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Review #1, by Blazeroth A Traitor In Out Midst

26th June 2011:
God this story turned south fast. I quit reading after this chapter. You added a godmother who honestly does not care about harry even though you try to make it seem like it. You make that woman a superwoman however no ones heard of her until she just sbows up one day. You made every fight against voldemort stupid. They could have a thousand wands pointed at him but all he has to do is be present and all of a sudden no one raises their wands in defense or offense against him. And what really tops it all off is that this story isn't even about harry. Next time put that in the fucking story description.

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Review #2, by Blazeroth Return to Grimmauld Place

25th June 2011:
Wow, that will by Sirius was extremely touching. Take pride in making a 21 year old guy have tears in his eyes.

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Review #3, by Mogg Two Marauders Down, Two to Go

24th March 2011:
I'm so confused why are they married?!

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Review #4, by HP fan Lesson Learned

22nd January 2011:
not a bad story but it felt like a rush job towards the end

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Review #5, by Thewritingwitch Lesson Learned

17th March 2010:
That was incredible. Aside from a few past/present tense changes, this was an amazing story that kept me on the edge of my seat

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Review #6, by werewolfluvr11 Lesson Learned

12th August 2009:
love... love... love! all i got 2 say!

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Review #7, by Blondie0588 A Short Trip Home

26th November 2008:
This is the first HPFF story I ever read. And I read it and the pre-quels and sequels after HP5 came out. I read it while waiting for HP6. I just wanted to say I remember enjoying this story immensely! And I'm reading it again!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really had fun learning to write with these stories and it allowed my imagination to run wild. I've moved on to an original work, which is still in progress and taking much longer than I've anticipated, as the real world has consumed much too much of my time. Hopefully next year book 1 of Guardians of Nam will be completed.

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Review #8, by FirePhoenix86 Lesson Learned

15th May 2008:
Once again, great job! This was a little short in my opinion, but your writing style makes it so easy to read and read and forget the time that maybe i just read for hours and haven't realized it yet. (I did great on my finals btw, despite staying up and reading Mischief Makers till the wee hours of the morn, lol)

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Review #9, by josephiine90 Lesson Learned

21st February 2008:
i really love your story and i don't know when you last published it but it's a really good read...
sometimes its as if it is one of the actual harry potter books written by JK herself take that as you will =D

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Review #10, by sinwillys822 Lesson Learned

30th August 2007:
really cute story but i wish dev, isabelle and crew would have been in this story.

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Review #11, by Valarie7505 Two Marauders Down, Two to Go

26th May 2007:
So wait im confused... remus is her husband i thought the muggle prime minister was ok now im confused but other wise great story 10-10

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Review #12, by Zafira_Lupin Lesson Learned

26th March 2007:
yeah, see i sorta realized when i started reading this that i read all ur fics completley out of now the other one makes sooo much more sense!! ha ha ha
anyway brilliant if it werent for the fact that i read them out of order you had me convinced that remus and cassie werent married...pretty cool.
the referenses to james bond made me laugh which osrta hurt cos i have a sore throat so it sounded really wierd.ANYWAY, the battles were brilliant and the whole thing was awesome!! the only bad part was there was NO referense to isa either hat made me a little sad but ither than that it was aweosme!!^_^
rOcK oN!

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Review #13, by Fragile_Heartz The Pensive

31st January 2007:
Who's the special guy?!?!
I'm so curious!
I hope it's Sirius...*sigh*

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Review #14, by Fragile_Heartz A Short Trip Home

31st January 2007:
sounds interesting
nd I like that Petunia turns nice even if it is a bit AU

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Review #15, by Innocences Shadow Lesson Learned

7th December 2006:
good story but were's isa?
is she in the next one?
let me look... SHE IS YEAH
exellent story keep up the good work

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Review #16, by Loye Lesson Learned

10th October 2006:
excellent story. good writing skills. and btw, i am 42 and a major potter fan who is working diligently to spread pottermania among all the people in my life. my grandson will be 3 soon so i think it's time to bring him into the fold.

Author's Response: Ooh I'm a 44 y.o. Potter-freak. We should email and discuss stuff... Glad you liked the story. Ana :)

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Review #17, by HeavenBlessed Guilty by Disassociation

29th August 2006:
Just one thing, it's Veritaserum, not Verateserum.

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Review #18, by dracoharry_will_soon_be_mine Lesson Learned

25th August 2006:
i just wanted to say that i love this story....that i actually read it all in one day. It was really interesting and i can't wait to read the sequal!

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Review #19, by lina239 Lesson Learned

11th July 2006:
Where did you get this plot?

Author's Response: When I originally wrote the story, I had a long version of it outlined, but wrote a condensed version as I was new at writing and found writing a large work overwhelming. Once I got more comfortable with writing I pulled out the original Jade Dragon outline from my file cabinet and began working in earnest on the full blown version. The only problem is I was working on my original novel as well and that has taken priority as I'm working with an editor. Needless to say, Harry Potter has taken a back seat to my original for what is looking like the rest of the year.

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Review #20, by dark_beginnings Return of the Grim

26th June 2006:
what happened to isabelle and stella and for that matter dev? I thought this was a continued on from ...yea you know the one lol I can't remember the name now. Isn't Isabelle and Sirius meant to have a kid or more by now and what about Regulus is he still dead? Great stories btw incase you didn't know, you write way to much lol keep them coming.

I read the idiots through time story ages ago and then started the Isabelle story a couple of days ago and I only just realized today that both stories were written by the same author. any who back to reading and I hope you check your reviews offten.


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Review #21, by Sydney Two Marauders Down, Two to Go

24th May 2006:
tears streaming from her eyes as her husband Remus Lupin hugged her as all the pain of the past year flowed from her.
They noticed that Remus was watching his wife with great concern.

i dont have a pen name but i thought Cassie was married to the prime minister? just wondering.... great story though

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Review #22, by ohhhdear Radio Free Potter

9th May 2006:
Ack! now Ginny's eyes are green? They were *blue* a couple chapters ago, and canon says they're brown *sigh*

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Review #23, by ohhhdear Media in Vita in Morte Sumus

9th May 2006:
ummm... Ginny's eyes are brown, not blue

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Review #24, by Lilian Lesson Learned

27th February 2006:
Why isn't Isa mentioned in this story?. I guess i read the stories in the wrong order haha. Good job but i prefer the way you wrote the prequel compared to this story =)

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Review #25, by glPiItTtAer A Short Trip Home

9th January 2006:
There's no way I could read that much in one day! I just finally got around to reviewing!

Author's Response: LOL okie :)

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