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Review #1, by dracois4ever Reunions

8th April 2015:
The plot of your story has definite potential, but it is very difficult to read. There are far too many grammatical errors, perhaps a beta reader would have helped to make this an excellent story. I give you a lot of credit for allowing your work to be published and open to the public. I hope you have gotten enough constructive criticism to help you to grow as an author. You have a great imagination, and perhaps you could enroll in some creative writing classes to help you learn how to get your ideas more clearly onto paper. Best of luck!

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Review #2, by Crookshanks11 At The Owlery

12th September 2014:
Ok so I like the story but one thing bugs me, wouldn't Hermione and Draco be in their late 20's not mid 30's? Devin is 17 and Hermione got preggers at 18...

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Review #3, by kirstyn Childishness

31st March 2014:
Why are they all fruit!!!

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Review #4, by WillowDragon98 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

14th April 2013:
Quite a good story. Hated all the spelling mistakes all through it though distracted me from the story.
Draco/hermione pairings are my favourite. Lots if things that made me both love and hate this story. Thanks for posting. Would definitely read again if it was proof read and had some niggly plot things fixed ie flooing in and out of America/hogwarts

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Review #5, by draco_lover12 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

16th February 2013:
I loved this story and think its great. I'm really fussy over what I read but this caught and held my attention all the way through.

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Review #6, by Jason Garriott The Purple Frog

3rd May 2012:
This is getting to be a good story! I am wondering though what Draco will think of his son Devin? Or also what he will think of Hermione teaching there also! I am glad that Draco has some competition though with his famous smirk! He also has competition with his famous scowl!

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Review #7, by Jess Identity

26th April 2012:
I love it and it's a pretty good begining but since when has Harry Potter been American?!

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Review #8, by Ish The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

25th January 2012:
I really enjoyed reading this story :) !!:D

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Review #9, by gocnocturna The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

24th October 2011:
aww. it was wonderful. I really enjoyed it. It was different and unique, I applaud your creativity. Great story!

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Review #10, by dracos lover The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

12th September 2011:
awsome book i absoutly love it a more more i need more books from u ur a awsome writer

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Review #11, by Poppy The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

1st September 2011:
I liked the ending, I really enjoyed this story. Usually I don't like the Dramoine stories but this one was perfect. Good job and thankyou!

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Review #12, by lilylover The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

21st July 2011:
wow i love your story

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Review #13, by Lauren The Plan

27th March 2011:
I know you wrote this a while ago and I'm just now reading it, but I really love the relationship between Draco, Devin and Hermione!

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Review #14, by Cacheekers The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

28th February 2011:
OMG! i love this story! it's so cute, I just had to start and read it all until the end. It took me a couple hours, but it was so worth it! you're a great writer, keep up the amazing work!

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Review #15, by cutiekaren126 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

15th January 2011:
This story is ah-mazing ♥

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Review #16, by jrchalut The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

20th November 2010:
I enjoyed this story. I will tell you it's not as good as some of your other fics, but it was sweet and had some good action points! Thanks for continuing to write it.

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Review #17, by Efryll The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

24th August 2010:
this maybe too late and you probably won't be able to read this, just found this site and just read your story, but well, this is all I can say... one word... AWESOME... and three word... THIS STORY ROCKS!!! ... tnx for sharing this story...

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Review #18, by dramonielover1 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

9th July 2010:
i so think you should post up a sequence to this story! i read it all in one day and it is so amazing! i love it!

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Review #19, by dracs_nify The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

13th June 2010:
it was good patchy at some part but you had a good storyline well done and i love that you took your time to write this for us hp guys thanks luv ya

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Review #20, by chickywickybabe Her Son

3rd October 2009:
wow, i'm getting quite lost, but nice writing, it is quite heavy you know. But it's good.

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Review #21, by shmorgan_tonk94 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

31st August 2009:

I loved this story. It took me on a journey that I never thought would happen. I loves how you didn;t make reference to anything that happened in the books except for the characters. It is a very imaganitive story and I loved it.
Thankyou for being such a good writter. I started the story yesterday and couldn't stop reading it as it is so good. I won't go on about how there are some grammer and spelling issues as it would just dampen the mood of this review.

Thankyou again, I am off to read more


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Review #22, by Isa_bell The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

13th July 2009:
Oh! I loved it! I liked how the whole plot just tied together at the end. Awesome!

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Review #23, by GinnyPotter1986 The Dragon, The Lioness, and Their Son

18th June 2009:
Personally, I don't see why you don't like this story. I read the whole thing before I decided on my comment to make and here it is: I loved it! I wonder if J.K. Rowling would have liked it if she read it. I personally think she would.

On a scale of one to ten you are a twenty!

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Review #24, by Lissy Deadly Words

16th February 2009:
can't stand hermione or draco. especially hermione. like they could even give a damn about devin. what shitty parents. shouldn't even have let him risk his life for their benefit. wtf man, parents are supposed to look out for their children, not send them to their deaths. irraz man, irraz.

i do enjoy the story though, so its still a 10/10 rating.

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Review #25, by gitgit Tainted Blood

1st February 2009:
OH shnap! who is this dark lady and oh man thats some crazy business man

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