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Review #1, by Daphne brown Pain

25th May 2017:
This is from before "Songfic" was a format.

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Review #2, by ALEXE Ginny's decision

20th June 2005:

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Review #3, by DANIELSGIRL Ginny's decision

19th June 2005:
please write another one, PLEASE you did an awsome job. please hurry and write another one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #4, by CMTgal Ginny's decision

1st February 2005:
Hihi, I actually clicked this b-cause your name is like a new friend of mines, LOL. I personally hate Harry/Ginny, but I seem to like this one.

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Review #5, by Colleen Pain

28th August 2004:
it's good so far! i have some ideas for you: i often find it hard to write harry. i'm writing a story now where the characters keep online diaries and i found it was a lot easier to write harry if I wrote him in first person. (I thought it would be harder that way so I didn't do him first, but I found he's easier than Hermione for me!) So you might want to try to write part of the story AS Harry on a separate document and then transpose it into third person. Just an idea that worked for me... Plus you easily have quotes of his thoughts you can use! Also I might be able to make you a banner... maybe. You'd have to tell me what characters you'd want on it... I made my banner for drive me crazy (my ashlee simpson - based songfic) at my friend's house on paint shop pro and I don't have that at home so it wouldn't be as good though. her username is ginnygirl so maybe she'd do it for you?!

Author's Response: hey thanks for your review. I like your idea for Harry and im totally gonna try it. As for the banner id want HArry Ginny and Sirius in it and it would be great if you could make it for me. I was cleaning the cupboards last night and i spilt tanning lotion on my hands and i can barely stand to look at them when i type they look soo bad but anywho thanks Cheers Alexis

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