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Review #1, by Debra20 The One And Only Chapter

14th July 2013:
This was such a sweet story! Having all of these character look back on the relationships they shared with Ginny and Harry made me teary. They have shared so much, been through so much together that you can't help but fall in love with them every time you read something like this. I particularly enjoyed Ron's POV. As a brother to Ginny, I can totally understand his impulse to overprotect her and his slight jealousy that she won't be with him any more, but with Harry. However, seeing as they were like brothers too, Ron is never going to lose Ginny. Not really.

On this note, I was surprised to see that you chose to make everyone romantically involved with one another at some point. It's of course your choice and you handled it well, but it would have been an amazing opportunity to write them as friends as well. Imagine Draco's POV about Harry and Ginny's wedding. It would have been a great opportunity for some humour. In any case, it was a very sweet story that I've enjoyed! Well done

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Review #2, by bubbletea4me The One And Only Chapter

24th October 2007:
omg i love this short little story
its sooo fab
and really original
keep writing cause i would totally read anything else you might write
great job!

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Review #3, by Lieke The One And Only Chapter

18th June 2005:
Good, but Harry had had A LOT of girlfriends this way...

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Review #4, by kkkkkkkkkkk The One And Only Chapter

10th June 2005:
yawn - terrible

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Review #5, by HELENz The One And Only Chapter

20th November 2003:
Ok cool. Good story!!

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Review #6, by Adrienne The One And Only Chapter

24th July 2003:
I love all of your stories! They always make me cry! Keep up the good work!

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Review #7, by Jaclyn The One And Only Chapter

29th April 2003:
This story is...well...I don\'t know how to describe it but its good. In fact, it\'s awesome. It\'s touching in a way. Just let me know if I\'m thinking too much into it...

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Review #8, by Jules The One And Only Chapter

27th April 2003:
Hey. I really liked this story. Good development of the characters from the novel. I really liked the song it fit really well. What is it titled, by the way, and who sings it?

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Review #9, by Kayla The One And Only Chapter

6th March 2003:
Sweet! I enjoyed that story!

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Review #10, by felton_lover The One And Only Chapter

18th February 2003:
Oh My God!! That story brought tears to my eyes it was sooooo good! I Loved It!!!

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Review #11, by sarak The One And Only Chapter

15th February 2003:
omg! that is so cute!!!!!!!!!! i felt like crying though...:( draco is such a cutie though!!! i wish it was longer~!! bah bye xoxo

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Review #12, by ~*sHaDoW*~ The One And Only Chapter

8th February 2003:
I had to read it again. It\'s such a beautiful story! I LVOE IT ILVOE IT AND I DONT CARE WHO KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #13, by IrmaFuchs The One And Only Chapter

6th February 2003:
I like this fic, do you konow why? Because it is very good. The POV\'s were done very well. I like how everyone had a negative idea about Harry/Ginny, as I do too.

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Review #14, by Potty For Potter The One And Only Chapter

28th January 2003:
Hello! I think that this story is really, really good! I love how you have done bits of what everyone is thinking! It's great! Everyone seems to be in love with my dear Mr Potter - Hermione, Parvati, Cho and Ginny! Love this story! Bye-bye!

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Review #15, by lilsweetie The One And Only Chapter

28th January 2003:
it was soo sweet..too damn sweet!!...i loved it!!! it seems so real like it would be something like it to happen

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Review #16, by Smiley The One And Only Chapter

27th January 2003:
That was beautiful! Keep up the great work!

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