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Review #1, by draconigena Moony

12th April 2004:
Hmm... interesting idea all of your chapters, but I dont think there is enough feeling behind it. If you truly want to write about the emotions behind a character then you need to step into their shoes and walk a mile. Try it and maybe your entries will improve...

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Review #2, by ~*sHaDoW*~ ginny

8th March 2003:
please read and review my stories! especially \"Broken\" and \"Now That I Have You\"! THANX!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by ~*sHaDoW*~ ginny

7th March 2003:
again COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;otza love, shelby p.s please read and review \"Broken\". THANX!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by Crystal ginny

2nd March 2003:
oh dear I think I\'ve been scarred for life lol

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Review #5, by ~*sHaDoW*~ ginny

1st March 2003:
COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lotza love, shelby xoxo p.s read my story \"Broken\". it would mean a lot! THANX!

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Review #6, by Anon ginny

17th February 2003:
ok one word..... enteresting

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Review #7, by sarak ginny

15th February 2003:
seriously? y doesny anyone read this story? lol well this chapter was pretty good but it would be better if you could write a bit more and make it more detailed. yeah well keep up the good work! and pleaaaaaasee continue!! bah bye xoxo

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Review #8, by ViXeNLoVeSDrAcO ginny

7th February 2003:
this is a realli gud story... keep it up.. and if u have the time u dhould read my story _SeX iS a DiRtY wOrD_ just look up my name in the auther directory cya hunni p.s write sum more of ur story

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Review #9, by sarak ginny

6th February 2003:
Omg am I like the only one that is reviewing this story??? Well this deserves more than one reiview!! I love it!! Its so cute to see what they are all thinking I think it’s a great idea what you have done and please continue maybe you could tell me what snapes thoughts are? I bet its something evil!! Mwhahaha

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Review #10, by sarak ginny

1st February 2003:
Hey this is pretty good!!! I like it!! please write more I want to know draco’s thoughts! Hehehe I bet its sumthing naughty about ginny!! Well I hope it is! Haha if u have the time could u please read and review my story secret love I would really appreciate it!!

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