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Reading Reviews for The new girls
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by HermioneG149 On the train

27th April 2006:
I luv the Dramione touch right there! Normally, I don't Harry/Cho, but this one is really good! Too bad you abandoned it... Oh well, the dramione part was good enough for me!

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Review #2, by cho 4 harry 4 eva! On the train

26th April 2006:
im sorry but that was just GAY!!!! im not trying 2 b ruid or enything but i just didnt like how u rushed it so much. im sorry but keep practising and it will get betta.

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Review #3, by CHO-RULES On the train

14th January 2006:

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Review #4, by i married POTTER On the train

10th December 2005:

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Review #5, by dacvd On the train

27th September 2005:
thats s -h- i- t !!!!!!!!!!!! your the worst author on this sight

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Review #6, by mark On the train

23rd September 2005:
when does the sex start

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Review #7, by none of ya dam bussiness On the train

6th June 2005:
it sucks <<tag not allowed="red">tag not allowed="red">censored

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Review #8, by Mimi On the train

29th May 2005:
This story starts out to be completely jeuvenile lol.

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Review #9, by Lost Beauty On the train

7th May 2005:
Very good. Poor Ron, I feel very bad for him. You make me hate Draco =O But I can't wait to see what happens next =D

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Review #10, by urgay On the train

4th February 2005:
nnnnneeeeeeds sex why did u rate this r?

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Review #11, by kraven On the train

21st January 2005:
wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!! where the next chapter

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Review #12, by cucumber_girl On the train

30th October 2004:
Hey! Really cool, I can tell there's going to be some good chapters to come!! I'm an Australian, are you? Write if you are in your next chapter as an Author's Note!! Keep Writing!!

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Review #13, by Ellafunk On the train

2nd October 2004:
That was an awsome story and I hope you'll add a new chapter soon cause i'm really enjoying it. So yer, if u eva feel like reveiwing csomething lok me up. :) ellie

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Review #14, by Alanna On the train

26th August 2004:
Nice story it might have be better if you put that in third person form.

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