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Review #1, by ms simone To Lie or Not to Lie?

28th November 2014:
wish there was more to the story!!! love to severus react when harry tell him that he is his father!! overall story: 8 stars rating

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Review #2, by boASHoks To Lie or Not to Lie?

24th December 2013:
This story is really good. keep up the good work.

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Review #3, by JammyTheJellyFish4321 To Lie or Not to Lie?

15th September 2012:
Loved it all, Please post another chapter or 10!!!


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Review #4, by cattistic To Lie or Not to Lie?

28th March 2012:
i love your story. i hope you post the nexed chapter soon

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Review #5, by cattistic To Lie or Not to Lie?

13th March 2012:
a wonderful story!! i cant wait to read more... poor sev

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Review #6, by Kurokawa_Sumire To Lie or Not to Lie?

24th October 2011:
Your story is very well-written and I have enjoyed every bit of it. Please update as soon as you can.

How do you enter the mailing list? If you need my email, here it is: kurokawa.sumire(at)gmail(dot)com

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Review #7, by Millarz To Lie or Not to Lie?

15th October 2011:
Those last two reviews were mine. I am still (desperately) waiting!

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Review #8, by Anonymous To Lie or Not to Lie?

6th September 2011:
Pleaase please please if you ever see this, finish this story! I beg you!

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Review #9, by Anonymous To Lie or Not to Lie?

28th July 2011:
I love this story! Please please please update it!!

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Review #10, by Kristi To Lie or Not to Lie?

23rd December 2010:
I am really enjoying your story. I can't wait to see Severus' reaction to finding out that Harry is his son. Please update!

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Review #11, by arwen To Lie or Not to Lie?

25th October 2010:
AMAZING story! i can't wait to read more

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Review #12, by unknown To Lie or Not to Lie?

17th October 2010:
I love this fic so far, so hurry and get the next chapter up :)

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Review #13, by LightInTheDark To Lie or Not to Lie?

17th October 2010:
You NEED to update! How could you leave us without telling us what happens when Harry sees Severus!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? PLEASE UPDATE! PLEASEEE!

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Review #14, by Emerald Fox To Lie or Not to Lie?

16th August 2010:
Can't wait for more!

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Review #15, by Warror To Lie or Not to Lie?

18th March 2010:
This is very good! I can't wait for the next chapter!! 10/10!!!

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Review #16, by Dobby rules To Lie or Not to Lie?

5th September 2009:
Brilliant plot. When is the next chapter going to be posted???

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Review #17, by Emily To Lie or Not to Lie?

30th August 2009:
I love the whole thing. are you going to go on with the next of the story? i want to know what happened next. or did you do that already? if so what is the name of it?

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Review #18, by Brodie Package of Confusion

8th July 2009:
Holy macral. That was frigging awsome. I loved it. That is utter perfection.. I'm actaully qutie angry you haven't updated in 3 FRIGGING YEARS, THIS IS AN AAWSOME STORY AND YOU HAVEN'T UPDATED! GET WITH IT. THIS IS AN AMAZING STORY!!!

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Review #19, by snapeangel To Lie or Not to Lie?

9th June 2009:
love the story so far..absolutly great

so update SONNN!!!
I am dying to see Severus reaction to the news!

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Review #20, by sandiss To Lie or Not to Lie?

19th February 2009:
Just found this story and think it's fantastic. Do you have any plans to continue it? Would really like to see how Snape reacts to Harry's news and how they get over it.

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Review #21, by LilyAmongThorns A Life Turned Upside-Down

15th April 2008:
Hi! I really like the story so far, and it's mindblowing. :)
It's a really original concept, and interesting to write about, even though JK would NEVER have incorporated a plotline of this scale into the books.
Well, that's what fanfiction's for!
Just one question, the curse placed on James would only be activated if he married, right? So why did he have to marry? Why didn't he and a girlfriend live together, have children, but not get married? My parents aren't married and they're perfectly happy, probably happier than most married couples. They have four children (including me) and we're all having a very stable and happy home life.
Just wondering whether you could edit that part to say 'can't kiss anybody'? Or would that be cliched?

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Review #22, by comic_freak To Lie or Not to Lie?

26th March 2008:

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Review #23, by mrslaura To Lie or Not to Lie?

4th March 2008:
Hello I just read what you have written here and I think that it is wonderful - I do hope that you are going to finish this story - I would like to be added to your mailing list, if you have one - covenoftwo at yahoo dot com

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Review #24, by firebolt777 To Lie or Not to Lie?

2nd February 2008:
are you ever planning on finnishing this story??? has potential- i would like to see what happens

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Review #25, by comic_freak To Lie or Not to Lie?

30th December 2007:
wow. i love this story. it's great. i can't wait for Sev to come into the picture. keep up the good work and update soon! 10/10

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