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Review #1, by Fuego Chapter 2

24th August 2006:
I've finished your story and I was wondering... HAVE YOU CONSIDERED A SEQUAL?! I'M GONNA PUT YOU ON MY FAVORITES (ONE OF THESE DAYS)!!!!!

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Review #2, by lina239 Chapter 11

3rd July 2006:
write or else

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Review #3, by bobby Chapter 7

7th November 2004:
great story, quite hard to find though.

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Review #4, by Robin Chapter 8

29th September 2004:
*glomps* You brought back Siri!!!! Yay you!!!!!

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Review #5, by Robin Chapter 1

29th September 2004:
Ok, great story. For one, you're the first person I've seen who got the name "Weasley's Wildfire Whiz-Bangs" correct. For another, the story is awsome. For a third, *SPOILERS I READ AHEAD AND I KNOW SIRI IS BACK END SPOILERS* Great so far :)

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Review #6, by Muppetboy Chapter 1

23rd August 2004:
Crookshanks - Have a look at JKRowling.com under 'other stuff' The other half his the present is the motorbike; it should be in the story somewhere (unless the uploading went wrong)

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Review #7, by Dog Gone Chapter 6

22nd August 2004:
What was the other half of his present? and all that other stuff u cut off in your story? i like your story but i want to know more instead of just finishing your story with that chapter continue it with the next chapter because its really annoying and the thing about crookshanks not being a cat, tell me what he is. please anwser this review so i can know what that is all about

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