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Reading Reviews for Weasley Attraction
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Kimberly Going out

10th October 2005:
good chapter

Author's Response: thank u ^^

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Review #2, by Kimberly Feelings Unwrapped

10th October 2005:
great chapter

Author's Response: thank u so muchies ^^

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Review #3, by dark_bloomer Something new

21st November 2004:
wow, that's cool. well, not the part of being a descendant of Voldemort, but it was still cool. anyways, please update asap.

Author's Response: I know the descendant part is kinda out of the blue, but you will find out why in the later chapters. I am glad you enjoy it

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Review #4, by dark_bloomer Long Lost Date

17th November 2004:
please update soon with this story. pretty please.

Author's Response: thank u..i am glad u like it.I will update soon..I hope I want to say sry for the suspense.I been busy with school lately

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Review #5, by Blue Moon Going out

29th August 2004:
Yay! They're boyfriend and girlfriend. But we could all c this coming. So what happens next? Upd8 soon!

Author's Response: thank u, yea i guess that was obvious

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Review #6, by Alexa05 Confession N Confusion

25th August 2004:
Update soon This story is going great as well as your other one !!!!!!!

Author's Response: thx, the next chap will b up today

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Review #7, by teen Confession N Confusion

25th August 2004:
LOVE IT LOVE IT plz update

Author's Response: ok, next chapter will b up today

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Review #8, by NightxWish Meeting the Weasleys again and Important News

25th August 2004:
Ehehehe....that was sweet!And kinda sad...but sweet.And funny.I wanna know what happens next.Hurry up and update.

Author's Response: sure no prob, glad to think that you liked it.wel, iono how funny got in there, but oh well LoL

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Review #9, by Alexa05 Meeting the Weasleys again and Important News

23rd August 2004:
Loved the chapter and Fred and George didnt sound OC they were fine but Update soon

Author's Response: well gald u dun think so. I just think they r soem how. I will and I hope u like them

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Review #10, by Blue Moon Meeting the Weasleys again and Important News

21st August 2004:
This is great! I ABSOLUTLEY luv it! The chapter is long which is cool and it's nice how she's going to live with the Weasleys'. But it's so sad her parents died (tear tear) Update soon!

Author's Response: thanks, I am glad u like it. I never thought that i would get carried away from writting. I will update soon dun worry

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Review #11, by Alexa05 Questions and Flashbacks

20th August 2004:
Please continue its coming along great update soon

Author's Response: thx alot..well the next chap is coming soon

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Review #12, by weebit Questions and Flashbacks

20th August 2004:
loved ur story update soon

Author's Response: thx...i am really glad u like it..dun worry it will come soon

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Review #13, by NightxWish Questions and Flashbacks

20th August 2004:
I do love this, 'tis really quite interesting.If you could ever use a beta look up my penname (see above) and contact me.I'd be happy to do it.You may wanna put the 'Your Name' censored in parentheses......just to make it easier to read.

Author's Response: oh ok..thx..i'll do that next time in my fics.

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Review #14, by Blue Moon Long Lost Date

18th August 2004:
I absolutly luv it! Don't listen to what others say, it's gr8! One thing though, make chapters a little longr. Luv the detail!

Author's Response: hey..thx.i'll try to do that. If i dun I will update sooner. Well, thx again

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