? Incomplete

5th August 2005:

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Review #21, by Jennifer Incomplete

15th July 2005:
It was a bueatiful story. It took my breath away. I can't wait to read another one of your stories!

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Review #22, by SummerQueen Incomplete

26th May 2005:
Well, it's good but the ending went flat. FIX IT AGAIN!

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Review #23, by Bri Incomplete

3rd May 2004:
lol, so you like reviews huh? well here you go! good story btw. Keep it up, do you have any more? o, that was a dumb question, i can just check can't i?!

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Review #24, by koolaid Incomplete

4th March 2004:
yo, i like, mind reading mine?

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Review #25, by lilly fan Incomplete

12th February 2004:
sorry but this is completely CRAP.

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