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Reading Reviews for Wrong Place Wrong Time
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Review #1, by Mandy Aspen Wrong Place Wrong Time

15th May 2017:
I was not expecting this... anyway, lol.

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Review #2, by Szbrina Wrong Place Wrong Time

9th February 2012:
Please write the rest!

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Review #3, by LunaLovegood89894 Wrong Place Wrong Time

27th December 2011:
Cool story! I liked it...though it would have been nice to know when James and Lily came in on the feast. It was obviously after they got married, and before Harry's 6th year. That's all I know. I'd like to know more. Other than that, it was a good story. I can't wait to read more from you soon!

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Review #4, by strawberrydarhling Wrong Place Wrong Time

19th March 2011:
I do not believe that James would call Lily a Mudblood. The ending was really sweet though where McGonnagal hugged them. :)


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Review #5, by JohannaMarie Wrong Place Wrong Time

4th December 2010:
hold up - if james and lily disappeared in this timeline, how did harry get born?

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Review #6, by Riddlemethis95 Wrong Place Wrong Time

28th April 2010:
I love it! please keep writing!

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Review #7, by kerrylee Wrong Place Wrong Time

2nd March 2010:
i laughed out loud write sum more whn u can. lol

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Review #8, by kaytie Wrong Place Wrong Time

12th December 2009:
could you write more i like it and can't wait to see what could happen like changing the present we know from the books

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Review #9, by emmykat113 Wrong Place Wrong Time

30th October 2009:
you should write more!


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Review #10, by hilda_kitty Wrong Place Wrong Time

17th October 2009:
good. but you could've extended it and wrote about Harry meeting them. 5/10

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Review #11, by elly264 Wrong Place Wrong Time

19th April 2009:
you should really really really continue i like it a lot

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Review #12, by Rae Wrong Place Wrong Time

3rd March 2009:
why did you stop? It was going so good! Continue Please.

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Review #13, by AussieAnatomy627 Wrong Place Wrong Time

27th November 2008:
It's good. You should update.

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Review #14, by Slytherin_Princess44 Wrong Place Wrong Time

28th October 2008:
This is cool. I hope another chapter comes soon!


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Review #15, by Rockstar101 Wrong Place Wrong Time

28th October 2008:
I loved this! I see that you have abandoned the story. I think you should write more to it.

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Review #16, by granpa harry Wrong Place Wrong Time

29th April 2008:
WOW. Where do you go from here.

a pre/post voldemorte era.

what ever happened to make you stop writing this one.

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Review #17, by shade_of_lovely Wrong Place Wrong Time

6th January 2008:
omg that was so good! I can't wait to see what happens next. Do James and Lily even know that they have reached the future?

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Review #18, by mr tibbles Wrong Place Wrong Time

27th December 2007:
tis awesome 10/10 very awesome well done it is so awesome that i am shocked well done, if only you could have finished it

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Review #19, by hp_winnie_099 Wrong Place Wrong Time

2nd November 2007:
cool as!

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Review #20, by kathysaysWHAT? Wrong Place Wrong Time

28th April 2007:
is that all?!

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Review #21, by ginnypottergurl793 Wrong Place Wrong Time

9th October 2006:
Yeah ya lost me when he called her a mudblood. NO WAY ON GOD'S GREEN EARTH he'd do that. *shakes head*

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Review #22, by navygirl529 Wrong Place Wrong Time

30th June 2006:
this is so cool! i do hope you update soon! awesome

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Review #23, by Peaches and Pie Wrong Place Wrong Time

8th June 2006:
That's cruel. Wait, if they disappeared when they were still in school and prefects then how could've Harry have been born. That makes no sense but till that occured to me I thought it was great

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Review #24, by anonomus Wrong Place Wrong Time

6th May 2006:
prety good

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Review #25, by tiffany_harrypotter Wrong Place Wrong Time

21st March 2006:
Great story!! Update soon!!

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