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Review #1, by confessions of a Gryffindor Love, Lust, and Quidditch

11th June 2008:
ooo, can't wait to see what happens next, UpDaTe AsAp :D

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Review #2, by x_dodo Love, Lust, and Quidditch

24th April 2008:
this is a good story
but its not my favourite but is good
keep up the good work

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Review #3, by Bojangles Love, Lust, and Quidditch

8th February 2003:
Hey readers, i wanna say thanks for reviewing my story, it really helps me out. Im still working on the following chapter, and hopefully i finish it soon. Until then, feel free to tell me what you think, or what you would like to happen. Bye!

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Review #4, by OliverWoodsGal Love, Lust, and Quidditch

1st February 2003:
I\'m liking the start to your story, it really seems like it could go anywhere and turn out really good. Although I do have one or two things that don\'t really stick for me. Not wanting to make you stop writing this or anything. I just find it hard for Oliver to complement another Hogwarts teams Quidditch players. As from POA Oliver was still angry when Diggory got the snitch but wanted to play again cause of Harry. The other thing is similar about how Oliver would teach someone else that\'s not a Gryffindor how to fly, pretty much for the same reasons as before. However, this is just my interpritation of Oliver Wood\'s character and as we aren\'t giving much into his character you can write whatever you want. I do really like your story and hope to read another chapter soon. I want to see if Oliver has a thing for Sam and get\'s his girl in the end.

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Review #5, by Scout Love, Lust, and Quidditch

24th January 2003:
My mom sounds like Sam's mom. You've got a cute story so far - can't wait for the rest!

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Review #6, by xfilefan Love, Lust, and Quidditch

24th January 2003:
Good so far. A little cliche, but Write More!

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