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Review #1, by WitnesstoitAll one

14th July 2013:
I cannot believe I've never read this story before now! This was such a fantastic piece of Ronmione fiction. You did a spectacular job of writing from Hermione's POV, and that's no easy task! I loved seeing all the missing moments interspersed with her narrative. I especially loved the moments between her and Lavender and Parvati. We literally know nothing about their relationship with one another from canon! I thought all of Ron and Hermione's bickering was spot on! Those two are the best.

Great one-shot!
Ravenclaw, HC 2013

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Review #2, by AllisonFayeLovesHarryPotter one

26th April 2013:
Awe this is adorable!(:

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Review #3, by Jami one

18th January 2012:
this isi a great continuation! Although there are a few punctuation mistakes the rest is perfect. The description is really good! Great job!

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Review #4, by pennyardelle one

30th October 2009:
Happy Staff Appreciation Day! This is a wonderful missing moment to fill in on lots of different levels. It was really neat to see Hermione getting asked to the ball by Viktor and keeping the secret from everyone, but I also found it really fun to get a peek into the dynamic in the girls’ dormitory. I have a feeling Lavender and Parvati were very much how you’ve described them...haha. Fantastic writing!

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Review #5, by forever_weasley_girl one

4th October 2009:
wow, what an amazing the story. only 2 little mistakes, Hermione is an only child and she would be 15, not 14 at the time. other than that, it was a great story and is being added to my favorites! 10/10


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Review #6, by fresh_goldfish one

29th August 2009:
this was so good! i wish there was more.

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Review #7, by Vashira one

12th June 2009:
Awesome. Felt like I was reading HP in Hermione's point of view.

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Review #8, by aks_potter one

10th February 2009:
wow.. so well written.. thanks a lot.. take care..

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Review #9, by PottersGirl one

17th December 2008:
Oh this was so beatiful. I totally loved it and I am adding this to my favorites right now!

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Review #10, by dobbysgirl one

6th April 2008:
Thats really great. That's sometimes how I feel about Ron in the rest of the books. Sometimes I think he's just to stupid to bother with. I don't know I don't really like him, he's a bit of a pampered git. He shows his true colors in the seventh book. Oh well, I suppose we can't expect all J.K.'s characters to be perfect. Bad characters make her more rounded. Good job, anyway.

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Review #11, by adahpfan one

4th April 2008:
i love it. so well written.

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Review #12, by Luna Longbottom one

1st February 2008:
This is a good story as it fills missing moments. However there seems to have been a mistake. You said Hermione was fourteen, but since her birthday was in September she would have been fifteen at the time. Other than that it was excellent. I particularly liked the conversations between Lavender and Parvati.

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Review #13, by beating_faster one

2nd January 2008:
ahaha that was amusing. I like how you went over scenes in the book in more detail. I always wanted to read further into the scenes, but we weren't brought that far in sometimes. fun read.

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Review #14, by tanisha one

30th December 2007:
cool!that too kicking at the last was nice.i liked ur story

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Review #15, by RavenclawAtHeart one

6th November 2007:
Ok, 10/10! I love the way you weave the book and ff, some stories sound really bad when they try. One of my favouites, I'll leave you with just 2 words...LOVE IT!!! XP

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Review #16, by blimey one

3rd November 2007:
very realistic and true to the jkrowling books. you write hermione well!

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Review #17, by I_Love_Hp707 one

2nd November 2007:
Wow, that was awesome i loved the story and plotline, and how you used parts from the actual book. You should write more like these were you fill in the holes, theyre really good!!!

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Review #18, by Janhavi one

11th August 2007:
Hahahaha, very funny as well as realistic. Great missing moment!

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Review #19, by FoxStarE one

18th July 2007:
Aw, I really liked that! It followed what we know about Hermione's Yule Ball experience from the books really well and filled in very possible details that we wouldn't know, everything being from Harry's POV. I like the way it was written too. I noticed a few grammar mistakes, but nothing terribly bad. To sum things up, this is going into my favorites. I liked it a lot.


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Review #20, by jkgiggle one

8th July 2007:
I hadn't noticed before the age difference between Hermione and victor. Huh, this was really goood

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Review #21, by siriuslypadfooted one

7th July 2007:
Nice story.

i didn't think parvati was a bitch tho.i knew "lav-lav" was...

still awesome! you should do more "point -of-views" maybe of ginny or neville for the yule ball sometime.

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Review #22, by duncan2873 one

1st July 2007:

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Review #23, by Magical_Miss_Muggleborn one

14th June 2007:
This was really really adorable. God job.

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Review #24, by Diandra one

11th June 2007:
Wow, this is fantastic! I really enjoyed it, very good job. I love the AU part of it; how you built off of the foundation that J.K. layed. Poor Hermione and Ron...forced to never to admit their love (but that'll hopefully be written in the Seventh!) Great story,


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Review #25, by ARJ one

30th March 2007:
Pretty good, but why do u have to repeat exact phrases form the book? for e.g. when hermione says twitchy little ferret.. the build up to this point seems to follow the book exactly... the books are from harry's point of view... and the passage here should have been from hermiopnes point of view.. only it didnt seem like it.

Thats the only thing i didnt like.. but it was fun to read, and ur a good writer! i liked u'r other stories too

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