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Review #1, by jenne 5th Year

18th August 2005:
it is going fast buti understand that its the BEGINNING, ok well get on with the story part then!! its very good so far!

Author's Response: Whoa...people are still READING this story? wow...well i guess i better get back on track and figure out where i was going with this shouldnt i? Thanks for the Review!

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Review #2, by Gold Pheonix 5th Year

8th February 2005:
I like the view of the story, and how it would have been. I think you should do the actual thing soon though, cus I want to know what happens!

Author's Response: I know! sorry i havent updated...all this crazy high school jibberish is getting to my head and not only that but writers block is my worst enemy..comes to me at the worst times. I will post soon though i promise!

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Review #3, by because_you_live 5th Year

23rd January 2005:
This is meant in no offense whatsoever...but remember this..."Paragraphs are you're friend, use them well and often." That is all lol :)

Author's Response: Yes i know...unfortunatly though i find it really hard to write in paragraphs. But seeing as this is really just one big paragraph in itself at the begining splitting it up seems like a waste of time. The rest of the story IS in paragraphs.. Dont worry :D

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Review #4, by timeturner 3rd and 4th year

30th November 2004:
okay, I won't tell you it's rushed! It's certainly an interesting idea and it's given me new perspective on where the storyline could go. The big question is, though, it's your story where and when (soon??) are you going to take us next?

Author's Response: AHH im sorry!! i need to re-write the 5th chapter cause it wont be accepted :( dont worry though...if it isnt up today then im gunna be mad...>:(

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Review #5, by froma friend 3rd and 4th year

28th November 2004:
sooory i was pretty harsh by saying that stuff. the actual story could grow into som' ing good, out!

Author's Response: *rolls eyes* could you makes up ur mind?? it's either crap or it's good, and you think it's confused by you...

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Review #6, by tinkerbelle 3rd and 4th year

22nd November 2004:

Author's Response: lol Im Really sorry!! i updated before but it wouldnt accept my chapter!!! i'll post it today!! I PROMISE!

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Review #7, by Jessica 3rd and 4th year

16th November 2004:
I love your story it is very creative but the chapters could be longer and you could tell it from other points of view and add more details.

Author's Response: Well thanks for Reviewing, i think im going to need to add somthing to my next post about how the first chapters are a long intro..

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Review #8, by rebound 3rd and 4th year

2nd November 2004:
this is a very strange fic lol. As long as it turns out H/hr, im all for it :D. I think it could be improved it you went into a bit more detail... its sorta rushed and brief. neways, update!

Author's Response: Heh, you know what frusterates me greatly? is when people dont understand me. This is just the begining of the fic. LONG INTRO.. intro's in my mind dont need tons of detail. This will turn out H/Hr's kinda slow right now but updates will be soon. Thanks for your review!

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Review #9, by Scruff 3rd and 4th year

21st September 2004:
Hey notbad, I love the twists, I can see great things in your future... JUST USE YOUR INNER EYE!!! lol

Author's Response: lol yeah i'll use my inner eye....and i can see me...UPDATING TIS STORY REALLY SOON!! dont worry...i'll get around to it soon. Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by No_need 3rd and 4th year

15th September 2004:
You rock! Review soon please. And if you get a writers block then use this theme for a story to try and break it. "Harry and Hermione get stuck in a closet" or "Draco an Harry switch bodies" and other cuties stories like that. Happy Writings

Author's Response: lol Thanks! You rock too!! Thanks for reviewing!! yeah im kinda having writers block...i just need to get some ideas rolling...thanks for the suggestions!! i will post a new chapter REALLY soon i promise! ~*~*~*~Kyleigh~*~*~*~

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Review #11, by Michelle 3rd and 4th year

28th August 2004:
Awsome! Can't wait for the next :P!!!

Author's Response: yeah....when it's up i'll let you know.....i have TERRIBLE writers it could be a few days :( READ MY OTHER STORY!!!

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Review #12, by Michelle Years One and Two

28th August 2004:
Very Good Kyleigh:D:D

Author's Response: THANKS!! :D

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Review #13, by allusenhpfan Years One and Two

27th August 2004:
-sigh- This is a very, very incredible and interesting idea. You could work wonders with this, write up a lot. I wish I had thought of this; it'd be really fun to write, The only problem is, the writing is very, very fast. Just slow it down, alright? Maybe two chapters for each year; it'd creat a really alluring mood to the story, not to mention you'll get positive feedback. Also try to spice it up a bit .It's very good, just way, WAY too fast. My last bit of adivce is that you change your summary. A summary is the first thing a reader sees and what attracts or pushes them away. I suggest you remove the rubbish about how you are a new writer; that can go in an author's note in the begining to the story. So, fix the spelling errors and it'll be fine. Make it a tad longer. Update soon, good story. PS: I highly reccomend you don't tell people to not say anything negative. A review is an opinion, with suggestions. ^^ -Cheerio

Author's Response: Wow. Well thank you I am very flattered. I agree I should slow it down but concidering that this just the begining of the story the first little bit i just to explane what it happening. The actual story takes place in 6th year. That is where the dialoge and everything will happen along with all of the romance. This just gets the readers into a narritive perspective of the story so they can understand why Harry is depressed, why Hermione isnt the one that all the very loyal JK fans know her as and why Ron is so un-Ron like (sorry....I just can think of a better word) This is just to start the story off, I could of course write more for each year if it would make the story more understandable. My real idea is just to draw the readers in at first, but yes of course it is going way way to fast. I think I will slow it down and modify the chapters a bit. As for 'spicing it up' if you have any real ideas to help me with that i would be most greatful. I'v read my story about a hundred times and i cant see what outside readers see. To me my story is fine for my reading but if you could help me that would be great. as for my summary it was 3 in the morning when i wrote it and i just hadent gotten around to changing it! but now once im done with this i think i will go and do that! All the best and keep reading a reviewing! ~*~*~Kyleigh~*~*~

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Review #14, by Lime Years One and Two

26th August 2004:
Nice Ky! It was pretty good :D

Author's Response: lol Thanks Lime :) i think so too...but the third chapter is alot better.i wrote this one at like 11:30 at night. Ky p.s and the drug references come later. LMAO

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Review #15, by Mrs Emily Snape Flashback and Intro

23rd August 2004:
Very intresting angle, i like it

Author's Response: Thanks :) i like the angle im using to right now it's more a narritive veiw...but there will be more dialoge around the 4th chapter...i just need to explain the whole story first

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Review #16, by Lil Kit Z Flashback and Intro

23rd August 2004:
Interesting. Post as soon as you can when you get back from camping.Hope this comes out well! KIT

Author's Response: lol thanks! i'll continue posting untill i go. i just have to finish writing the 3rd chapter and it will be up. I hope it comes out well too concidering i have no idea what's going to happen yet...

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Review #17, by molly Flashback and Intro

23rd August 2004:
sounds interesting! =)

Author's Response: thanks!! it will get more interesting after the 3rd or 4th chapter...i hope...i still dont know what's going to happen though...well better get back to writing the 3rd chapter! thanks for reviewing!

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