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Review #1, by Cowboy Desperately

1st June 2006:
I love it! I was contemplating on writing a HP fanfic using that song myself, but it looks like you beat me to it! lol. Good job, this fic was really nice. kinda gives us hope that there is true love out there.

Author's Response: thanks! i wrote this story ages ago, it seems, i haven't been keeping up with the site in about a year, so i find it ironic when i did decide to check back in i was greeted with a nice review. i'm glad you enjoyed the story, it would be nice if you also did a fanfic on the the song...let me know if you decide to. thanks again!

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Review #2, by fishyfan Desperately

30th August 2004:
that was a wonderful songfic. You are a very good author, i hope you write more stories. siriuslulupin is my favorite author and i liked how you used 'tangled limbs' i didn't even notice that most people don't use that cause i'm so used to her stories. Keep up the good work. i give it a perfect 10. i really hope you write more stories. Bye:)

Author's Response: i've already responded to this review,...i hope you got to read it before the system crashed fishyfan,...well in case you didn't, i remember thanking you for your review and talking a little about how the story comes from slight personal experience,...well i don't remember much else,...i think i'm turning blonde!

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Review #3, by SiriuslyLupin Desperately

17th August 2004:
"Tangle of limbs"...I love that line :) Great songfic! I love how you integrated the song throughout the story (I always have a hard time doing that), and they seemed to fit together so well. I've always liked the Harry/Hermione pairing. I just chose to put Hermione with Ron, because it fit in better with my storyline of Harry being the last one to find someone :) Anyway, the only criticism I can offer is that some of your punctuation needs a bit of work, but other than that, it's great! 10/10 :)

Author's Response: yay!!!! i finally got a review!....thanks for checking it out....I really appreciate it....i know the punctuation was bad....hey, it's summer vacation!!! it's been a while since i had to actually do things the right way....thanks again!

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