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Reading Reviews for Changed By Staff
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Review #1, by bitterbutsweet Chapter 3

10th August 2006:
This is so strange (not your story the coinidence) I just watched 10 things I hate about you and then i thought, I wonder if anyone had written about this? so I came online and *drum roll* here it is!! Great writing but it is a bit confusing switching back and forth.

Oh and did you get the name Remy Starr from the book 'This Lullaby'. It's my favourite book!!!

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Review #2, by HPreader120391 Chapter 3

14th September 2005:
h ai luv it excatly like the movie though like some quotations and stuff, but i like it update soon

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Review #3, by FunkyDukcy222 Chapter 3

11th August 2005:
I love this story it rocks.

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Review #4, by dansgrrl Chapter 3

21st June 2005:
haha, Ginny is a mad woman, I never invisioned her this way. Ha! there goes her chances with harry right down the drain, YES!!!!!

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Review #5, by luna_lovegood1992 Chapter 3

30th May 2005:
Hahahah! But could you make it that Ginny at least brushes her hair and turns a BIT nicer please?

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Review #6, by moonfang Chapter 3

27th May 2005:
Hee hee, good adaptation, love the way you spun the characters!

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Review #7, by Nina_wife_of _Fres Chapter 3

25th April 2005:
Hey there...=D LOL I like this fic....filled with all my fave gags from the film with a Harry Potter twist!!! I can't wait to read more!! *Nina*

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Review #8, by Torn Between Red Chapter 3

29th December 2004:
Way to go! I like this story! do keep up the good work!! I'll be waiting! -TBR

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Review #9, by Torn Between Red Chapter 2

29th December 2004:
Wow! This chapter is good too! It distracted me from what I was oringinally doing! Great job! -TBR

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Review #10, by Torn Between Red Chapter 1

29th December 2004:
Hey, this is a really good story! I like it! Wel,, it's on to chapter two! -TBR

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Review #11, by Rosie Granger Chapter 3

12th December 2004:

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Review #12, by Red Chapter 2

6th December 2004:
I don't like Remy. But good story. Is Remy supose to be bad?

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Review #13, by Fuzzy_Slippers Chapter 1

6th November 2004:
Remy Starr.......Sounds like a 'This Lullaby' name...... hmmm Anyways, like the story lots.

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Review #14, by MrsLilyPotter Chapter 3

31st October 2004:
lololol i love ur story

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Review #15, by OniRoo Chapter 3

11th October 2004:
I like the idea, that was a good movie :) Keep writing ^_^

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Review #16, by MrsLilyPotter Chapter 3

1st October 2004:
lol good story!

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Review #17, by NOrmanroCKS Chapter 3

27th August 2004:
oooo update soon!

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Review #18, by hopelessandbroken Chapter 3

20th August 2004:
lol. good so far.

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Review #19, by space333 Chapter 1

19th August 2004:
I wonder where this is going, but your style's fun. It's quite unique to have all this different point of views, but it's great! Could you give me a review? tanx lol!

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