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Review #1, by Amphitrite66 Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

15th November 2005:
Marvelous. It was great how you couldnt tell who it really was til later in the story.

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Review #2, by Emerald_Angel Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

12th December 2004:
Harry?! I don't know why but I was expecting it to be a female - because of the good Girl stuff. Well technically he has a point, his parents are dead because he was born. But it's not really his fault, and he would've been born anyway, whether Lily and James liked it or not, because of the propechy. *comforts Harry* But one of those last lines was really powerful. Bloodstains never leave the mind. I like it!!

Author's Response: The "Good girl" -stuff was for the girl/woman that entered his (Harry's) mind. See, she came and then Harry talked to her and stuff. :P Thanks for reviewing, and I like that you liked it. :D

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Review #3, by Thisbe Gwydion Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

6th December 2004:
lol... i loved it... and i'm laughing at your A/N at the end. Erm... i really really really (erm x100) loved it. Lol... it was awesome... you're as morbid as Ginny!

you are an AWESOME author... keep it up! and i think we roommates should band against ginny and make her right more to 'a second round' what say you?

Author's Response: Yes! I agree. :D Thank Merlin there's one (or two) chapters left, otherwise I don't know how I could live with myself. Let's start aclub of somesort, you know, "More 'Second round'!" -kinda thingy. :P

And, roomie ( :D ), thanks really much for reviewing me. :P And I love that you liked it.

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Review #4, by illusionOfTheFreeWill Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

1st December 2004:
Aheh, tulin taas tänne sopottamaan suomeani joka saattaa näyttää aika mielenkiintoiselta muiden käyttäjien silmissä. x) Mutta tämä tarina, tämä... tämä on vain niin paras, miten voisin olla arvostelematta tätä?! Tai ehkä "arvostella" ei ole oikea sana... *miettiimiettii* "ylistää maasta taivaaseen" voisi olla osuvampi. :P Hei, kuulet tätä luultavasti joka päivä, enkä tiedä miten saisin tämä ylistyslaulun eroamaan muista, mutta en keksi muuta sanottavaa kuin LOISTAVAA. FANTASTISTA. UPEAA. MAHTAVAA. En keksi enää muita sanoja, paitsi "hieno", ja se on liian laimea. Joten tästä voisi päätellä että RAKASTAN tarinaa! Loistavia kielikuvia! Täydellistä kiletä, ja vielä jännitystä ja virheetöntä eteenpäin soljumista... *hurmiossa* Joo. Mutta nyt riittää taas tältä erää. ;P Palaan kyllä.

Author's Response: Ah. Ihanaa. :DD Joo, mäkin vähän mietin sitä, miten noi kattoo jotain epämääräistä sönkötystä jossa on ihan liian paljon umlauteja. :P Ihanaa kun pidät. Ihanaaihanaaihanaa. Enkä tosiaan kuule tätä joka päivä, on ihanaa kun joku tykkää. (Toistelen itseäni? Joka toinen sana "ihanaa"? Who cares? :D) Ai niin, piti sanoa ja anteeksipyydellä sitä, että tämä sivu naksahti hieman ja posti kaikki viimeisen kuuden päivän sisällä lähetetyt tarinat/päivitykset/kirjautumiset/arvostelut. Se lähettämäsi ihana arvostelu katosi (kaiken muun hauskan lisäksi... Prkl... :P). Mutta kiitän vieläkin ihan hirvittävästi, on ihanaa kun joku tykkää (edelleen :P ). Ehkä toistan itseäni, mutta en osaa kunnolla edes sanoa kuinka ihanaa (ah, taas se sana. Pakkomielle.) on, kun joku lukee mun tekstejä. (Niin, ja pitää näistä.)

Kiitos vielä kerran, ihan hirveästi. Palvon sinua. :)

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Review #5, by Ginny Weasely Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

20th November 2004:
YOU, my dear, have not written anything (one-shots or otherwise) in a very long time.

I cry.

Now, tonight would be one of those nights where I would love to type in your little name and see a new piece up. GET TO WORK, WOMAN!

Author's Response: It's not that easy, Molly dear. :P Oh, wait, it is, but... I don't know. Lack of inspiration? I seriously don't know. Sorry. I have this half-finished thing about the witch-hunt or something along the lines of it, and anyway, I guess I should try write something. But not this weekend, it's Sunday already, and not next weekend, I'm not at home then. You didn't remember the time difference (it's +2 GMT here). :P Mwahaa.

But, gotta go. I'll try and scrape something togerher, okay? :P Love ya.

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Review #6, by Ginny Weasely Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

2nd October 2004:
You. Are. Amazing. I love you. Be mine. You're my hero. My Queen. My everything. That was fantastic. And you say I'm a good writer?!

Author's Response: You're my hero, too. And I say you're a good writer because the story I adore (written by you) had way much more chapters than this. Way much more.

I take it that you liked it? ;D Thanks for revewing. I love reviews. :D Gimmegimmegimme. :P

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Review #7, by the fifth maruder Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

25th September 2004:
it was good but is the reason "he" didn't explain how to kill voldemort because you couldn't think of a way

Author's Response: Yeah. I guess so. I thought of one way, though, but it was just so lame. So I didn't put it there.

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Review #8, by NightxWish Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

18th September 2004:
This was very...interesting. Reminds me of 'The Cell'...don't ask why. Just does. I wrote a HP fic similar to 'The Cell'....I don't know if I'll post it. I might. This was very original, and I loved it. I don't know why, my mind works in odd ways. Will reread, though and leave a better review.

Author's Response: 'The Cell'? Oh. Neverheard. I guess. Go figure. :P

Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #9, by Adara Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

1st September 2004:
Wow! that was really good! i like how you have written it, as though you are talking to the reader! Well done on a great story!

Author's Response: Thanks really much for reviewing, I'm always happyhappyhappy when people like this story, as it's the one I like the most.

Or, btw, is that Adara as in the Adara in David Eddings's books?

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Review #10, by Limey Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

19th August 2004:
I really enjoyed reading that. That was quite a good dark fanfiction, loved it. I'm looking forward to see more stuff from you!!! :D

Author's Response: *bow* I have my ideas. :P Thank you for the review, it really matters to me whether people like my stories or not. I actually have some (weird) thoughts in my head, so... well, you never know, do you? :P

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Review #11, by Alene Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

19th August 2004:
mmm, that was dark. i liked it

Author's Response: You're creeping me out a little bit, is that normal?

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Review #12, by hry pttr Invading my thoughts, aren't we?

18th August 2004:
I dont think I understood all that was going on in that story, but it was really good and I really enjoyed reading it. Great job!

Author's Response: Yeah, I know this is a confusing one. I was quite busy when I was putting this here so I didn't have time to clarify anything, even in my AN. Sorry. I'm going to, still, though I don't have the time now, either. You'd think it would be wiser if I would've completed it and then put it somewhere, wouldn't you? Well... No-one ever said I'm reasonable. :D

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